Why Should We Build the Wall Between Mexico and the United States

I support the building of the United States and Mexican border as proposed by the united states of American president Donald Trump in his campaign. Though there has been wall before, the area that it covers need to be increased to reduce the entry points for illegal immigrants.

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Along the borderline, there are places that the wall cannot be built because there are significant mountains and the terrain there cannot allow the building of the wall. The fence between Mexico and the United States will cost at least 12 dollars in estimation.Building the wall between Mexico and United StatesThis barrier will prevent the number of immigrants who enter the United States through the border in Mexico.

These immigrants when they get into the United States they are not recognized by the immigration department since they are not documented. This cause is straining in the resources of the united states when it comes to taking care of its people(daily news, 1-3).The open border also allows passing of illegal drugs into the united states by the Mexicans.

Mexico has been known as the powerhouse for illicit drugs in the world. When these drugs are brought into the United States and are used there, there is a high probability that the number of crimes committed will increase by those individuals using the drugs.

Secondly, the Mexicans who do this business make illegal money from the people in the United States by selling them the illicit drugs.Another reason why the wall should be built is the cases of human trafficking.

Mexico is notorious when it comes to human trafficking. When this barrier is made, this instances will decrease across the border. This means that the resources that have been set aside by the government to track human trafficking cases will be directed into doing something else that will benefit the country at large(Hayworth, Joe, 27).

This wall should also be built to curb cases of illegal arms that are brought into the united states through the border of Mexico. It is well known that all the illegal arms that are used mostly for crimes in the American states are not bought there, they are brought into the country through this borders like the Mexico.

Another reason why this wall should be built is to regulate some resources that put into tracking undocumented immigrants. Mexico leads in the number of undocumented immigrants into the United States. The process of tracking them in the various cities that they are in and deporting them back to their country is time consuming and uses a lot of American resources that should have been channeled into other developments in America.


Without this wall, the routine of undocumented people will increase. Crimes in the United States will grow. Human trafficking offenses that will be reported will be high. Without the secure borders, the number of illegal arms in the united states will be enormous. Ultimately a lot of resources will be used to try to curb all these vices.

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