000-005 Computers, Information & General Reference

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000-005 Computers, Information & General Reference

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Curiosities and wonders

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001.4 Nobel Prizes, Awards, Rewards (Prizes, etc.), Contests, Competitions

Air Miles in Canada, Air Miles in United Kingdom, Air Miles in Netherlands, Air Miles in Spain, and Air Miles in The Emirates (UAE – United Arab Emirates).

The Lulu Blooker Prize is the world’s first literary prize devoted to “blooks”: books based on blogs or websites. Awarded in three categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Comics. 2006 Prizes total $4,000, sponsored by Lulu, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

Nobel Prize.org. List of All Laureates. Sort by: Category, Year, First Name, or Last Name of all Nobel Prize Winners from 1901 to 2004. Site includes Games and Simulations related to Nobel Prizes.

The Nobel Prize Internet Archive. Choose a category to view past and present Nobel Prize Winners: Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Economics, Physiology & Medicine. See also: Nobel Prize Winners in Science and Economics, Nobel Video Archive.

002 Books

See also 028 Books and reading, (eBooks), (e-Books)

The Paperback Revolution: An online exploration of the history of paperback books. A Revolution in Reading: 1935–1960 from University of Alberta, Canada. Visit the Virtual Paperback Rack in the Gallery section.

004 Computers, Computer literacy, Computer systems

CNET: The Computer Network. Source for computers and technology. Provides latest information on Products, Services.

CompInfo: The Computer Information Center. Reference resource for computer information. Computer directories, computer software and computers.

Computer Museum of America. Exhibits on the history of computers, FAQs include: Who invented the first computer? What was the first computer bug and when did computer viruses first appear? Who invented the mouse? and other Q&As. See also Computer Hall of Fame Inductees, 1973 IBM Speakers Bureau Slide Show – Images and narratives are reproduced in their original sequence and none of the content has been altered.

PC Magazine: The Independent Guide to Technology. Computer, Software, Hardware and Electronics Reviews, Downloads, Solutions, News, Columns, and more.

Practically Networked Troubleshooting Guides. Networking, Internet Sharing, Wireless Network Security, Backgrounders, Tutorials, and more.

Universal Serial Bus – USB.org – FAQ. Basic Information, So what does USB really do? Installing USB Support and Setting up USB Peripheral (Device) under Windows, USB Cables, Connectors, and Networking with USB, and USB On-The-Go (USB OTG).

004.03 Computer science – Dictionaries, (Computer terms), (Computer jargon), (Computers – Jargon), (Computers – Dictionaries)

Computer Encyclopedia from Nuts & Volts Magazine.

ComputerUser.com High-Tech Dictionary.


DefineThat. Technical definitions and computer encyclopedia. All Technical Definitions, Guide to Emoticons (Smileys – Smilies).

ITsecurity.com. Internet and Computer Security Information. Includes a Dictionary; archived Library: All Whitepapers covering categories such as: Access Control, Cryptography Matters, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Law & Legalities, Electronic Mail, Malware, Management Issues, PKI Issues, Policies & Procedures, Risk & Continuity, Telecomms & Networks; Database of All Security Products A-Z, and more.

TechEncyclopedia from TechWeb with more than 20,000 Information Technology (IT) terms.

Webopedia. Online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology.

Whatis.com. IT encyclopedia and learning center. Browse A-Z listings of terms, or browse for definitions in categories: Software, Internet, Computing Fundamentals, Hardware, PCs, Networking, Telecom.

004.67 Internet, World Wide Web (WWW)

  Internet – General information
  Add URL
  Affiliate Programs
  Colors, Color charts
  Domain name
  Free E-mail or email
  Free Internet Access
  Free/Low Cost Web hosting or Free Web sites
  Free Web storage space
  Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  Internet Statistics
  Popup stoppers, Ad blockers, Kill ads
  Safe surf
  Search engines
  Tools for Webmasters
  Win awards

004.67 Internet, World Wide Web (WWW) – General information

30 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on the Internet by Dan Tynan. From the July 2005 issue of PC World magazine.

Bare Bones 101. A Basic Tutorial on Searching the Web from the University of South Carolina, Beaufort Library. Includes BCK2SKOL Lessons – Back to School: The Electronic Library Classroom 101. A Class on the Net for Librarians with Little or No Net Experience.

Be Safe Online. “The aim of this website is to provide information and advice to adults, especially parents and teachers, about potential problems of life on the Internet and how to behave.”

Child Safety on the Information Highway. Includes My Rules for Online Safety.

Childnet International – How to keep safe while chatting online. Smart Rules. Young People, Music & the Internet – A guide for parents about Peer2Peer (P2P), file-sharing and downloading on the Internet.

Cybersmart Kids Online. How to be cybersmart and use the Internet safely for Kids, Young People, and Grown Ups.

GetNetWise: Online Safety Guide. Safety tips for kids, teens, families, Safety by Age: 2-17, Kinds of Risks, Risk by Technology, and Privacy Information.

Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents. Free download of weblog advice handbook from Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontières). Contents include: Bloggers, the new heralds of free expression, What’s a blog? The language of blogging, How to set up and run a blog, What ethics should bloggers have? What really makes a blog shine? How to blog anonymously, Technical ways to get ’round censorship, Ensuring your e-mail is truly private, and more.

InHope – Association of Internet Hotline Providers – Mission mission is to eliminate child pornography from the Internet and protect young people from harmful and illegal uses of the Internet. Choose a country to report child pornography and/or illegal content on the Internet: Austria, Canada, Denmark, United Kingdom, United States, and other countries. See also Facts by Country.

InSafe: Europe’s Internet safety information resource – Illegal Content. What to do if you have encountered illegal content and/or use of Internet.

Internet 101 from Stimulus.com. Lessons include: History of Internet, basic HTML commands, introduction to CGI, basic Internet terminology, frames, do’s and don’ts of Web page design, learn about loading time, images, GIFs, JPEGs, and best methods to market your Web site.

It’s a Wonderful Internet. Sit back, click the arrow to turn the pages, and watch this animated movie to see what the world might be like without the Internet. From Nurun / Ant Farm Interactive.

A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety from the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Parents Guide to the Internet. Archived information from the U.S. Department of Education.

A Safety Net for Children from ICRA – Internet Content Rating Association, Useful Information for Kids with safety tips for children. Remember: You have a right to feel safe and to be safe on the Internet! Internet Issues from CAIP – Canadian Association of Internet Providers, Media and Internet Education Resources for Parents: Online Safety – Managing the Internet at Home, Are You Web Aware? A Checklist for Parents.

SurfSafely.com. Family friendly search engine and web directory open only to PICS (Platform for Internet Content Selection) rated sites. Internet child safety online.

Texas Information Literacy Tutorial (TILT). Register for a free tutorial on information literacy from University of Texas System Digital Library. Topics of tutorials on Current Internet Issues include: Censorship & Freedom of Speech, Global Communities, Internet Business, Laws & Regulations, New Trends, and Security & Privacy.

Web Basics. Web tutorial from webTeacher. Simple description of what the Web is and how it works. Topics: Simple Web Page, Internet Addresses, Navigation, Search Engines, Glossary. Communication (Email, Chat Groups, Newsgroups, Video, Mail Lists, Distance Learning), Multimedia (Images, Sounds, Movies), Homepage Construction (Basic HTML, HTML Editors & Translators, Frames, Style Sheets, Java, Javascript, CGI, Flash), Peripherals and Utilities (Digital Cameras, Scanners, Webcams, Telnet, FTP, Virus Protection & Security), plus Resources for Internet Safety including links to Legislation.

Yahooligans! Parents’ Guide. Safe Surfing with Your Family. Surfing as a Family Adventure (Online Safety Advice), Safe Communication Online, and Plan Against Inappropriate Material (Web sites, Email, Chat Rooms).


Add Me Web Site Promotion. Submit your URLs for listing in Search Engines for free.

Best Free Directories – Free Web Site Submission Directory Rankings from WebSubmissionKing.com.

Dream Submit.net. Free submit to over 50 universal search engines.


Dream Submit Free
to over 50 Search Engines



Google. Submit your site to Google.

ineedhits.com. Use Submit Free to add your website to 20 popular Search Engines with one easy form.

Internetjoin.com. Submit for free several URLs at the same time. Internetjoin has a list of over 170 search engines and directories.

Submit Express. Submit your URLs to be listed in Search Engines, manually or automatically with one entry. Free.

Submit Plus. Free submission to top 10 search engines for free.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs. Guide to affiliate programs on the Web.


Anti-Virus Utilities from Free Downloads Center. Freeware, Shareware, and Demo: AntiVirus Utilities.

AVG Anti-Virus. AVG Free Edition is an anti-virus protection tool available free-of-charge to home users.

CNET. Antivirus Downloads.

HouseCall. Trend Micro’s free online virus scanner.

McAfee FreeScan detects thousands of viruses on your computer, searches for viruses and displays a detailed list of any infected files. Create an account to login.

McAfee Virus Information Library. Includes Virus Alerts, Anti-Virus Updates, Find Virus Alphabeticaly, Newly Discovered Viruses, Free Downloads of Beta AntiVirus Software, and more.

Proland Software. Free download of evaluation copy of Protector Plus 2000 Antivirus Software for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME (size 2134k).

Real Viruses and Worms and what to do if you’ve been infected, advice from ScamBusters.org. See also Stop Computer Viruses in Their Tracks, Stop Spam! Internet ScamBustersTM: 809 Area Code Scam, and other helpful advice.

Symantec Security Response. Search for Viruses Alphabetically in this Virus Encyclopedia from Symantec. Expanded Threat List provides a synopsis of the latest virus-related threats discovered by Symantec Security Response.

Virus Map from Trend Micro. Search or view virus by location or virus name, track (infected computers or files), select world map or map of continent, choose time period: last 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. Summary Report displays a comprehensive list of viruses worldwide. Regional Breakdown provides 3 colorful pie charts showing the regional distribution of viruses worldwide during the past 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days. You may also check out the Weekly Virus Report, Virus Encyclopedia Search, Phishing Encyclopedia, alphabetical list of Hoaxes, learn more about viruses in the Virus Primer: What is Malware? What is a Trojan? What is a Virus? Life Cycle of a Virus, Safe Computing Guide, Risk Ratings, Glossary of Virus Terms, White Papers. Tools for Webmasters include Virus Info Feed where you can download free virus updates, and House Call a free online virus scanner which you can add to your Web site.

VMyths.com. Search from A-Z list of computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, and hysteria.

Colors, Color charts

The 216-Color Webmaster’s Palette or Webmaster’s Color Lab. Click on the color of your choice, see display of color and details of hexadecimal codes. Quick selection of color for your Webpage.

The Browser Safe Palette (BSP). Victor Engel’s No Dither Netscape Colors.

Color Chart – Color Slider (RGB to Hexidecimal Converter) from CalculatorCat.com.

Colour Index: Hue Indication Chart. View colours by Number, Swatch, and Hue Name.

efg’s Computer Lab – Reference Library – Color. Links to General Color Information, Color Science/Theory, Color and Computers, Color Quantization, and Palettes.

GotoMy.com Color Chart. Large color chart with hexadecimal numbers for the RGB codes as well as for Named Colors in alphabetical order.

Hex Color Wheel from Catz Meow. Mouse over the chart to find the color that you like. Excellent color selector. Easy to use.

HYPE’s Color Specifier for Netscape v.3 . Click on hyperlink to see effect of full page background color. Includes color names along with RGB decimal color codes, and their corresponding hexadecimal codes. Codes work with both Netscape and Explorer. See also standard 16 colors by name.

Java Color Slider. Find the Hex Code for the Colors You Want from Catz Meow. Choose a color by sliding the red, green, and blue scales.

Named Colors. 138 named colors in alphabetical order from Catz Meow.

Online Color Chart – Hex HTML Color Codes, Decimal RGB Color Codes, Web Designer’s Color Hexagon from VisiBone.com.

RGB Hexadecimal Color Chart. From Douglas R. Jacobson. A handy one-page RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart. See also Links to other color charts: RGB Decimal Color Chart, Dougie’s Color Picker, How to Think Hexadecimally, Dec/Hex Conversion Chart, Dec2Hex Conversion Tool, Color Definitions, and VisiBone Color Lab/Color Chart.

Web Color Reference aims to help you pick colors for Web pages. Three tables listing all valid color names you can use in HTML and CSS, proprietary color names used by Internet Explorer and their numerical equivalents, plus 216-color Websafe palette and the 22-color Reallysafe palette.

Web Monkey Reference Color Codes. Chart lists hex codes and colors.

Domain name

.CA Registration. You can register a (.ca) domain name for 1 to 10 years, and choose from 2 to 50 characters for your domain name. Site also provides answers to such General Questions as: What is a Domain Name? What is the Domain Name System (DNS)? Who can register .CA Domain Name? What is a Top-Level Domain Name?

Canadian Domain Name Services. Answers to questions about Domain Name System, Nameservers, Domain Name Registration, Modifying Domain Name Record, Official CIRA Registration Documents, CIRA Canadian Presence Requirements, CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) Registrant Agreement, and Registration Rules.

Cheap Domain Registration and Cheap Web Hosting. FAQ section answers many questions on domain name, General Information on What is a Domain Name? Domain Name Extensions, Registering and Transferring a Domain Name, Parking and Unparking a Domain Name, Fowarding and Hosting a Domain Name, Managing a Domain Name Account, and the Whois Function.

CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority): Registrars List. CIRA certifies many Registrars. Random list is updated on a daily basis. To register a domain name, you must contact a CIRA certified registrar.

Domain Name Guide. Information covered: Buying and selling domain names, Domain FAQ, Glossary, Domain name search, Registration of domain names, Registrar system, Register and protect a domain name, Administrative tasks, and Registration FAQ.

Easy Whois. Quickly lookup the whois record for any domain, e.g. .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, plus country-level Top Level Domains.

Go Daddy. Domain name search. Enter a domain name to instantly check its availability. Provides option to private registration through Domains By Proxy to keep personal information private, i.e. no personal information is made public but still able to retain benefits of domain ownership.

iPowerWeb is a popular, affordable and reliable Web hosting and eBusiness provider, currently serving over 300,000 members. Excellent customer support with lots of extras. iPowerWeb will register your domain name (.com, .net and .org).

Register.com. The 1st Step of a 6 Step Process in registering your domain name is to determine its availability. Enter up to 3 domain names at a time to look up with instant results. You can register up to 30 domains at once. Check out Pricing, Rules, and FAQ regarding Domain Name Registration.

Root-Zone Whois Information. A-Z Index by TLD Code. Complete list of Top Level Domains by Country Code, e.g. from .ac – Ascension Island to .zw – Zimbabwe.

Search WHOIS from Network Solutions. Look up a domain name in WHOIS for .com, .net, and .org, find information on domain owner’s address, nameserver, IP address, domain expiration date, creation date, registration changed date, person (full name of registrant), address, phone, and e-mail of domain registrant.

Whois.net. Domain-based research services. Tools: WHOIS Lookup (Lookup registration data for domains), Search by domain or keyword (Search domains and lookup whois information, Research and protect trademarks), Get your own Domain Name (Find available domains), Search through deleted domains (Find previously registered domains that are now available). Includes brief popup information on: What is a domain name? How do I set up a Web Site?

WHOIS Database Search from American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). Search Internet Protocol (IP) numbers for North America, South America, the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa.

WHOIS Lookup Utility from TUCOWS/OpenSRS. With the new shared registration system model, the nature of the WHOIS server has changed. Traditionally, the InterNIC maintained the WHOIS server for .com, .net and .org domain names, and a single query returned full whois data including, registrant, administrative contact, billing contact, technical contact, and nameserver information. Under the new system, the registry WHOIS simply contains information on which Registrar is authoritative for a given domain. See Nominet from United Kingdom for .uk domain name registry, and CIRA from Canada for .ca names.


101 Fabulous Freebies. 101 outrageously useful downloads, sites, and services – from the May 2006 issue of PC World magazine. See entire list of 101 Fabulous Freebies (By Category).

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities from Tech Support Alert.

Adobe Reader Download.

Apple QuickTime Download.

BestShareware.net. Shareware and free software download, including Registry Cleaner, Spyware-Adware Remover, AntiVirus, Firewall, Video DVD, Audio, MP3, games, and more.

CCleaner – Crap Cleaner free software download – Spyware Free.

CNET Download.com. Free downloads: Business, Education, Games, Internet, Multimedia and Design, Development Tools, Utilities, Drivers, etc.

ComUSolv.com. Solutions for Windows Users.

  • Product Updates: Download Windows Updates, Internet Explorer Updates, Software Updates, DirectX Updates, Java Virtual Machine Updates, Get the Essential 10 Downloads, View the Latest Updates.
  • Skills Center: Download Computer Tutorials, Windows Power Tools, Optimize Your PC.
  • Security Zone: Run Security Tests, Download Security Tools, Discover Security Tips, Active Security Response.
  • Virus Center: Perform Online Security Checks, Download FREE AntiVirus Software, Update Virus Software and Definitions, Get Virus News, Information, and Removal Tools, Discover Virus Protection Tips.

Drivers Headquarters: Software Drivers and Hardware Drivers. Free driver detective scan. Let Driver Detective determine which of your drivers are out of date.

Free Downloads listed by DiscoveryVIP.com. Include thousands of downloads: Free, Shareware, Freeware , Beta versions, and Trial Versions that do not expire.

Free Downloads Center. Over 30,000 software titles available for free download. Free software downloads, free game downloads, free popup blocker downloads.

FreeMusicReviews.com. Free Music Downloads Sites Ranked.

FreeWare. Here you will find (Gibson Research Corporation) GRC.com’s most popular collection of freely downloadable programs & resources.

Google Deskbar. Free download of Google tool bar provides instant access to Google search from the Windows taskbar.

Jumble.com. Big-time downloads for PC, Linux, and Mac.

Macromedia Flash Player Download Center – Windows – Shockwave Flash.

MajorGeeks.com – Download Freeware and Shareware Computer Utilities. Major Geeks has always tested files before making them available for quality and to make sure no parasites are bundled (spyware, trojans, viruses, etc). At the root of MajorGeeks are files for your computer that tweak, repair, back-up, enhance, protect and more.

Microsoft.com Download Center. Check out Top 10 Downloads and the next 40 most popular downloads. Internet Explorer Downloads and downloads for all critical updates.

Mike Lin’s Windows Utilities from 2002. Free download. Startup Control Panel – an applet that allows you to easily configure which programs run when your computer starts, StartupMonitor – a small utility that runs transparently and notifies you when any program registers itself to run at system startup, TraySaver – an advanced system tray management utility for Windows 95/98/NT, StartupSelector – will save or load the Windows configuration data that causes programs to run at system startup, plus other utilities.

Mozilla – Home of the Firefox Web Browser and Thunderbird E-mail Client. Free Download.

Netscape – Download Netscape Browser, v8.0.4.

NONAGS. Free software. Downloads that will not nag you to buy upgraded versions and will not limit the number of days you can use the software. Everything in the Freeware section is really free.

OpenOffice.org – Download Free Office Suite. Product is free to download, use, and distribute.

Opera Web Browser Download.

PCMag.com – PC Downloads. PC Magazine Shareware Library: Freeware and Shareware Downloads. Utilities Downloads – Software Download, Program Downloads, Software Utility, System Utilities, Computer and PC Utilities.

RealPlayer Free Download.

SnapFiles. Download freeware and shareware software programs, fully reviewed and rated. Includes Featured Downloads and Top 100 Shareware Downloads.

Winamp Full 5.09. Free Download.

Windows Media Player Downloads.

WinZip Evaluation Download. Try the evaluation version of WinZip 9.0 SR-1 free of charge for a period of 21 days.

ZDNet Downloads. Downloads for Business, Security, Utilities, IS/IT Manager, White Papers, Developer Tools, Drivers, Featured Download, Downloads for Windows PC, Most Popular Downloads, New Releases, Downloads for Mac, Downloads for Handhelds / Mobiles.

Free E-mail or email

emailStripper is a free program for cleaning the “>” and other formatting characters out of your emails. It will restore “forwarded” or “replied” emails back to their original state so they are easier to read.

Free Email Address. FastMail.fm, EmailAccount, InBox.com, Yahoo! Mail, GMX (German), MyRealBox, and HotMail.

Free Email Address Directory. Listings for hundreds of free mail services, articles about free email, and resources to help you find email addresses. Includes CanoeMail, HushMail, ICQMail, Mail.com, S-Mail, and many more.

Free Email Tools Downloads. Anti-SPAM Tools, Command Line Mail Tools, Mail Clients, Mail Encoders Decoders, Mail Notification Tools, Mail Redirecting Tools, Mail Signature Tools, Microsoft Email Add-ins, Misc Mail Tools.

How do spammers harvest email addresses? Uri Raz points out the many ways in which spammers can get your email address.

Spam from Federal Trade Commision for Consumers. Limiting Spam and Spam Scams in PDF. Includes a Consumer Complaint Form.

Types of Free Email Service and how to choose one. Free email listings: Web-Based Email, POP Mail, Mail Forwarding, plus large selection of email providers offering services in languages other than English.

Free Internet access

Note of caution: Long distance or other connection charges may apply if you live outside of the free local dialing area, or if you live in an area where there is no free dialing.

Free Internet Access Providers. There are very few free Internet Service Providers (ISPs) left in the world. Many are offering low rates, but not totally free Internet access. Select a country from North America: Canada, USA; from the following European countries: Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, UK; and from Argentina, Brazil, Israel, and Singapore.

Juno Free Internet. Free Internet access for 10 hours per month. U.S. residents only, no new Canadian customers accepted as of January 2003.

NetZero.net. U.S. and Canada only. 10 hours of free Internet access per month. You can purchase unlimited and ad-free Internet access for a small fee.

Free/Low Cost Web hosting, Free Web sites (free websites)

100 Best Web Hosting. Reviews and ratings by Web professional and actual users. Site provides reviews of some free Web hosting sites.

Sign up for 1&1’s Web Hosting and get FREE software . 1 free co.uk domain, 1&1 WebsiteBuilder, 1&1 Photo Gallery, 1&1 Interactive Tools, 800 MB web space, 300 1GB POP3/IMAP accounts, 10 GB/month bandwidth, 5 Symantec® Virus Scans included, and more.

1stHostWeb.com – Free Web Hosting. So What Do I Get with my Free Web Hosting Plan?

50megs. Free 50 MB Web site.

Angelfire. Free Web space. Angelfire is owned by Lycos, Inc., and is a part of the Lycos Network of sites.

eSmartStart.com. Free 20 MB Web space.

FreeServers. Free website with 12 MB Web space, 0.5 MB Bandwidth, File Manager (but no FTP), free site must contain banner ads and pop-ups.

TheFreeSite.com. Links to free Websites, including ZeroCatch, TopCities.com, Escalix, No-Frills.net, Xoasis.com, eSmartStart.com, Qwik Pages, Tripod, and others.

FreeWebSpace.net. Largest searchable guide to free Web space providers. Indexes over 450 free Webspace providers.

FreeWesitesDirect.com. Free business website. Who Qualifies? Only people that meet the following criteria qualify for a free website: 1. Any new or existing small business. 2. You are 21 years or older. 3. You are a U.S. or Canadian Citizen.

InMotionHosting.com. Affordable Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Business Web Hosting, FAQs.

iPowerWeb – Special Hosting Offer $7.95/mo and Free Setup. 3,000 MB Hosting, 500 Pop E-Mails, SSL, FTP, Stats, CGI, PHP, MySQL, FrontPage Ext. This site hosted by iPowerWeb. Reasonable price. Excellent service.

lunarpages. Starting $7.95/month. Includes: FREE Domain Name for Life, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Up to 3000 Megabytes Storage, 100 Gigabytes Data Transfer, E-Commerce, Easy to use Web Builder, Blog, Forum & Photo Gallery, Microsoft® Frontpage® Compatible, Spam Protection.

MyFamily.com. Create your own family Web site in just 3 minutes for free.

Omnis Network. With over 200,000 web hosting and domain accounts in over 200 different countries, Omnis Network has been in the web hosting business since the early days of the Internet. Web hosting from $6.95/month, plus Free Domain Name, 1,000MB Disk Storage, 100GB Data Transfer, 500 Email Accounts, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, SEO Website Promotion Tool, Shared SSL, PHP or Perl, MySQL Database, and more.

PowWeb Hosting – Only $7.77/month for 5 GB!! Disk Space (Raid Storage): 5,000 MB, Data Transfer / Bandwidth: 300 Gigs/Month (10 Gigs/Day).

StartLogic. Starting at $7.50/month. All plans include: Unlimited Email Accounts, eCommerce Enabled, Free Setup & Free Domain, CGI, PHP, and MySQL Support, Web Builder, Front Page 2002/2003, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Yahoo! Web Hosting – Reliable, easy-to-use and affordable.

Yahoo! Small Business

Yahoo! GeoCities. Create free Web pages with easy tools: Yahoo! PageWizards and Yahoo! PageBuilder. Resources include HTML Help.

Free Web storage space

FreeWebSpace.net. Free file storage space. A guide to where you can store files on the internet for free.

Loads of free storage space… on the Web. Article explains How Web-based storage works. How secure is it? Is it worth using? Note: This article dates back to August 9, 2000. Currently, there are very few free Web storage sites available.

Top 10 Independent Web Hosting Reviews of business and personal web hosts. Rate hosting companies based on past user feedbacks, lab benchmark testing, and usage with each website hosting.

Internet Service Providers

295.ca. Unlimited dial up Internet access for Canadian $2.95 per month. One time activation fee of $10 at signup time. 56K service, one email address, web mail access from any computer, and 20MB of personal web space. Currently, service is available in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, as well as Ottawa and Hamilton. Expected to expand into every major city in Canada within the year.

All Free ISP. Find a cheap or free internet access service provider in your local area, in U.S. or Canada.

The ISP Directory.com for United States. Search and review ISPs by Area Code, by City & State, Free ISPs, Best ISPs, and Compare ISPs by price.

The List – The Definitive ISP Buyer’s Guide. Claims to be the most comprehensive and accurate directory of ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Find an ISP by area code, by country code (all countries in the world), in the United States or in Canada. You can also Find Web Hosts, Find ASPs, or Find Web Designers from this site. About 9700 ISPs listed.

Internet Statistics

Internet Statistics. Growth and Usage of the Web and the Internet researched by Matthew Gray of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Internet Statistics Links from WebReference. Excellent selection of links providing statistics in Internet facts, trends, demographics, detailed browser statistics, markets, advertisements, topology, estimates of number of hosts and domains, audiences, usage, and Internet growth. Internet statistics are presented textually, graphically, and in geographic maps.

World Wide Web User Statistics. Results ofc surveys on how many people are using the Internet, when, what for, and how.

Safe surf

Easy Ways to Keep the Internet Safe for All Ages by Scott Spanbauer, from October 2005 issue of PC World magazine. Plan ahead to protect your kids online – use parental controls, browser security tweaks, and other tools. See also Keeping Kids Safe, Online and Off.

i-SAFE America for Kids & Teens! Provides Internet Safety training for kids and teens in a fun way. Includes sections for Parents and Educators.

Safe Kids by Gregg Keizer, from May 2001 issue of PC World magazine. Try these 23 parent-approved tips to defend children and teens against Internet dangers–from overzealous marketers to online criminals.

Should Parents Become Big Brother? by Anne Kandra, from January 2004 issue of PC World magazine. New software allows parents to control virtually everything children do online.

Search engines

See also Quick Click to Search Engines.

Google Press Center: Zeitgeist – Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google. View Top 10 Gaining Queries, and Top 10 Declining Queries. Google Zeitgeist page is regularly updated to reflect lists, graphs, and other tidbits of information related to Google user search behavior. Zeitgeist Archive includes Weekly and Monthly Updates of past years.

Search Engine Showdown. The Users’ Guide to Web Searching. Detailed analyses and statistics.

Smarter Surfing: Better Googling: Things You Didn’t Know Google Does by Sree Sreenivasan, WABC-TV “Tech Guru”. Tips on using Google Toolbar, Deskbar, Languages, News, Google Newsalerts, Froogle, Viewer, Voice Search, and more. See Smarter Surfing: Better Use of Your Web Time for more web surfing tips and links.

The Spider’s Apprentice: A Helpful Guide To Web Search Engines. Tips on using Internet search sites e.g. Google, Yahoo! Alltheweb, Open Directory Project (dmoz), Search Engine FAQ, Search Engine Ranking Algorithms: Meaning of Page Rank, Search Strategy, How Search Engines Work, History of Search Engines, and more.

Web Search & Computer from Wall Street Executive Library. Direct links to all Search Engines & Directories, All Meta Search Engines, SpyBots, Search the Invisible Web, Free Public Records, Article Search, All News Search, Website / Domain Search, All Specialized Search Engines, Privacy Resources, PC Industry, Technical Support & Tools, Virus Check, Top Downloads, and Download Sites.

Web Search Guide. Topics: Web searching, online learning, and the Internet in Canada. Includes Web Search Tutorials and Archive of Newsletters.


Lavasoft – Free Download for Security Software. Resources on spyware, security and privacy issues. Links include: TomCat Internet Solutions, Is it Freeware or Is it Spyware? StormRanger Computer Security: Simple steps to secure Windows based computer systems, Privacy.net: The Consumer Information Organization, cookiecentral.com, and others.

Shields UP! quickly checks the SECURITY of your computer’s connection to the Internet for free. Give it a try. Click on Test My Shields! and Probe My Ports! Results will be displayed instantly with explanations.

SpyBot Search & Destroy. Patrick Kolla of Germany created this excellent spyware software for the world to use. When Spybot-S&D was featured on CNN and MSNBC, received great reviews from CNet and ZDNet, and also won PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award after the magazine reviewed 9 different spyware removal programs and declared SpyBot Search & Destroy to be the best of the bunch, Kolla’s site received over a million hits a day. Kolla now needs some financial assistance to keep his site running for free downloads.

Tools for Webmasters

Note: When submitting your website to be indexed by search engines, it is wise to remember this statement from Quality Guidelines for Webmasters provided by Google: “Make pages for users, not for search engines. Don’t deceive your users or present different content to search engines than you display to users.” In other words, “Don’t be tricky and don’t be evil.” See Google Information for Webmasters.

4WebmasterTools: Webmaster Search Engine. Search for Web links to useful information, tips, tutorials, news, etc. on any topic. Search by keyword or select from Categories: Advertising, Business, Domain Name, E-Commerce, Graphics, Hosting, Miscellaneous, Promotion, Revenue, Scripts, Search Engines, Web Design, Website Content, Website Tools, Website Traffic, Webmaster Education.

Bravenet Site Search – Search webpages on your own site.
FreeFind search engine – Add a search engine to your Website. 32MB initial limit, about 3000 pages free.
Mamma.com – Free Online Search Engine for your own Web site.
PicoSearch – Add a search engine to search your own Web site. Free for sites with up to 1500 Web pages.
WestSideStory – Add a search engine to your Website. Free for sites with less than 500 pages. Formerly Atomz.com.
whatUseek Site Search Tool – Free Search Engine for Your Web Site. Free version of siteLevel Basic service, ad-supported with 1000 page limit.

AddFreeStats. Free Web site statistics in real time. Add the HTML code for a free counter to your web page. Each time a visitor accesses your page a small AddFreeStats button appears on the page. View your site statistics any time by clicking on the button.

Best Web Directories. Review of Best Free, Paid, and Reciprocal Directories, Best Webmaster Directories, Top Canadian and UK Directories, Automatic Submission Sites, Link Popularity, Automated Linking Tools, Link Exchange Sites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips, Web Page Content, Improving Link Popularity, Title & Meta Tags, Doman Name, Free Meta Tag Generator, SEO Search Tips for Google, Yahoo & MSN, Best Web Hosts Listings, Directory Ranking Criteria, and more.

BigNoseBird.com. Everything you need to build great web sites. Over 300 pages of tutorials, reference materials, and other free resources. .

Bookmarklets. Free tools for power surfing. Choose from over 150 free bookmarklets which are small reusable JavaScript routines of 255 characters or less. Just drag your favorite bookmarklet and drop it into your Favorites or Bookmark section.

Bravenet.com. Spice up your Website with great tools! Message Forums, Hit Counters / Site Stats, Guestbooks, Mailing Lists, Email Forms, Mini Polls, Live Chats, Classified Ads, Guestmaps, Password Gates, Affiliate Program, Tell-A-Friend, FAQs, Free Links, Photo Centers, Site Rings, Vote Casters, Site Search, Daily Cartoons, E-Cards, Live Person, Fast-URL Redirects, Free Audio Clips, Free Fonts, HTML Tutorials, Java Scripts, Free Clip Art, Tips and Tricks, Webmaster Resources, and Specialty Newsletters.

CCleaner – Crap Cleaner free software download – Spyware Free. CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system – allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it’s fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! 🙂

cgi2you. CGI tools for your site’s features for free. Fancy counter, Guestbook, Message board, and Polls.

Comet Cursor. Change your black and white arrow mouse pointer into a cool custom image. Choose from thousands of images. Free downloads.

Cool Site of the Day: Webmaster Resources. Top 40 Tools & Tips for Web Sites.

Cult3D. An interactive 3D solution. Create and show your objects 3-dimensionally on the Internet, within a PowerPoint presentation, or in an Acrobat PDF file. To view Cult3D objects, a plug-in is required. Download Cycore Cult3D Viewer for free.

Developers dex ASP, C#, SQL, VB, and XML. Applications, examples and tutorials, articles, FAQs, sample codes, etc. plus Gurus of the Month.

Dr. Dobb’s Software Tools for the Professional Programmer. Includes Articles of a highly technical nature, Columns, Op-Eds, Source Code, Newsletters, DevSearcher, TechNetCast, Book Reviews, Embedded Systems, Microprocessor Resources, Software Careers, Dr. Dobb’s Store, Subscriber Services, and more.

Dynamic Drive. DHTML (Dynamic HTML) code library. Provides free, original DHTML scripts and components. DHTML Script categories include: Menus and Navigation Systems, Special document effects, Scrollers, Images (General, Slideshows, onMouseover), Mouse Trail effects, Links and buttons, Dynamic Content New! Dynamic Clocks and dates, Form effects, Text animations, Browser Window, DHTML Games, and more.

Firefox 1.0. Free download for Windows, English. Firefox is a stripped down, streamlined rebuild of Mozilla, that empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser.

Free Counters from UK. Free hit counters, Free web counter, Free page counters.

Free Guestbook from theGuestbook.com. Read terms of service.
Get Your Free Guestbook from Free Guestbook.net.
Free Guestbooks by Guestbook Depot for Your Web Page.
Pathfinder Guestbooks.

Free IP Address Lookup. What is your IP address? Free IP address lookup for all Internet connections.

Free Meta Tag Analyzer from Scrub The Web. Also includes: Free Meta Tag Optimizer, Free Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Density Analyzer, Meta Tag Help, and Web Page Analyzer.

Free Monthly Tune-Up! From NetMechanic. Free Monthly Tune-Up service will test up to 10 pages of your Web site without charge.

Free Online Utilities and Tools from DiscoveryVIP.com. Include Javascript Code Generator, HTML generators, HTML Validation Online, CSS Validation Online, Color coder, Mouse-Over image rotator, Animated Background, Banner and button creation Online, Gif, Text maker, Free E-cards, Free Hit Counters, Free Online-Polls, and more.

Free Web Design and Marketing Tips from PongWorld. Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – keywords, META tags, HTML & CSS Guide & Reference, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), Colors, and Fonts.

Google PR. Do you know what Google PR is and what your site PR is? PR stands for Page Ranking and is a way to figure out how your site ranks overall on Google. The ranking ranges from 0 (worst) to 10 (perfect ranking) and is a gauge of how you are doing on this search engine.Want to know your current and future ranking? Type your full url in search box and see the results. Service provided by ExecFocus.Net – Internet Marketing Services – One Client Success at a time.

How Much Is A Web Site Worth? From Slashdot: News for Nerds. Stuff that matters. Opinions and suggestions on how to determine the dollar value of a web site for sale or purchase.

How Much Is Your Web Site Worth? By Darcel Jackson. In Charles Bennet’s opinion, the following 7 items are key considerations in assessing the worth of a dot com business: URL, Value vs. Worth, Domain Name, Traffic, Income, Assets, Confidentiality.

How Much is Your Website Worth? FREE Domainz Website Evaluation. Includes: Useful tips to improve your existing Website.

How to Determine the Value of a Web Site. “The easiest method is to use the Net Income the website has produced over the last 12 to 24 months to arrive at a value range.” Website Appraisals. Example Appraisal in PDF includes details of Valuation Formulas. How to Sell a Web Site. Tips on How to Transfer Your Website Once It’s Sold – Sample Contract.

How To Sell A Website – How Much Is Your Website Worth? From Entrepreneur’s Journey, by Yaro Starak.

Links Exchange Services and Resources . Listing of several of the top link exchange providers from DiscoveryVIP.com.

Link Popularity Check. How popular is your web site? Widexl designed this link popularity tool for to check link popularity from websites. Take a link popularity analysis and check your link popularity for free.

Link-Popularity.com. Free service provides an easy one-click method of checking link popularity on three major search engines: Altavista, Google and Hotbot, plus a free monthly customized Link Popularity Report via e-mail.


See who links to your web site.


Macecraft Software – System Maintenance Made Easy. Developer of award-winning maintenance tools including the jv16 PowerTools 2005 utility package and the lightning-fast standalone registry cleaners RegSupreme and RegSupreme Pro. Download jv16 for 30-day free trial.

Mamma.com Pay-Per-Click

netJane by Netopia is a rich, full-featured collection of Web applications that helps you remodel your existing Web site or create a new one from scratch. Works like FrontPage 2000, except it is free.

NetMechanic. Power Tools for Your Web Site. Improve your site: Identify Web site errors, Find browser display problems, Use GIFBot to optimize slow loading graphics. Promote your site: Search Engine optimization and submission, Get HTML help from Webmaster Resource Center, Check out the Webmaster Tips Newsletter by subject or by date.

Page Rank Explained: The Google Pagerank Algorithm and How It Works by Ian Rogers.

PC Pitstop. Diagnoses your harddrive and Internet connection. Checks system for viruses and other problems, and fixes your computer. Offers you tips to improve performance on your PC. The process is automated, simply click to start your free tune-up.

Ranking.com. Formerly TrafficRanking.com. Calculates the ranking for the top 900,000 most visited websites on the Internet. All services are free. Check out your favorite sites to see their ranking.

reallybig.com. Offers 5000 resources for Web builders, including free clipart, CGI, counters, fonts, HTML, Java, animation, backgrounds, icons, wysiwyg editors, buttons, photographs, site promotion, and more.

SurveyPopups.com. Add surveys or visitor polls to your website for free. Receive instant results. A Web-based survey tool, survey popups are user-initiated and customizable. Some users might find popup surveys annoying. Use with caution.

TinyURL.com. Enter a long URL to make tiny.

Tools4Webmaster.com. Webmaster Tools & Resources.

W3Schools. A fantastic collection of free HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, XHTML, WAP, ASP, SQL tutorials with lots of working examples and source code. Type your URL and get an excellent, free, instant validation of your source code with W3C, complete with detailed analysis of any errors that you may have on your Webpage plus how to correct them.

Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites. From Yale.

WebMaster Tools from UK. Over 1500 free graphical and animated images.

WebWasher Classic. This free program filters unwanted ads, crushes cookies, and prevents companies from profiling your surfing habits. You can eliminate pop-up windows, banner ads, and other unwanted intrusions.

Popup stoppers, Ad blockers, Kill ads

PCWorld downloads:
Ad-aware (free)
AdsGone Pop Up Killer v3.9.8 (free)
AdsOff v2.0 (shareware)
AnalogX Pow! v1.58 (free)
EasyBrowse v2.0 (free)
iHatePopups v1.5.443 (free trial)
Popup Defender v6.02a (free)
Popup Hunter
Pop-Up Stopper v3.1.1012 (free)
Radiate/Aureate DLL Uninstaller (free)
Popup Zero Pro v2.8 (free trial)
Spybot Search and Destroy v1.2 (free)
SpyStopper v2.75A (free trial).

Some rated popup stoppers from TUCOWS:
12Ghosts StopMessengerAds 7.10 (freeware)
ABF Internet Explorer Tools 1.2 (shareware)
AbsoluteShield IE Popup Blocker 1.40 (shareware)
AdBeGone PopUp Killer 1.20 (shareware)
AdShield (shareware)
AntiPopUp for IE 1.7 (shareware)
Avant Browser 10.1.026 (freeware)
etcetera Popup Killer 2.27 (freeware)
NoAds 2002.11.05 (freeware)
PAL Popup Eliminator 1.01 (shareware)
PopSwat 3.0 (freeware)
Pop-Up Monster 2004: Mean & Green 2.11 (demo)
PopUpCop (shareware)
Primedius Free Firewall & Messenger PopUp Killer 1.44 (freeware)
SmashR 4.1.30 (shareware)
STOPzilla! (shareware)
TrueBlock 1.1 (freeware)
Web Window Killer 0.98e (freeware)
Webroot Window Washer 6.0 (shareware)
FileStream WinSettings Pro 2.0 (shareware)
wordIQ Toolbar 3.0 (freeware)
Zero Ad 1.0 (shareware).

Win awards

Award Sites! Guides and Ratings. Purpose of site is to set standards for Website award. Over 1700 rated site awards listed in 8 levels (1.0 to 5.0) and 25 specific categories.

Cool Canuck Site Award. If you have a Canadian Web site, you can apply for the Cool Canuck Award .

Website Awards. Apply to over 500 Award Sites around the world. Find out which website awards are the most prestigious at World’s Top Awards.

005.13 Programming languages (Computers), Web designs, Java, JavaScript, Perl, (Regular expressions)

Delphi Central. Delphi Tutorials, Hints, and Information about Delphi programming.

JavaScript.com. Javascript.com is the largest JavaScript repository online, containing over 7000 Javascripts including Cut-n-Paste Scripts. Each script is available to Download for free.

Perl Tutorial. Perl is an interpreted programming language known for its power and flexibility. This tutorial teaches the basic data structures, flow control, and string manipulation in the context of writing a common CGI program for a Web server.

Regular Expressions from the Open Group. Regular Expression Definitions, Regular Expression General Requirements, Basic Regular Expressions, Extended Regular Expressions, Regular Expression Grammar,

Regular Expressions Tutorial. Lesson on Regular Expressions by Scott A. Hommel, a technical writer on staff at Sun Microsystems.

Using Regular Expressions. What are regular expressions? What sort of things can I do with regular expressions? And the drawbacks? Why are they called “regular expressions?”How do I write a simple search pattern using a regular expression? How do I write a simple search-and-replace using regular expressions? and more. .

WebDevelopers.com. Topics include: ExtremeFlash, FlashKit, FlashPlanet, Gif.com, Java Boutique, ScriptSearch, StreamingMedia, Voice XMLPlanet, XML 101, Internet News, Internet Investing, Internet Technology, Linux/Open Source, ECommerce, ISP and ASP Resources, Wireless Internet, Downloads, Internet and Copyright Law, and more.

005.7 HTML (Document markup language), CSS (Cascading style sheets)

About.com Personal Web Pages: HTML.

Authoring HTML Basics from WebMonkey. HTML Basics – Teaching Tools, HTML Cheat Sheet, Special Characters, Color Codes, Tables, Frames, Windows Browser Chart, Stylesheets Guide, DHTML, XML, Glossary.

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML. Lists every official HTML tag in common usage, plus Netscape and Microsoft extensions. Downloadable in several formats and available in 21 different languages.

A Beginner’s Guide to HTML from National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).

Beginners’ Guide to HTML. How to Make Your First Web Site. All About HTML for Beginners: Starting with the Basics by Web Developer® Staff.

BellaOnline: The Voice of Women – HTML. Simple tutorials on What You Need to Write in HTML, Say Hello World in HTML, HTML Body Tag, HTML Image Tag, and HTML Anchor Tag.

Best CSS Tutorials from The Internet from DicoveryVIP.com. Includes CSS Reference Table.

Best HTML Tutorials from The Internet from DiscoveryVIP.com. Includes HTML Guide: Full HTML Tag Definition Lists.

Building a School Web Site by Wanda Wigglebits. Designed for beginners.

Cascading Style Sheets, level 1 (CSS1). A World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) official Recommendation 17 Dec 1996, revised 11 Jan 1999. Reference material containing authoritative and detailed specifications on everything you need to know about level 1 Cascading Style Sheets. See also Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 (CSS2). W3C Recommendation 12 May 1998.

CGI Scripting at the University of Kansas. Includes An Instantaneous Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms (in PDF), Building-blocks for CGI Scripts in Perl.

CSS Quick Tutorial. An easy to follow basic introduction to Cascading Style Sheets. See also reference guide to CSS.

Doctor HTML: Quick Assessment for the Web. A Web page analysis tool that retrieves your HTML page and reports on any problems that it finds. Very thorough.

Dr. Watson. Type in your URL, Dr. Watson will analyze your Webpage on the Internet. 1 – Analyze HTML syntax. 2 – Verify regular links. 3 – Verify image links. 4 – Generate word counts. 5 – Spell-check non-HTML text. 6 – Compute estimated download speeds. 7 – Check search engine compatibility. 8 – Check site link popularity. All for free.

Free HTML Page Maker Online Generator. Free Online Web Page Editor from CreatingOnline.com.

HTML from STIMULUS Internet 101. Want to know the basics of HTML in a hurry? Lesson introduces bare essentials of HTML coding. Includes Advanced HTML, Frames, Optimizing, Web Design, and tips on how to Market your site on the Internet.

HTML 101: Back to Basics. Tutorial aims to teach you plain HTML, from scratch.

HTML Cheatsheet from WebMonkey. Quick Reference section also includes: JavaScript Code Library, Special Characters, Color Codes (Hexadecimal color chart), Browser Chart (lists which browsers support what features), Stylesheet Guide (CSS – Cascading Style Sheets), Glossary, and more.

HTML Code Tutorial. Aims to provide the most helpful and complete guide to creating web pages. Tutorials include: Anchors and Links, Applets, Character Entity References, Document Tags, Embedded Objects, Fonts, Form, Frame, Ignore-Me Code, Images, Lines and Paragraphs, Lists, Logical Tags, Scripts, Sounds, CSS – Cascading Style Sheets, Table, and a couple of weird tags.

HTML Codes – Characters and symbols. Table of ASCII characters and symbols. Table of special characters includes ASCII – Dec & Hex, Symbol, HTML Number, HTML Name, and Description.

HTML-Kit: Resources for Web Developers. A full-featured text editor designed to help HTML, XML and Script authors to edit, format, lookup help, validate, preview and publish Web pages. Shareware.

HTML TIDY from W3C. Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY. Free download.

HTML Tutorial from W3School. Learn how to use HTML to create your own Web pages.

HTML Tutorials with Style. Tutorials presented in a humorous way following the KISS principle, i.e. Keep It Simple Stupid. Teaches use of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) to create Web pages from simple to advanced.

Introduction to HTML. Tutorial designed for people who don’t know any HTML. Somewhat outdated, but provides good foundation.

Learning HTML for Kids: A Step-by-Step Tutorial. What is HTML? Basic concepts, Primary tags, Lists, Attributes, Graphics, Tables, and more.

Lissa Explains It All. Excellent, brightly colored tutorial for kids. Basics, HTML, Frames, Tables, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Add Color, Java Script, Fun Stuff (Image maps, Counters, Marquees, Music …) and Tools.

Meta Tag Analyzer. Helps you design a more robot friendly Web page. Provides free online General HTML Analysis, HTML Title Tag Analysis, and META Tag Analysis.

Programming with HTML Forms. WebReference Tutorial. Contents include: Introduction, Forms Programming in Three Stages, Forms Syntax, Document and Application Communication, Examples, Note on Testing, Logging, and Conclusions.

TUCOWS HTML. Site shows you how to design a Web site from start to finish. Four categories: HTML Artist (resources from tutorials to programs), HTML Designer (learn to build a site from the ground up), HTML Webmaster (learn the best tricks to maintain your site), and HTML Programmer (Learn about Java, Perl, JavaScript, and more).

W3C MarkUp Validation Service. Free service that checks documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards. Includes Site Valet, WDG Validator, CSS Validator, Link Checker, HTML Tidy, Tidy Online, and other valuable tools.