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338-349 Social Sciences

Governments: (See countries, e.g.:



See also

380.1 Markets, and 381 Telemarketing (See



– See also

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), (

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), (



Think Big, Act Small:
How America’s Best
Performing Companies
Keep the Start-up Spirit Alive
Think Big, Act Small : How America's Best Performing Companies Keep the Start-up Spirit Alive by Jason Jennings
Legal Guide
for Starting & Running
a Small Business
8th ed.
Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business by Fred S. Steingold, Ilona M. Bray
How Small Business Trades Worldwide:
Your Guide to Starting
or Expanding a Small Business
International Trade Company Now
How Small Business Trades Worldwide by John Spiers


Am I an Entrepreneur? from National Innovation Council, Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, Australian Government. Includes links to Tycoon Quiz: What Are Your Tycoon Traits?.

Am I an Entrepreneur? from Business Planning 4 You. Find out if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Am I an Entrepreneur? from Canada Business Service Centre. See also:

  • Business: Dream It, Start It, Grow It, End It, FAQs, Set It Up, Taxation, Legal, Financing
  • Can You Make Money with Your Idea or Invention?
  • Feasibility Checklist for Starting a Small Business
  • Points to Consider When Starting Your Own Business
  • Interactive Business Planner
  • Starting a Bakery, Bed & Breakfast, Convenience Store, Early Childhood Centre, Janitorial Service, Restaurant, …
  • General Business Guides.

leaf Business Start-Up Assistant from Government of Canada. Your information site for starting a business in Canada. Contents include: Being an Entrepreneur, Basic Steps for Starting a Business, Market Research, Preparing a Business Plan, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Incorporation, Franchising, Selecting Your Business Name, Registering Your Business, General Information on Taxation, Finding and Funding Employees, Pay and Benefits, Labour Standards, Occupational Health and Safety, Copyright, Patents, Trade-Marks, Doing Business on the Internet, and more.

BusinessTown.com – Profile of an Entrepreneur: Do you have what it takes? Entrepreneurial characterics. Myths about Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial – Self-Analysis. Entrepreneurial – The Success Formula. Getting Started: Business Ideas, Business Plan, Legal Structure, Getting Financing.

DECA – Distributive Education Clubs of America. Since 1946, the goal of DECA has been to improve educational and career opportunities in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. Today, DECA has continued to work with the Business community to integrate academic achievement with career and technical skills for high school and college students.

Entrepreneur Self Assessment from Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan.

Entrepreneurial Thoughts by Joe Ollivier, First Capital Development. Concise, practical, excellent advice for entrepreneurs.

Jumpstarting Business Ventures – JBV’s Competitive Edge – Lesson 1: What Is Entrepreneurship? Lesson 2: Am I an Entrepreneur? Lesson 13: Stages of Entrepreneurial Financing, and other lessons.

Open for Business – in PDF from Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS). Contents include: Self Assessment, Protecting Your Critical Resources, Developing Your Business Continuity Plan in case of disaster or emergencies, Business Continuity Forms: Employee contact List, Vital Records … , Property Protection Checklist, and other resources.

Practical Advice for Business from Business Link, UK. Contents: Starting up, Finance and grants, Taxes, returns & payroll, Employing people, Health, safety, premises, Exploit your ideas, IT & e-commerce, Sales and marketing, International trade, Grow your business, Buy or sell a business, plus In your specific business sector.

Starting Your Business from United States Small Business Administration. Contents: Startup Basics, Business Planning, Financing, Marketing, Employees, Taxes, Legal Aspects, Special Interest.

Starting Your Business from Victorian Government, Melbourne, Australia. Includes: Managing Your Business, Licenses and Regulations, Business Assistance, Popular Topics: Business name registration, Paid Public Holidays & Daylight Savings, Export, import, international trade, Franchising, Getting Online, Government Assistance Programs, Helping employees, etc.

Starting Your Own Business. 12 Steps to Starting a Business, from Yahoo! Finance.

VenGrowth: Venture Capital. Check out some of the technological innovations, including Z-Tech (Canada) Inc. – development of an innovative and patent-protected method of detecting breast cancer easily and painlessly in a doctor’s office, Cogency Semiconductor Inc. – which flagship semiconductor makes use of existing in-home AC electrical wires for transmitting digital data at high speed, turning every electrical outlet into a network port.

338.1 Farm produce – Marketing, (Farmers markets), (Agricultural products), (Farm crops)

Australian Online Farmers Market.

leaf Canada – Links to Canadian Farmers Markets. See also Farmers’ Markets – Ontario. Includes Availability Guide – Find out the availability of your favourite Ontario fruits and vegetables in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, from Foodland Ontario.

Farmers Markets – Direct-to-Consumer from Agricultural Marketing Service, United States Department of Agriculture. Find a Farmers Market in Your State. Click on a state to find your local farmers market.

Farmers Markets – Directory by State from Chef-2-Chef.net.

London Farmers’ Markets. See also BigBarn.co.uk, Scottish Association of Farmers Markets, National Association of Farmers Markets – Wales & Scotland.

Open air markets on the Web from OPENAIR-MARKET NET: The World Wide Guide to Farmers’ Markets, Street Markets, Flea Markets and Street Vendors.

338.4 Consumer goods, (Consumer products), (Merchandise)

Google Groups formerly Deja.com. Site features over 600,000 people-powered ratings of more than 25,000 products, services and topics in nearly 800 categories. Provides 35,000 Usenet groups, and 18,000 discussion forums. Over 1.7 million unique users.

Federal Consumer Information Center. Topics: Cars, Children, Consumer Help, Education, Employment, US Federal Programs, Food, Health, Housing, Money, Recalls, Scams/Frauds, Small Business, and Travel.

338.5 Consumer price indexes, (Cost of living indexes)

The 12 Days of Christmas Price Index from PNC Bank. A pop-up flash presentation of the PNC Advisors 12 Days of Christmas Price Index is available on site.

The Big Mac Index. Burgernomics from the Economist. The Big Mac index is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity, under which exchange rates should adjust to equalise the cost of a basket of goods and services, wherever it is bought around the world. The 2006 chart shows that the most expensive burger is in Switzerland, where it costs $4.93; the cheapest burger is in China, where it costs $1.30; in Canada, the burger costs $3.01; compared with an average American price of $3.15. This implies that the Chinese yuan is 59% undervalued compared with the U.S. dollar. Big Mac Index charts available from 1997 to 2006.

Canadian Statistics Canadian Statistics: Consumer Price Index, historical summary – All items from 1974. Latest release from the Consumer Price Index from Statistics Canada. Bank of Canada Monetary Policy Data: Consumer Price Index 1995 to present. Consumer Price Index – cities from 1999. Consumer Price Index, by cities (monthly). Consumer Price Index, provinces from 1999. Consumer Price Index, by provinces (monthly). See also: Your Guide to the Consumer Price Index: Chronological Index – This index lists all articles in all formats from all issues. Pulse of the Economy for Canadian economic conditions.

Canadian Consumer Price Index Consumer Price Index, 1995 – present from Bank of Canada.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Home Page from U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Consumer Price Indexes (CPI) program produces monthly data on changes in the prices paid by urban consumers for a representative basket of goods and services. Includes Latest Numbers for CPI-U (All Urban Consumers), US City Average, All Items, Table Containing History of CPI-U U.S. All Items Indexes and Annual Percent Changes from 1913 to Present, an Inflation Calculator, and lots more.

Latest Economic Indicators from National Statistics Online, UK. Consumer Prices Index (CPI) – (base 1996 = 100). See also Guide to CPI: CPI FAQs: the UK target measure of inflation.


338.7 Business enterprises, Corporations (Business organizations), (Businesses), (Firms), (Companies)

Annual Report Gallery. Click on REPORTS to see a list of publicly traded companies’ Annual Reports and other financial information. Companies are listed alphabetically.

Company Information from Business 2.0. Analyst Reports, Annual Reports, Business Research Tutorials, Companies A to Z, Conference Calls, Earnings, Industry Research & Forecasts, Mergers & Acquisitions, Press Releases, Proxy Statements, and SEC Filings.

Company Profiles and Mutual Fund Groups from SEDAR (System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval). Electronic filing system for the disclosure documents of public companies and mutual funds across Canada. Profiles of public companies listed by name from A-Z. Listing provides a profile of each corporation or company, e.g. Mailing Address, Contact Name, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Date of Formation, Governing Jurisdiction, Industry Classification, CUSIP Number, Financial Year-End, Head Office Address, POP System Issuer, Reporting Jurisdictions, Stock Exchange, Stock Symbol, Auditor, General Partner, Transfer Agent, and Size of Issuer. Public company’s documents are also available online. Site includes profiles for Mutual Fund Groups.

Fortune 500. America’s largest corporations. Click on any company name to see company snapshot. Ranks major industries and companies by revenues, profits, assets, shareholder equity, return to investors, or a combination of factors.

Hoover’s Directories: Companies A-Z from Hoovers.com. See also Hoovers Directories by Industries, Companies by Geography, Business Boneyard, and Companies by Stock Index.

LookSmart – Directory – Alphabetical Listing of Companies.

NYSE: New York Stock Exchange Listed Companies. U.S. Listed Companies and Non-U.S. Listed Companies. Search alphabetically, geographically, or by industry.

Web100: Big Business on the Web. Contents: The US Web100: The 100 largest U.S. companies on the Web, US Web100 by Industry, The Global Web100: The 100 largest non-U.S. corporations on the Web.

338.9 Subsidies, Economic policy, (Grants), (Federal aid), (Business and government), (Economic planning)

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives CCPA. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is a national economic and social policy think tank. Established in 1980 by academic and labour economists who saw the need for an independent left-of-centre research agency to counterbalance the right-wing Fraser and C.D. Howe Institutes.

The Fraser Institute. The Institute has grown into Canada’s leading economic think tank, with 2,500 individual, corporate and foundation supporters in Canada, the United States and twelve other countries. Research of the Institute has consistently led intellectual consensus on key public policy issues.

GrantFreedom.com – Grants available to you in the United States. Grants are available from federal, state and private institutions.

Grants.gov provides a storefront for interactions between grant applicants and the Federal agencies that manage grant funds. There are 26 Federal grant-making agencies and over 900 individual grant programs that award over $400 billion in grants each year in the United States.

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). An independent grant-making agency of the United States government dedicated to supporting research, education, preservation, and public programs in the humanities. Alphabetical Listing of grant programs offered by NEH, and application deadlines. Listing of Grant Programs by Division and application deadlines.

340 Law, (Jurisprudence), (Laws), (Statutes), (Case law), (Legal forms), (Law dictionaries), Law – Directories

Canadian Automated Legal Forms Automated Legal Forms from LawDepot™. Canadian Contract Categories include: Wills & Power of Attorney, Rental/Lease Forms, Loans, Debt, IOUs, Landlord & Tenant Forms, Marriage & Cohabitation Agreements, and many other legal forms. You can view the forms partially, but to print completed forms, you must purchase a license. Site License also available for unlimited access to all documents for one year.

beSpacific. Accurate, focused law and technology news. Daily postings provide updates on issues including copyright, privacy, censorship, the Patriot Act, ID theft, and freedom of information. Archives cover entries back to September 2002.

Duhaime’s Law Dictionary.

Duhaime's Canadian Family Law Centre Duhaime’s Canadian Family Law Centre. Covers Canadian Abortion Law, Family Law, Marriage, Divorce Act, etc.

FindLaw.LawCrawler. Legal Web & Databases Search. Search engine for Internet sites with legal information, include FindLaw, Legal Dictionary, Legal News, Law Reviews, US Government Sites, Supreme Court Opinions, Federal Circuits.

Hieros Gamos – Law and Legal Research Center. A massive site with thousands of links to legal and other resources worldwide. Contents: United States Law, International Law, Worldwide Law Firms Directory, Legal Experts and Consultants, 70 areas of Law Practice (with worldwide links), Employment Center, Students Center, Business Center, Consumer Center, Legal and Bar Associations, News Center, and a Lifestyle section (covering Buyer’s Guide), and more.

Law and Politics: Internet Guide. A searchable gateway to legal and government information. Selective resources, unique content and a language translator. Annotated links guide users to the most appropriate resources.

Law Commission of Canada Law Commission of Canada is an independent federal law reform agency that advises Parliament on how to improve and modernize Canada’s laws. The Commission’s work is structured around four themes: Personal, Social, Economic, and Governance Relationships. Resource materials are downloadable and printable.

Laws.com. Compendium of Law Resources. Gateway to all major virtual law libraries. Search U.S., Canadian, or International Law. Links to General Information, Federal Governments, and State or Provincial Governments. Links to law in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and United Kingdom.

The ‘Lectric Law Library’s Legal Lexicon’s Lyceum. Considered to be the Net’s Best Law Dictionary with Thousands of Definitions & Explanations of Legal Terms, Phrases & Concepts. Includes Living Will Form.

Legal Sites on the Web. LawCrawler Search Engine (worldwide law resource search), U.S. Supreme Court Decisions Citation Search by Title, or Full-Text Search, plus numerous links to law sources mainly in the United States, but also in Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Legislative Assembly of Ontario Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Contents: Member Lists, Member Addresses, Bills (How a Bill becomes Law, Proclamations), House Business (Parliamentary Calendar), Hansard, Ontario Legislative Assembly Library online catalogue, and more.

LexNotes. Massive site with links to legal megasites, Government Sites, Court Opinions, Statutes, Rules, and Regulations, Law Reviews, Journals, and Newsletters, Legal News and Articles, Pathfinders section include links to International Law – Norway, UK, Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, etc.

Stupid Lawsuits and Other Funny Stuff from Power-of-Attorneys.com. Includes Stupid Lawsuit Collection, Laughable Lawsuits, Class Action Lawsuits, Online Legal Dictionary – Legal Definitions, Lawyer Jokes, Funny Lawyer Cartoons, and more.

Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet. U.S. only. Named after Thomas Jefferson, this site is run by the Library of Congress. Search American Federal Legislation by Bill number or by keywords. Includes Quick Links to: U.S. House of Representatives, House Directory, The United States Senate, Senate Directory (Links to Senators, biographies, photos, Websites), and GPO (United States Government Printing Office).

Washington Courts. Educational Resources. Judges in the Classroom (include lesson plans for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools), and other resources.

World Wide Legal Resources. Chan Robles Virtual Law Library.

341.3 Embassies and consulates, Diplomacy, Diplomatic and consular service, International relations

ABC of Diplomacy. A dictionary of diplomacy from Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA), Switzerland. Topics covered include: bilateralism, concensus, consular protection, Council of Europe, Diplomatic protection, Embassy, European Union (EU), Extraterritoriality, Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), Geneva Conventions, Hague Conventions, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Inviolability, Neutrality, Sanctions, United Nations (UN), War crimes, genocide, World Bank, World Trade Organisation (WTO). This handy brochure is free to print or you may order a free copy by email. Available in German, French, Italian or English.

leaf Diplomatic Gateway to Canada: Protocol Reference Site for the Foreign Diplomatic Community from Canada Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Contents: Chief of Protocol (Malcolm McKechnie), Protocol Services, Policy on Impaired Driving, Canadian Order of Precedence (From 1-28, Example: 1. Governor General of Canada; 2. Prime Minister of Canada; 3: Chief Justice of Canada …), Titles (Example: Governor General or Prime Minister of Canada to be styled “Right Honourable” for life), Styles of Address, Honours and Salutes, Canadian Government Holidays, National Days for Countries of the World, Canadian Heritage – Ceremonial and Canadian Symbols Promotion, International Events, Dress (What to wear for what occasion), Foreign Representatives in Canada, Order of Diplomatic Precedence, Heads of Mission Report, Diplomatic Missions’ Addresses, Consular Offices’ Addresses, International Organizations and Other Offices – Located in Canada.

Embassy World. Addresses, phone and fax numbers, plus e-mail addresses of the world’s Embassies and Consulates. Search the world’s Embassies and Consulates by Host (Whose Embassy?) or by Guest (In what location/country?) Search International Telephone Dialing Codes and Directories. Find Voltages around the world. Check Visa Requirements worldwide. Find U.S. Embassies worldwide.

345 Trials (Homicide), Criminal law, Trials (Murder), (Manslaughter), (Crime), (Offenses against the person), (War crime trials), (Courts martial and courts of inquiry), (Poisons and poisoning)

Arresting Images from The Smoking Gun. Mug shots of the “rich and famous who’ve landed in the pokey.” Categories: Sports, Hollywood, Music, Gangsters, The Smoking Gun Favorites, Icons, Killers, B-List, and Historical. Authentic Court documents included. Lots of surprises!

Awesome Stories from LawBuzz. Categories include: Famous Trials, Trials Without Justice, Did You Know (Errol Flynn Rape Trial, Lincoln the Lawyer, Paul Revere Treason Trial …), Can You Believe It! The Stories Behind the Movies, Cherished Legal Rights, Our Laws, and Legal Tyranny.

AwesomeStories.com: Click2FamousTrials. Primary source material. Contents include: Animals Tried as Defendents, Amistad Incident, Daniel Boone: Tried for Treason, Joan of Arc, Mary, Queen of Scots, William Penn: Jury Goes to Prison, Paul Revere, and others.

Famous Cases from CourtTV.com. Include: Unabomber Trial of Theodore Kaczynski, Nanny Murder Trial of a teen-age British nanny, Trial of Marv Albert, the former NBC sportscaster, Oklahoma Bombing Trial of Timothy McVeigh, War Crimes Trial, Trial of Lyle and Erik Menendez, The Amadou Diallo Shooting, and Trial of Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

Famous Cases from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files. Cases involving Bank Robbery, Historical Ten Most Wanted, Organized Crime / Gangsters (e.g. Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde), Violent Crime, and Espionage.

Famous Crimes and Criminals from About.com. Contents: Crimes and Criminals in the United States and around the world up to 1800, The 1800s, 1900-1989, The 1990s, 2000 and Later, British Crimes, and Canadian Crimes.

Famous Trials. Excellent site by Professor Douglas Linder. Includes Scopes “Monkey” Trial (1925), Nuremberg Trials (1945-49), Rosenberg Trial (1951), My Lai Courts-Martial (1970), O. J. Simpson Trial (1995), and many others.

The O.J. Verdict. A 2005 Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Frontline documentary on the 1995 trial of O.J. Simpson, with Readings and Links.

345.052 Wiretapping – Law and legislation

“Can We Tape?” A Practical Guide to Taping Phone Calls and In-Person Conversations in the 50 States and D.C. from RCFP – Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. The use of electronic recording equipment is governed by federal and state laws in the United States. Journalists may be subject to criminal prosecution if such laws are violated. This site provides links to summaries of each state’s wiretapping and eavesdropping laws. Read important notice: “Because this guide was written with the needs of journalists in mind, it does not address all aspects of electronic recording laws … Others who have questions about taping should contact a local attorney directly.”

Electronic Surveillance Laws from United States National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). Electronic Surveillance involves the traditional laws on wiretapping – any interception of a telephone transmission by accessing the telephone signal itself–and eavesdropping – listening in on conversations without the consent of the parties. Contents include State Laws: Chart, Electronic Surveillance 2004 & 2005 Enacted Legislations, Electronic Surveillance Warrant Procedures, Federal Laws, Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (“ECPA”, 18 U.S.C 2701), and more.

Wiretap Reports from U.S. Courts, 1997-2004.

346.0434 Landlord and Tenant

For laws governing rental housing in specific State or Province, check with the government sites of that country.

Landlord Law from landlord.com. Comprehensive Residential Law Center. Click on your state to learn more about your landlord-tenant laws. See also Quality Tenant Screening Center – FAQs and Successful Rent Collection Center – FAQs.

Landlord and Tenant Act. U.S. Landlord and Tenant Act (as amended through 1998). Covers Sections 101-136. Web page provided by Vince Mooney Real Estate School and Seminars, Inc. of Oklahoma.

Landlord Tenant Law. Web pages provided by Attorney General’s Office to give general information about Washington State’s Residential Landlord Tenant Act (RCW 59.18). Topics include: Recent Court decisions on Landlord and Tenant Law, Know your Rental Rights! Landlords and Tenants Rights and Obligations.

Landlord Tenant State List. Select and view your State’s Landlord Tenant Laws and Rights. Landlord Tenant Statutes, Normal Wear and Tear, Security Deposit, Foreclosures, Small Claims Court, Tenant Screening (tenant credit and eviction history), and other information related to Landlord and Tenant matters, from Rentlaw.com.

Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal (ORHT). The Tribunal administers the Tenant Protection Act (TPA) (replaces the old Landlord and Tenant Act). Rules of Practice and Procedure, Tenant Protection Act, 1997, Interpretation Guidelines, plus all Applications, Forms, and Notices dealing with Landlord and Tenant matters, available online. Rent Increase Guideline, deposits, notice to terminate a tenancy, etc. Telephone: 1-888-332-3234.

Ontario Tenants, Toronto Tenants Ontario Tenants, Toronto Tenants. Site contains many useful links including Tenants FAQ, Tenant Rights, Tenant Protection Act, Tenant Associations, Reports on housing statistics, vacancy rates, etc., Rent Controls in Ontario, Canada, Tenant Web sites, Current Tenant Housing Issues, Your Utility Costs, Tenant Health (toxic mold, cockroaches, pigeons, West Nile Virus, SARS), Apartment Safety & Security, Find an apartment, plus Tenant Info in other Provinces and Territories in Canada.

346.05 Estate planning, Inheritance and transfer tax, (Tax planning), (Personal finance)

Estate Planning from SmartMoney.com. See also Ask SmartMoney Archives: Estate Planning.

Estate Planning: An Overview. Resources from Cornell Law School, Legal Information Institute. Federal material, State material, and other Reference material. Includes Estates and Trusts: An Overview, Estate and Gift Tax: An Overview.

Canadian Estate Planning Guide Estate Planning Guide. A Comprehensive Canadian Estate Planning Guide from ProfessionalReferrals.ca. Site includes Financial Planning, Find A Mortgage, Group Employee Benefits, Insurance, Investment Planning, News Archive, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, plus Tools and Facilities.

Guide to Estate Planning from SaveWealth.com. Includes Introduction to Wills, Living Trusts, Perils of Probate, Power of Attorney, and more.

The Rushforth Firm’s Estate Planning Pages.

Will & Estate Planning from NOLO Law for All.

346.4 Copyright, Fair use (Copyright), (Intellectual property), (Literary property), (International copyright), (Cyberlaw), Trademarks, (Logos), (Company symbols), (Corporate symbols), (Trade marks)

See also 364.1 Computer crimes, Impostors and imposture, (Hoaxes), (Charlatans), (Pretenders), (Chain letters)

ArtBitz. Sample designs from ArtBitz. Here you can download a free sample image. Be sure to click on “click to see more” to view many more samples. ArtBitz files are available for both Mac OS and Windows, and are sent as EPS format files that you can modify or scale to any size.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). Information and application forms for registering your intellectual property. Contents: Patents, Patents Database, Trade-Marks, Trade-Marks Database, Copyrights, Industrial Designs, and Integrated Circuit Topographies.

copyright website. Resources: Copyright Wizard, Famous cases (Batman, James Bond, Indiana Jones, George Harrison, Vanilla Ice, …), Website Issues (Protection, Creation, Design, Linking, Public Domain, Newsgroups), Info (Basic Copyright Law, Copyright Notice, Fair Use, Public Domain, Slide Presentations), and more.

Franklin Pierce Law Center. Intellectual Property Mall with comprehensive coverage of all intellectual property issues from copyright to trademark law. Valuable resources.

From Pokemon to Picasso: Art Rights and Wrongs. Award-winning site created by 5th and 6th graders and their coach. Contents include: Copyrights, Trademarks and Licensing, Counterfeits, Webmaster’s Advice (Links to all Webmaster’s Advice Pages), How 2’z (How Do You Write a Letter for Permission? Advice from Publishers, Example of a Linking Agreement, and more), Artists Write about Their Rights, Library of Congress (History of Copyrights from The Office of Copyrights), plus Class Activities Pages.

Intellectual Property Links - Canadian image Intellectual Property Links – Canadian. Intellectual Property Links – International.

A Visit to Copyright Bay. Author’s comment on the purpose of the site: “Please do not construe anything written in this site as anything more than informative journalism and commentary, primarily for educators but for anyone else who is interested in the fair use of copyrighted works.” Read How it works first to learn how to use this program.

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). About Intellectual Property (IP) – Inventions (Patents), Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications, Copyright and Related Rights, Studies on IP, and IP in everyday life.

Logo Samples:

1-800-MYLOGO. Logo examples from MYLOGO portfolio.

Corporate Logo Samples. Sample designs from Logotype.com.

Defiant Graphics. Portfolio includes: Flash animation logo samples, Website design samples, Banner design samples, Business logo samples, Traditional art and illustrations, 3D models and environments, and 3D animation.

EeRabbit Logo Design. Logo Design, Logo Template Portfolio.

Flash Logo Design. Animate your Website logo with Flash. Site provides numerous animated logo samples.

Logo Design World. Business logo, Company logo, Free logo, Logo Design, Trademark logo.

Logo Examples from Biz-logo.com.

Logo Examples from JVS Design.

Logo Samples from Corner Page Designs.

Logo Samples from Logo Alley.

Logos and Trademarks. Product Showcase from Digital Wisdom.

Logos Samples from Logos On-Line.

NFL Logos on Linen. Click on a National Football League official logo to see slightly enlarged version.

The Origin of Your Identity – Samples of Logos created by Logomatrix.

347.053 Class actions

Class Action Lawsuits by Al Clark. Topics include: How a class action is structured, How the system really works, Profit strategies, Current actions and links.

Class Action Resouces from Overlawyered.com. Site comments on various class action suits in an attempt to point out the need for reform of the American civil justice system. Selected topics include: Securities class actions, 2002, 2001, & 2000; Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach; Toshiba settlement, bug and glitch liability; Microsoft class actions; and others.

Securities Class Action Clearinghouse from Stanford Law School. Site provides detailed information relating to the prosecution, defense, and settlement of United States federal class action securities fraud litigation. Contains a searchable Index of Filings plus copies of more than 2000 complaints, briefs, filings, and other litigation-related materials filed in these cases.

Vioxx Lawsuit, Vioxx Attorney. Other related Vioxx news and info: Idaho lawsuit filed against Vioxx, Vioxx lawsuit filed by Newbury woman, Jerry Jackson: Drug companies, good or evil? Vioxx lawsuits face uphill battle in federal court, and a humorous article by Rachel Marsden: The Adult Equivalent of Eating Play-Doh.

349.71 Law – Canada

Access to Justice Network, Canadian office Access to Justice Network (ACJNet). Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial legal information including primary legal resources such as statutes, cases and bylaws. LAW FAQ for Youth, and a Law Room where students can ask lawyers and other legal experts questions about the law, human rights, and social justice issues. A Teacher’s Corner provides Lessons Plans, a Bibliography of Law, and Law Related Materials.

American Law Sources On-Line – Canada.

Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research. Effective strategies and techniques for Canadian legal research, finding and using secondary sources, finding and analyzing cases, updating your research, legal writing, legal research FAQs, and more.

in association with CanadaLegal.com CanadaLegal.com. Directory to find Canadian legal information for 100 areas of law – organized into 50 categories.

Canadian Bar Association Canadian Bar Association. Voice of and for all members of the legal profession. Links to provincial and territorial branches.

Canadian Government Information on the Internet Canadian Government Information on the Internet (CGII). Law and legislation: Federal information. Links to Access to Justice Network (ACJNet), Canada and International Human Rights, Canadian Heritage, Canada Gazette, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC), Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, Canadian Judicial Council, Constitution Acts 1867 to 1982, CREDO (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), Department of Justice Canada, Electronic Frontier Canada, Federal Court of Canada, Human Rights Directorate, Department of Canadian Heritage, Law Commission of Canada, National Crime Prevention Centre, Office of the Commissioner for Federal, Judicial Affairs, Supreme Court of Canada, Supreme Court of Canada Judgments, and Tax Court of Canada.

Canadian Law Index Canadian Law Index. Categories covered: Art & Entertainment, Commercial Law, Computer & Internet, Corporate Law, Debtor & Creditor, Estate Planning, Trust & Wills, Employment & Labour, Family Law, Immigration & Human Rights, Intellectual Property, Real Estate & Environment, Taxation, Telecommunication, Trade & International Trade, Securities & Financing, Statutes & Law Societies, Law Related Services, Litigation & Procedure, Supreme Court of Canada Cases, Federal Court Cases & Rules, and Canada Gazette.

Canadian Law List 2002 Canadian Law List 2002. Provides many ways to access detailed information — from a comprehensive listing of Canadian lawyers and judges to the types of industries law firms represent. Also includes law firm profiles, world-wide affiliations, personal biographical information and a detailed listing of government departments, plus related services to the legal profession.

 The Canadian Legal Network CANLAW: The Canadian Legal Network – Acts, Statues & Regulations. FEDERAL: Consolidated Statutes of Canada, Canadian Human Rights Act, Consolidated Regulations of Canada, Constitution Acts 1867 to 1982, Bills Before the House and Senate, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Criminal Code of Canada, NAFTA Trade Agreement. PROVINCIAL: Consolidated Regulations & Statutes of British Columbia 1996, Individual Statutes and Regulations of Alberta, Manitoba Acts, Statutes & Regulations of Ontario, Civil Code of Quebec, New Brunswick Acts, Statutes & Regulations of the Northwest Territories, Statutes & Regulations of Nova Scotia, Statutes & Regulations of the Yukon Territories.

CanLII – Canadian Legal Information Institute. Mission Statement: The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) is a not-for-profit organization initiated by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. CanLII’s goal is to make primary sources of Canadian law accessible for free on the Internet. Site provides legal information for Canada, all Provinces and Territories, e.g. accessible under Canada: Constitutional Documents, Statutes and Regulations, Supreme Court of Canada, Federal Court of Appeal, Federal Court of Canada, Tax Court of Canada, Competition Tribunal, Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, and Public Service Staff Relations Board. Accessible under Ontario: Statutes and Regulations, Court of Appeal, Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court, Labour Relations Board, Consent and Capacity Board.

Department of Justice Canada image Department of Justice Canada. Topics include Canada’s Department of Justice Publications, Bursaries and Scholarships, Ministry and Attorney General (Biography and Speeches), News and Events, Programs and Services (Access to Information and Privacy, Child Custody and Access, Child Support, Crime Prevention, Firearms, Victims of Crime, Youth Criminal Justice Act), Public Consultations, Canadian Justice System – Canada’s System of Justice, Canada’s Court Systems, Laws of Canada, Statutes and Regulations: Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Criminal Code, Income Tax Act, and more.

in association with Duhaime.org Duhaime.org. Contents: Law Dictionary, Family Law, Contract Law, Real Estate & Residential Tenancy Law, Elder Law, Wills, Trusts, & Estates, Employment & Labour Law, Tort & Personal Injury Law, Bankruptcy Law, Civil Litigation & Small Claims (BC), School Law (BC), Constitutional Law, Canadian Legal History, Law Museum, Law Jokes, and The Police Station (Comments and advice on Annoying Phone Calls, Child Sexual Abuse, Cocaine, Date Rape, Dog Attack, Elder Abuse, Jogging Safety, Overcoming Anger, Poison! and more).

Canadian authorities e-Laws. New Ontario legislation is posted within 14 days of enactment. Consolidated versions of most of Ontario’s public statutes and regulations. Browse Statutes and Regulations from A-Z, or view Reference Tables for lists and dates. Statutes include Administration of Justice Act, Condominium Act, Consumer Protection Act, Education Act, Highway Traffic Act, Human Rights Code, Income Tax Act, Libel and Slander Act, Line Fences Act, Liquor Control Act, Marriage Act, Midwifery Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Ombudsman Act, Pesticides Act, Smoking in the Workplace Act, Teaching Profession Act, Tenant Protection Act, Victims’ Bill of Rights, and many other Consolidated Law, Statutes & Associated Regulations of Ontario. Links to Other Canadian Legislative Sites.

Federal Court of Canada Decisions Federal Court of Canada Decisions. Free online access to Canadian Federal Court Decisions in both English and French. View Recent Decisions, Search decision reports of court cases by Year: 1996-2001, Search by Style of Cause (by Names of Parties involved in the action), Search by Docket Number, or Search by Keywords.

Finding Legal Help in Ontario Finding Legal Help in Ontario. From Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto. Links include: Public Legal Information from Law Society of Upper Canada, Legal Aid Information, Community Legal Clinics, U of T Law Student Legal Clinics, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Shelters and Crisis Centres, Ontario Human Rights Commission, Ombudsman Ontario, Other Libraries, Books on Legal Topics by Self-Counsel Press.

Canadian Guide to Legal Research Guide to Legal Research from Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto. Introduction to Legal Research and Citation, Overview of the Judicial System, Overview of the Legislative Process, Canadian Legal Resources, Canadian Legislation, British Legal Resources, American Legal Resources, and Legal Resources in Electronic Format.

Guide to Ontario Courts image Guide to Ontario Courts. Contents: Court of Appeal for Ontario, Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Justice, Ontario Judicial Council: Do you have a complaint? Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee, Notices and Rule Change, Court House Contacts (List of Ontario Courts searchable by Region, Location or District, Office, Telephone, and Mailing Addresses), Courtrooms and Classrooms Program include Resources for Teachers of History, Civics and Law, etc. plus Links.

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Supreme Court of Canada Supreme Court of Canada (SCC). Supreme Court Decisions and Rulings available online. Judgments published in the Supreme Court Reports (S.C.R.) from 1985 to present. Search cases by concept or full-text in recent judgments, weekly bulletins, or press releases. Site also provides information on the role of the Supreme Court, Canadian Judicial System, Justices of the Court, SCC Mission and Objectives, Supreme Court Act, Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada, SCC Forms, Fees, FAQ, Library with an Online Catalogue, Statistics, Hearings, SCC Case Informationy, etc.

Top Ten Canadian Legal Top Ten Canadian Legal Tips. Summary of corporate, commercial, computer, franchise, wills and estates, and general laws prepared by Rotfleisch & Samulovitch, Barristers & Solicitors, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Updated weekly.

University of Calgary Law Library's Links University of Calgary Law Library’s Links to Legal Resources on the Internet. Categories: Legislation, Legal Education/Law Schools, Law Libraries, Judicial Decisions, Lawyers, Legal Databases, Governments, Professional Organizations, Law Journals, Agencies, Boards, Commissions, Legal Publishers, Meta Sites, Human Rights Commissions, Law Reform Commissions, Subject Lists, Searching the Web, International Law Listservs, Law for the Layperson.

349.73 Law – United States

50 States Summary of Breastfeeding Laws from National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). Legislation dealing with breastfeeding in public or private locations, workplace, exemption of breastfeeding from public indecency laws, and others.

ABA LawInfo.org. From the American Bar Association. Site is designed to give consumers basic information about U.S. Law by providing useful Web links. Select from these categories to find Internet resources relating to: Your Family, Your Home, Your Job, Your Finances, Buying and Selling, The Courts, Criminal Justice, and Finding a Lawyer.

American Law Sources On-Line – United States.

Find a Lawyer – Legal Resource Directory. Directory of Legal Resources, offers country and state listing of lawyers and attorneys organized by professional categories.

FindLaw. US Laws: Cases & Codes, Federal (includes Constitution of the United States of America, Fifth Amendment – Rights of Persons), States, US Federal Resources, US State Resources, Foreign & International, Legal Subjects, Forms, LawCrawler, Legal Associations, Lawyer Marketing Resources, Newsletters – Case Summaries, and more.

FindLaw’s Legal Commentary. Search Writ: Commentary by topic or keyword, e.g. search for Kobe Bryant would yield some 140 related commentaries, and for California Recall about 1270 legal commentaries. Includes Lawyer Search in the United States by City or Zip Code, by State, or by Area of Law Practice. FindLaw Resources cover links to Legal News, U.S. Federal Law, U.S. State Law, Dictionary, Forms, LawCrawler, Summaries of Law, Tools, and more.

How Courts Work. From the American Bar Association. Topics include: Role and Structure of Courts, Role of Judges, Role of Juries, Grand Juries, Trial Juries, Judicial Independence, Courts and Legal Procedure, Steps in a Trial, Human Side of Being a Judge, and Mediation.

JURIST: The Legal Education Network. Categories: LEARNING & TEACHING LAW (Law schools, Law lectures and speeches, exams), RESEARCHING LAW (Law guides, World law, Articles online, Legal dictionary, Reference desk), COLUMNS & DISCUSSION (Forum, Famous trials), CURRENT ISSUES, and more.

Law Topics. Selected links to U.S. Law from Librarians’ Index to the Internet. See also Government & Law.

Learn with zac.com. Resources for legal assistance, lawyer directory, and other information on law in the United States. Search information on Law for Public, Personal Injury, Business, Attorneys, Family, Dangerous Products. Site includes a Glossary. Numerous Ads by Goooooogle, a few may direct you to other useful links.

Legal Language Services. View pages in English, Spanish, or French. Available at legallanguage.com are Free Quotes and other services, e.g. some free legal forms, certified translation, interpreting, tape transcription and international service of process.

lexisONE. Register uand use Free U.S. Case Law, Free forms, and Legal Internet Guide. Covers U.S. State and Federal Case Law dating back to 1996, includes complete Supreme Court Cases. Some 1100 online Legal Forms available for download. Links to over 16,000 law-related Web sites, organized into 24 categories.

Nolo: Law for All. Self-help legal information (mainly U.S.) with links to related sites. Articles on almost any legal topic written in plain English by lawyers. Topics: Wills and Estate Planning, Employment Law, Internet Law, Trademarks & Copyrights, Landlords & Tenants, Neighbors & Pets, Marriage, Divorce & Child Custody, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy FAQ, Immigration & Green Cards, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Cars & Tickets, etc. Legal encyclopedia, law dictionary, FAQ, legal forms, calculators (Calculators for: IRA, Retirement savings, Interest rate, Simple loan, Rent vs. Buy, College savings, Credit card repayment, Car affordability, and others).

OYEZ: U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia – On This Day – A listing of all U.S. Supreme Court events on this particular day. U.S. Supreme Court Justices – A listing of all Supreme Court justices. Oyez Directory – Oyez cases sorted by subject. Includes links to Docket Reports from Appellate.Net, and Yahoo! Directory – U.S. Supreme Court.
Origin and meaning of the word “Oyez”:

  • From Oyez.org – The OYEZ Project takes its name from the phrase by which the Marshal of the Court calls the courtroom to order. OYEZ is pronounced “o-yay” or “o-yez” or “o-yes.” It is used three times in succession to introduce the opening of a court of law. The origin of the word “oyez” is Middle English, from Anglo-Norman, hear ye, the plural imperative of oyer, to hear, which derives from the Latin verb, audire, to hear.
  • From Gail Skroback Hennessey – Used to call the Supreme Court to order, the word OYEZ meaning “Hear Ye”, originates from the Latin word audire which means “to hear”.
  • From Allwords.com – From The AND Dictionary: Definitions: oyez, oyes, exclamation. 1. historical – A cry for silence and attention, usually shouted three times by an official before a public announcement or in a court of law. Etymology: 15th century: from French oyez or oiez, meaning ‘Hear!’; or ‘Hear ye!’, imperative of oir to hear.
  • From TV Acres – Oyez: derived from the French verb “ouir,” meaning “to listen” as in “to command silence” or to “listen up and pay attention”. “Oyez” is usually said three times in court as the Usher tries to take control of the court.

United States Code. A Listing of all Titles. Find US Code Materials by Title and Section. Any new version issued by the U.S. House of Representatives will in turn be mounted at this site within 24 hours.

349.94 Law – Australia (See also 340 Law)

Australian Law Online. Site aims to make Australian law freely accessible. Topics include: Australia’s Legal System, Attorney-General’s Department and Portfolio, and Search Australian Laws.

Christopher Clark – Links to Research Sites. Links to numerous Legal Research Sites in Australia, e.g. High Court of Australia, Australian Copyright Council, Australian Federal Constitution, Commerce and Law Internet Bookmarks, and many more.

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