372-399 Social Sciences

A Virtual Library of Useful URLs – Arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification 372-399 Social Sciences

Governments: (See countries, e.g.:

See also

380.1 Markets, and 381 Telemarketing (See

– See also

300 SOCIAL SCIENCES (Dewey Decimal Classification 372 – 399)

372 Elementary schools

AIMS Educational Foundation. Following the principle inherent in the Chinese proverb: “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand,” this site offers free samples of fun and meaningful learning activities for K-9.

Theme Pages for Elementary Students and Teachers by Jim Cornish, Gander, Newfoundland, Canada. Excellent selection of Web links by themes. Very useful for high school students and teachers as well.

Government of Canada Web sites for Kids:

The Canadian Museum of Nature Online – Discover!
LearningPage.com. Free worksheets, lesson plans, activities and more. All resources downloadable and printable. For preschool, kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2 students.

The Librarian’s Guide to Cyberspace for Parents & Kids. Recommended sites for preschool-elementary age children and their parents.

Link to Learning: Linking you to web sites supporting the Ontario curriculum (K-8).

Reaching Higher: Supporting student achievement in literacy. An Ontario education initiative designed for teachers teaching students in Grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 who are achieving at a Level One or below.

Tracing Paper for Writing Practice. Site will print out a tracing paper for young students to trace to learn how to print the alphabet.

Web Guides for Kids – and what they offer. Links to 100 Top Kid Sites, 4Kids Treehouse, Ben’s Guide – U.S. Government Web Sites for Kids, Educational Hotlists, ExtremeKids.com, K.E.W.L. – Kids Excellent Web Links, KidsClick, and others.

Welcome Back to School! Freebies helpful to elementary school teachers.

372.1 Babysitting

Babysitter Checklist, Prospective Babysitter Checklist, and Questions to Ask a Prospective Babysitter from My ParenTime. Please read Copyright Notice.

Babysitting Rules from The Youth Online Club.

Children Home Alone and Babysitter Age Guidelines from National Child Care Information Center.

373 High schools

Find-A-Site for Students: Senior High [email protected]. Search 2Learn’s Find-a-Site database of curricular resource links, all checked by teaychers.

High School Ace. Guide to free high-quality online learning resources for teens – Homework Help, Subject Guides, Reference Tools, College Prep Resources. Contents include:

  • Daily News Quiz, SAT Test Prep, Today in History, Today’s News, Top News Stories, Weather Forecast, Word of the Day.
  • Quiz Hub – Fun Online Interactive Learning Center includes Puzzles, Games & Quizzes.
  • Featured Sites: Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Homework Center, Interesting Facts, Search: Google, Street Maps.
  • English Guide – Vocabulary Words, Grammar & Writing, Research, Poetry, Literature, Famous Authors, Literature Guides.
  • Math Guide.
  • Science Guide.
  • World History Guide.
  • U.S. History & Government.
  • Art & Music Links.
  • Foreign Languages – French, German, Spanish, Italian.
  • Health & Fitness Links.
  • Guidance – Colleges & Careers.

High School – California Department of Education. Resources.

Ontario Ministry of Education Secondary Curriculum. Curriculum guidelines for Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.

School & Education for parents of teens.

Youthpath.ca. A Canadian site created just for youths.

374 Discussion groups

Google Groups. Post and read comments in Usenet discussion forums. Complete 20-year Usenet Archive with over 700 million messages. Over 40,000 online discussion forums.

377.2 Character, Moral education, (Character education)

10 Good Reasons for Character Education, 11 Principles of Effective Character Education, 12-Point Approach, Character Traits: one for each school month, September to June – Responsibility, Respect/Courtesy, Self-Esteem/Pride, Caring/Compassion, Diligence/Perseverance, Tolerance/Patience, Honesty/Fairness, Cooperation/Good Sportsmanship, Loyalty/Citizenship, and Courage, plus 100 Ways to promote character education in a school.

Character Education Lesson Plans for K-12. Subject categories: Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Art, Guidance, Communication Skills, and Computer Skills.

Character Education Manifesto from Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character (CAEC), Boston University, MA. See also FAQ on What is character education? and other questions.

Character Education Partnership. Contents: Character Education Quality Standards, Defining and Understanding Character Education, Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education, and Character Education Links.

378 Colleges and universities

California Colleges Search – community colleges & schools. Search engine for California colleges, community colleges, schools and universities.

Campusaccess.com. A one-stop shop designed to meet informational needs of High School, College, University, and Graduate School students.

Canadian Universities. Links to Universities, Associations and university related sites in Canada. Includes Maclean’s magazine rankings, maps of Canadian campuses, universities in the United States and world universities.

College and University Home Pages – Alphabetical Listing and
Geographical Listing. Entries of over 3000 colleges and universities around the world, from Argentina to Zambia. (Last update 1996).

College Search from MSN.

Get Recruited by Colleges and Universities. Aim of Get-Recruited program is to bring students together with U.S. colleges, universities, graduate and professional schools and help identify available scholarships and financial aid.

Graduate Guide. Search for a University in U.S. or Canada by subject major, and by State or Province.

HyperStudy.com. Study Abroad Enquiry Service for International Students. Contact 500 of the world’s leading study abroad colleges, universities and student service companies in United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia or New Zealand.

IPEDS College Opportunities On-Line. Links to over 9000 colleges and universities in the United States, from Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.

Ivy League Universities. Links to Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Yale University, plus links to other universities around the world, A-Z.

The Maple League Review. Canada’s first freely accessible student-owned peer-to-peer community – a Canadian parallel to the Ivy League. Coming in September 2004.

The Princeton Review. College and University search in U.S. and Canada. Learn about SAT, PSAT, SATII, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, USMLE, TOEFL. State Tests and others. Online Applications to over 700 schools, Search for scholarhips, and more.

Wiredscholar: The Planning for College Destination.

World’s Leading Schools. Search for a local school, college, or university by State.

Yahoo! College Search. Search Universities and Colleges in the United States or by Regions, i.e. alphabetically by countries worldwide.

378.13 Alumni and alumnae – Directories

Classmates.com: School Directory, High School Military College Reunions, Find Old Friends, Search for People, Class Reunion. Over 60 million members from over 200,000 high schools and military installations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Classmates International subsidiary also operates sites in Sweden and Germany. See also Overseas American / Canadian Schools, College Directory, Work & Careers Directory, and Military Directory.

GradFinder.com. Largest Free Grad Finder with 3,112,702 Member Listings and 269,001 Member Photos, and growing. GradFinder reconnects you with your school and college friends in United States, Canada and Other Countries.

Graduates.com. Reunites classmates around the world. Lists over 200,000 schools, colleges and universities from over 200 countries.

High School Reunions ONLINE – The unique classmates reunions directory. Site provides opportunity to keep in touch with high school friends and classmates long after graduation and reunions.

How to Find Old Friends from High School from eHow.com. Locating friends from days gone by can call your most acute detective skills into action. Site offers Steps and Tips.

378.3 Scholarships, Student aid, Student loan funds, (Bursaries), (Fellowships), (Scholarship funds), (Student financial assistance), (Grants)

Colleges, College Scholarships, and Financial Aid page. An online directory of U.S. college and university admissions office email addresses, telephone numbers, college scholarship and financial aid office email addresses, links to the home pages and online applications of over 1000 colleges and universities, SAT and ACT test preparation tips, and more.

GovLoans.gov: Education Loans – gateway to United States Federal loan information. Contents include: Education Consolidation Loans, Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), Perkins Student Loans, and Stafford Loans for Students.

Guaranteed Scholarships. U.S. Universities and Colleges that offer awards, grants, and scholarhips are listed in alphabetical order.

The SmartStudentTM Guide to Financial Aid. Loans, Scholarships, Saving for College, Military Aid, Other Types of Aid, Financial Aid Applications, FAQ, Calculators, Student’s Financial Aid Checklist, plus Info for Parents and Educators.

Studentawards.com A free scholarship search service devoted to helping high school seniors, university and college students find information on scholarships, bursaries, grants and other forms of financial assistance in United States and Canada. Registration required to use online service.

379.158 School standards and accreditation, (Educational standards), (Academic standards)

AASL – American Association of School Librarians. Information Power: The Nine Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning.

The Teachers’ Internet Use Guide. Texas State Standards.

Teaching to Academic Standards.

Teaching to the Standards (Life’s Standards).

380.106 Chambers of commerce, (Boards of trade)

Chamber of Commerce.com Your Gateway to a World of Chamber Resources. Find address, phone and FAX numbers, email address, Web site address of city, state, and U.S. Chambers of Commerce.

381.13 Franchises (Retail trade)

Best Franchise Opportunities. Franchising and Small Business Information.

Canadian Franchise Directory. Search a franchise in Canada by category, by alphabet, or by investment.

Franchise Opportunities. Canadian Franchise Directory of companies licensed in Canada.

Food Franchise. Comprehensive directory of food franchises including coffee franchise, pizza franchise, fast food franchises, ice cream franchise, donut franchise, and bakery franchise.

Franchise.com. Buy a Franchise, Resources, Tools (Store Locator™, Multimedia Library, Net Worth Calculator, Language Translator, Currency Converter). Includes Franchise Glossary.

FranchiseHandbook.com – The complete franchise resource.

Franchise Opportunities. Web’s largest directory of franchise opportunities.

Franchise Update: The Ultimate Resource for Franchise Opportunities.

Franchise Zone. Browse Franchise Directory.

FranchisesForWomen offers a comprehensive directory of franchise offerings and business opportunities as well as provides links to other websites and institutions that encourage independence and women growing their own businesses.

RestaurantFranchise. Offers many different food franchises: pizza franchises, donut franchises, coffee franchises, sub franchises, and more.

USA Franchise Directory. Search franchise listings in the United States by category, by alphabetical index, or by investment index. Learn about U.S. Franchise Regulation and A Consumer Guide to Buying a Franchise.

Virtual Franchise Expo. Browse virtual exhibits of franchise opportunities available in Canada.

382 International economic relations, International trade, (International organization), (International cooperation), (World economics), (Economic planning), (Social policy), (Globalization)

Globalization. Series of World Bank Briefing Papers aims to find answers to: What is Globalization? Does More International Trade Openness Increase World Poverty?

The International Forum on Globalization (IFG) . An alliance of 60 activists, scholars, economists, researchers and writers, representing over 60 organizations in 25 countries. They share a concern of the possible effect of restructuring of global politics and economics on democracy, human welfare, local economies and the natural world.

International Monetary Fund. The IMF is an international organization of 182 member countries, established to promote international monetary cooperation, foster economic growth and high levels of employment, and provide temporary financial assistance to countries to help ease balance of payments adjustment.

OECD online. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. 29 member countries cooperate to provide a setting to discuss, develop, and perfect economic and social policy.

The World Bank Group. The dream of this group is a world free of poverty. Founded in 1944, the World Bank Group is the world’s largest source of development assistance.

383 Postal service, Postal code, Zip code, Postage stamps, (Mail service), (Post office), Postcards

BrainyZip. Lookup all zip codes to find information including: State, County, Post Office Name, Latitude, and Longitude. For most populated zip codes, demographic, social, economic, and housing data are provided. Click on the first two numbers or state of the zip code you are trying to find. Browse by Zip Codes, Browse Zip Codes by State.

Canada Post. Find a Postal Code (Postal Code Look-up), Postal Outlet Locator (find a post office near you), Track parcel, Change Your Address Online, Check Postal Rates & Prices, Collecting Stamps, FAQ, and more.

Lookup Zip Code. Find Zip by Zip Code, City, County, or Area Code in the United States. See also Search Systems – Directory: U.S. Nationwide / Postal / Zip.

Postal Code Lookup. Quick Search for Canadian postal codes. See also Search Systems Directory: Canada Nationwide / Postal.

Zip Code Lookup, Post Office Locator, Buy Stamps Online, Calculate Postage with a mouse click, Change of Address, Track/Confirm, USPS – A Customer’s Guide to Mailing.

Yahoo! Postal Information. Includes: Australian Post Code Search, German Zip Codes, New Zealand Post Code Search, and United Kingdom Postcode Searches where you can find full UK postal addresses from just fragments.

384 Electronic mail systems (E-mail or email addresses), Telephone (Telephone directories), Video telephone, Chat dictionaries, Data transmission systems, Telecommunication, (Wireless)

AnyWho. Mainly US white and yellow pages. Cool Tools include: Reverse Lookup (find out who called by entering a phone number), E-Mail Lookup in U.S. only, Maps & Directions, Free Web Pages, as well as Access AT&T. See also Reverse Phone Directory below.

AreaCodeDownload.com. Free Area Code Search for United States (including Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands) and Canada. Results for area code lookup will provide additional information for the area, e.g. Country, State or Province, City, County Name, Latitude, Longitude, LATA (Local Access & Transport Area), Timezone, Day Light Saving, County Population, Zip Code or Postal Code, Telephone Company, and more.

AT&T International Country Dialing Codes – International Phone Calling Code. Every international phone calling location has an international country code and a city code. Chart lists: Country, Country Code, City Code.

Bigfoot E-mail directory with over 25,000,000 names. White page listings in US updated monthly.

Canada411. Phone Directory. Phone number lookup as well as postal code lookup. Find a person or a business in Canada. Find over 12,000,000 listed telephone numbers, names and addresses of individuals and companies, listings include postal codes. See Canada Toll-Free Online Directory to search Canadian TollFree phone numbers.

Infobel World Telephone Directories. Internet’s original and most complete index of online phone books, with over 400 links to Yellow Pages, White Pages, Business Directories, Email Addresses and Fax Listings from over 170 countries all around the world.

InfoSpace.com. Lists over 200,000,000 telephone numbers and addresses worldwide. Allows update/removal of your own listing. Includes United States – Reverse Lookup for Phone Number Lookup, Address Lookup, Email Lookup, Area Code Lookup, ZIP Code Lookup, and International Dialing Code Lookup, plus Canada – Reverse Lookup, and Yellow Pages Quick Search to locate a business in Canada.

Internet Address Finder. Over 6,720,000 e-mail listings, and growing.

NumDum. The world’s most effective number translator. A phone number converter that translates a series of numbers into their equivalent on the telephone keypad. Translates phone numbers to Area Codes, Zip Codes, and possible English words. Example: Translation of 205-123-8844 includes: 205 = Area Code for Central Alabama, 1238 = Zip Code for Lee, MA, Berkshire, 88=tv, 44=hi.

PhoneSpell. Enter 6-10 digit phone number and it will show what words and phrases your phone number spells. Type in letters and it will show you the phone number.

Reverse Phone Directory. For U.S. only. Find a person’s name and street address from a telephone number by searching multiple Reverse Phone Directories.

Skype. Free Internet telephony that just works.

Smooth Operators: Which Internet phone service is best?. Information on VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) service, written by Sam Schechner. Evaluation and rating of BroadVoice, Skype, Verizon VoiceWing, Packet8, Vonage, GalaxyVoice, and AT&T CallVantage.

The Telephone Prefix Location Directory. An excellent Area Code Lookup tool. All area codes are listed for United States, Canada, and Carribbean Countries.

Ultimate Chat List. Site lists all the acronyms and smilies along with their meanings to help you chat online.

WhoWhere? Lycos U.S. Phone Directories. White Pages / People Search on WhoWhere? Yellow Pages /Business Search.

WiFi411: The Premier Online WiFi Location Directory features thousands of WiFi HotSpots WorldWide. Locate WiFi service across the street and around the world. WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity, which is the popular name for 802.11 based technologies. WiFi allows you to have a connection to a network, usually the Internet, without any wires. It operates on radio frequencies similar to a cordless phone.

The World Email Directory (WED). Provides access to over 18,000,000 e-mail addresses and over 140,000,000 business and phone addresses worldwide.

Yahoo! People Search. Telephone and e-mail search.

384.1 Cipher and telegraph codes, Telegraph, Submarine cables, (Morse code), (Cable codes), (Ocean cables)

International Morse Code. Morse Code Translator – Java Morse Code Translator. Text to Morse (Just type letters, numbers and punctuation into the top box and press the “Translate” button. To hear the Morse code, press “Play” button). Morse to Text (Type Morse code into the top box using “.” for a dot and “-” or “_” for a dash. Letters are separated by spaces and words by “/” or “|”. When you hit the “Translate” or “Play” button the program will tidy up your input and translate it into plain text). See also CGI Morse Code Translator.

Morse Code Alphabet. International morse code characters.

Western Union Telegraph Company Records, 1820-1995 by Robert S. Harding and Alison Oswald, from Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. Contents include: Historical and Background Information, 1851-1994; Western Union Museum, 1913-1971; Maps, 1820-1964; Telegrams, 1852-1960s; Photographs, ca. 1870-1980; Scrapbooks, 1835-1956; Audio Visual Materials, 1925-1994; and more.

384.54 Radio stations, Radio broadcasting, Radio programs, Amateur radio stations, (Ham radio stations), (High-frequency radio), (Citizens band radio), (MP3 radio)

American Radio History: The First Hundred Years by Alex Cosper, Sacramento Radio Biographer and Historian. The story of wireless communication in cities across the United States in alphabetical order from Atlanta to Washington, DC.

Canadian Radio Stations on the Web. Radio stations across Canada arranged by Provinces. Within each Province, stations are arranged alphabetically by names of cities or towns.

CBC Radio. Largest radio station in Canada. Newsroom in Toronto operates 24 hours a day and produces about 40 live newscasts daily, accessible from all regions and time zones in Canada and the U.S.

CFRB·AM·1010 Toronto. Listen Live to News Talk Radio. Traffic, Weather, Sports, Business, Show Information, Comedy, Promotions, Links, Archives, Canadian and World News.

CNN.com. CNN on TV, CNN NewsStand, CNN Radio, CNN International, Headline News, News Brief, News of the World, Multimedia Showcase, Free E-mail and more.

Internet Radio Directory. From RadioTower. Online radio stations, streaming live audio from around the world with over 1300 Webcasts. Free download of RealPlayer and/or Windows Media Player as required.

live-radio.net. Links to thousands of radio stations worldwide: Europe, World, USA, and Canada. Free download of media player software.

Profile America RadioZone. Read and Listen to 60-second Feature Stories. Information collected by U.S. Census Bureau.

Radio Locator. A comprehensive radio station search engine with links to over 10,000 radio station Web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in the United States, Canada, and Around the World.

RadioSpace Programming Resources. Links to mainly U.S. General/Comprehensive Resource Sites.

WiFi411: The Premier Online WiFi Location Directory for over 8,900 WiFi HotSpots WorldWide.

Winamp Radio – Free MP3 Radio. Listen to Winamp Radio for free.

384.55 Television, (TV), (T.V.), Television broadcasting, Television stations, (TV stations), Public television, Television and youth, Television and children, (Educational television)

CBC Archives: Relive Canadian History through Radio and Television.

PBS Online. A non-profit public broadcasting system owned and operated by 348 public TV stations in the U.S. Provides quality programs and education services that inform, inspire and delight nearly 100 million people each week with over 85,000 Web pages.

wwiTV: World Wide Internet TV. Your broadband Portal to watch live TV broadcasts and on demand TV broadcasts on the Internet. wwiTV.com is an index to streaming media available on the web. Travel to 3000 live feeds and on demand video & audio streams from over 100 countries covering news, music, sports, and more. Available in English, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

387.155 Lighthouses

Legendary Lighthouses. Site explores the history, legends, lore and workings of lighthouses along American shorelines.

387.7 Airlines

Airline History Links from TheFreeDictionary.com.

Airline Toll-Free Numbers and Websites. Note: Not all airlines have Web sites, some have Web sites but no toll-free telephone numbers. Page includes useful tidbits from the author’s travels, e.g. Flight Tracking, Round-the-World Travel – around the world trip planner and travel guide, Airline Meals, and Airline Seats to find the best airline seats for you.

388.4 City traffic, Traffic engineering, Local transit, (Street traffic), (Urban traffic), (Highway transportation)

National Traffic and Road Closure Information. Click on a State for Traffic and Closure Information. Site provides links to 511: America’s Traveler Information Telephone Number, Rand McNally Road Construction Maps & Projects, Weather/Road Conditions Related Sites, Traffic Conditions Information, e.g. AccuTraffic – Weather Forecasts and Traffic Conditions for United States, State Transportation Web Sites, and more.

New York City Department of Transportation (DOT). Check traffic on the borough of your choice (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island). See Real Time Traffic Cameras.

Ontario Ministry of Transportation: Central Region Traffic Reports. Real-time information on traffic for provincially maintained highways in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Niagara Peninsula regions, including: Niagara, Hamilton, Halton/Peel (Oakville, Mississauga), Toronto, York and Durham. Live traffic camera.

Traffic Webcams – 50-State Traffic Webcams Directory, and Worldwide Webcams.

UK Public Transport Information (UKPTI). Covers all travel by rail, air, coach, bus, ferry, metro and tram within the UK (including the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland), and between the UK and Ireland, plus rail, ferry and coach services from the UK to mainland Europe. Info updated approximately every other day. Includes interactive maps.

391 Costume, Fashion, Clothing and dress

Bissonnette on Costume: A Visual Dictionary of Fashion from Kent State University Museum. Enter the World of Fashion and witness the changes in silhouettes, accessories, lingerie and hairstyles from the 18th to the 20th century.

The Costume Gallery: 20th Century Fashion. A gorgeous site with plenty of photographs and color illustrations. Contents: Women’s fashions by the decades from 1900 to 1990, Designers, Film / Movies, Hairstyles, Celebrities & Royalty, as well as Men’s and Children’s fashions. See below for the main site: The Costume Gallery’s Research Library.

The Costume Gallery’s Research Library: A Central Location to Study Costume and Fashion. This site is undoubtedly one of the world’s best free resources. Links to numerous images and articles. Click on a book from the following shelves. Shelf #1: Fashion Articles to Research (from 1580 to 1908, plus the Handbook of German Dress), Shelf #2: Portfolio of Costumes (Titanic, 1950’s Fashions, Elizabethan Designs, Fantasy Designs, Victorian and Edwardian Photos, and more), Shelf #3: Research by Time & Topic (Virginian Family Fashions 1850-1920, Medieval Costume 100-1499 A.D., 1500’s Elizabethan Costume, Costumes and Fashion of the 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s, Links to Multi-Period Costume Sites, Cultural Costume Sites, Costume & Fashion Designers Research Center, Film or Movie Costumes, and others.

Costume History at The Costumer’s Manifesto. A fantastic site with numerous Web links to Western Costume History by Period including: Pre-Historic & Babylonian, Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greece, Ancient Roman, Byzantine, Barbarian Europe, Medieval Europe, Italian Renaissance, 16th Century/Northern European Renaissance, 17th Century, 18th Century, Victorian Era, Edwardian Era, 1911-1920, 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, Timeline of Costume History Images, History of Fashion & Dress [online course], Plates from Le Costume Historique by Racinet 1878, and more.

Emily E. Reynolds Costume Collection – 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s Womens Fashions from North Dakota State University. History’s Closet: Everything from Apron to Zipper and other exhibitions: Woven Into Words: Signs and Symbols in Dress.

The History of Costume by Braun and Schneider. c.1861-1880. 500 elaborate costume designs. Color plates of historical dress from antiquity to end of 19th century.

391.413 Shoes, (Footwear), (Boots)

The Bata Shoe Museum – Collections of shoes with excellent color photographs and interesting historical facts.

392.5 Weddings, Marriage customs and rites, (Bridal customs), (Honeymoon)

See also (Bridal showers).

100 Top Wedding Sites. Including online wedding magazines, tools, advice, wedding planner, wedding dresses, wedding jokes and anecdotes, etc.

Chinese Wedding Traditions. From Chinese Historical and Cultural Project Virtual Museum / Virtual Library. Contents: Introduction, Over 2,400 Year History, The Proposal, The Betrothal, Wedding Preparations, Day of the Wedding, Post-Wedding Ritual, and Contemporary Wedding Customs.

hitched.co.uk. Site covers every aspect of getting married from engagement through to honeymoon.

The Marriage Ceremony. Victorian Wedding Etiquette from chapter on “Courtship and Marriage” in Manners Culture and Dress of the Best American Society by Richard A. Wells, 1893.

UltimateWedding.com. The ultimate Internet wedding guide. All topics covered: Wedding flowers, invitations, bridal party responsibilities, headpieces, wedding gowns, wedding etiquette, songs and music, vows and ceremonies, bridal showers, gifts, photography, traditions and customs (in Canada and United States), jokes, honeymoons, marriage licenses, and more.

WeddingChannel.com. Wedding planning for bride, groom, wedding party, and guests. Over 20,000 images of gowns, tuxedos, accessories, flowers, etc. Free online tools include: Planning calendar, Guest list manager, Budget planner, Create your own Wedding Website, Online photo center, plus tips and advice on Wedding invitations, Etiquette, Gift ideas, Shower ideas, Honeymoon, Travel, and information on money matters.

Wedding Customs from net-weddings.co.uk. Wedding dress, Veil, First purchase, Confetti, Bridesmaids, Honeymoon, Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, Wedding cake, Carrying the bride over the threshold.

Wedding Customs around the Muslim World. Including Philippine Muslim (Tausug) Marriages, Bedouin Weddings, Moroccan Weddings, A Traditional Yemeni Wedding, Marriage in Somali Culture, Weddings in Turkey, and more.

Wedding Etiquette from Emily Post.

393 Cemeteries, (Burying grounds), (Churchyards), (Graves), (Graveyards)

Cemetery Junction. Links to Online Directories: United States Cemeteries, Family Cemeteries, Australian Cemeteries, U.S. Obituary Sources, and U.S. Obituary Citations.

Find a Grave. Site enables you to find graves of thousands of famous people worldwide. Searchable by Name, Location, Claim to Fame, and Date. Includes Search 7.2 million grave records in the United States (Non-Famous Grave Search), Cemetery Search by Name of Cemetery and State, Surname Index and more.

394.2 Birthdays

Author’s Calendar. Pick an author’s birthday by month, or alphabetically by name. Site provides author biographies and selected works.

Birthday Traditions from Around the World. How Birthday Parties Started, Birthday Traditions in Different Countries, Find Out What Famous People Share Your Birthdate. Commercial site.

Famous Birthdays. Long list of birthdays of famous people around the world in all fields.

Female Celebrities Birthdays, Ages and Heights. Some 458 female celebrities listed by first and last names, height in ft and cm, date of birth, and age.

Literary Births. Select a month to view by birthdays biographies of famous literary figures.

394.26 Holidays, Festivals, (Christian holidays), (Religious holidays), (Chinese New Year), (Valentine’s Day), (Easter), (Halloween), (Veterans’ Day), (Thanksgiving Day)

Blackwell’s Best Holidays and Seasons. Detailed listing of websites for special days each month: Back to School, Labor Day, Grandparents’ Day, Fall, Johnny Appleseed, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, January & Winter, Groundhog’s Day, Presidents Day, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Dental Health Month, Black History Month, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, April Fool’s Day, Earth Day, Spring, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, End of the School Year, Flag Day, Father’s Day, Summer, Fourth of July …

Celebrate! Holidays in the U.S.A. An introductory survey of the historical and social background of American holidays. National Celebrations: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day, George Washington’s Birthday, Arbor Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Religious Celebrations: Easter. Fun Days: St. Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day, Halloween. Ethnic and Regional Celebrations: Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, Native American Pow-Wows. Other American Celebrations briefly mentioned include: Kwanzaa, Mormon Miracle Pageant, Paul Bunyan Days, Rattlesnake Roundup, and more.

Encyclopedia of Days includes descriptions of holidays from all over the world. Holidays are grouped by country, religion, or topic. Good coverage on holidays and festivals of major religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.

Equinox and Solstice.com. Festivals that mark the change of season—winter, spring, summer and fall—have been transposed to our modern world. This site explores their meanings and how the old ways of honoring these times have been assimilated into our rituals of passage today.

Ethnic and Religious Holidays from University of Kansas Medical Center. Holidays are arranged by month of the current year, some with hyperlinks to additional information. Site also includes National Holidays, United States, and Other Dates such as Groundhog Day, Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, Mardi Gras, etc.

Facts for Features from U.S. Census Bureau. A collection of statistics relating to a particular holiday or special observance in the United States. Special days include: Thanksgiving Day, Veterans Day, American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month, Halloween, Hispanic Heritage Month, Grandparents Day, Labor Day, Back to School, Anniversary of Americans With Disabilities Act, The Fourth of July, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Older Americans Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Census Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Women’s History Month, St. Valentine’s Day, and African American History Month.

Food Network: Holidays. Recipes, food preparation and cooking videos, Safety Tips, Kids Corner activities, Entertaining, for special days and holidays: 4th of July, April Fools Day, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, Easter, Father’s Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Mardi Gras Madness, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, New Year’s, Oktoberfest, Passover, Season’s Eatings, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day.

Harvest Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. Laterns in the Festival.

Holiday Lesson Plans and Resources. Multiple Holiday Resources/Lessons.

Holidays & Celebrations from Around the World.

Holidays on the Net. A collection of “multimedia holiday celebrations. … each holiday celebration also offers a wealth of information about the holiday, including its history and holiday-related activities.”

Kwanzaa. History of Kwanzaa: The Seven Principles and The Seven Symbols from History Channel. Excerpted from the book: The Complete Kwanzaa: Celebrating Our Cultural Harvest.

Kwanzaa: African American Celebration of Family, Community and Culture – Official Kwanzaa Web Site. Roots and Branches, Seven Principles, Symbols, Greetings, Gifts, Colors & Decorations, Celebration, Meditation, FAQ.

Major Holidays. Holidays: Religious and Secular, Christian and Secular Holidays, Orthodox Holidays, Jewish Holidays, Islamic Holidays, Hindu Festival Dates, Sikh Festival Dates, Jain Festival Dates, Chinese New Year plus National Holidays Around the World.

Mother’s Day Special from About.com: Women’s History.

New Year’s Resolution Week. Facts & Figures, History of New Year’s Resolutions, Ancient New Years, Global Good Luck Traditions, Chinese New Year, Top 10 Most Common New Year Resolutions, Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns, 1741.

Public holidays and other important dates. Table of Canadian National Holidays 2004-2007: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Rememberance Day, Christmas, Boxing Day. Includes: Additional holidays at the provincial/territorial level, National Flag of Canada Day February 15, List of important anniversaries 2000 – 2010, Government of Canada Events, and more.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year from China the Beautiful. See also:

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards. Ecards from 123Greetings.com.

History of Valentine’s Day from The History Channel.

Valentine’s Day: February 14 – Statistics. Facts for Features from U.S. Census Bureau.


The Easter Season: Resurrection of the Lord by Dennis Bratcher, Christian Resource Institute. Origin and Significance of Easter Observance, Colors of Easter (Sanctuary colors for Easter Sunday and Ascension Day are white and gold), Easter Vigil, Symbols of Easter, Dates of Easter, 2001-2020.

Learn Pysanky – How to Make Ukranian Easter Eggs (pysanky). Over 30 free designs, Complete step-by-step instructions, Popular symbols used on pysanky & their meanings, Ethnic recipes & pysanky legends, and more.

Should Christians Celebrate Easter? Article from Wonderful World Tomorrow, Church of God.


A Bewitching Halloween – Vegetarian Halloween Menu from Vegetarians in Paradise. Includes Halloween recipes. See also a second menu: A Vegan Halloween Party for a dozen frolicking ghouls.

Halloween: The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows by Jack Santino, from American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.

Halloween & Days of the Dead 2004 from Regional Alliance for Information Networking (RAIN) – Public Internet Broadcasting.

Halloween Online. Internet’s largest Halloween resource, includes A Cauldron Full of Halloween Website Links!

Halloween Safety Rules. Includes a game for children.

Halloween Traditions. Find out where Halloween came from? Why we carve pumpkins?

Halloween Safety: Safety Alert. A few safety tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission can protect children who plan to go trick-or-treating this Halloween.

HalloweenKids.com. Coloring, Games, Ghostcards, Celebrations around the world, Safety tips, Pumpkin decorating, Costume ideas, and Party tips.

History and Customs of Halloween. Includes Trick-or-Treat Ideas, Halloween Word Search, Halloween Poem. See also TheHolidaySpot.com for Halloween recipes, greetings cards, costume ideas, party ideas, craft ideas, history of Halloween, about Jack o’ Lanterns, Halloween pumpkins, and other Halloween goodies.

Pumpkin Carving 101. Pumpkin carving and pumpkin carving patterns for Halloween. Includes: Pumpkin carving history, Choosing your pumpkins, Pumpkin carving tools, Traditional carving, Carving with stencils, Lighting your pumpkins, Life-span of a pumpkin, Photographing carved pumpkins for Halloween posterity, Pumpkin burial tradition, Your own pumpkin patch, and Holloween links.

Veterans’ Day

Veterans’ Day and Armistice Day November 11 by Sarah Lane. See also:


America’s First Thanksgiving. See also:

394.268 Christmas, Christmas customs, Christmas cards, Christmas decorations, (Santa Claus), (St. Nicholas), (St. Nick), (Xmas)


Christmas from Better Home & Gardens. Topics include: Christmas Cards (easy-to-make), Christmas Carols (print out lyrics), Christmas Gifts (to make), Christmas Trees, Dining in Style (decorate table), Easy Candles, Christmas Garlands, Gift Wrap Ideas, Health & Holiday Tips, How-To Food Videos, Kids’ Crafts, Mantels & More (decorate fireplace), Christmas Menus, Christmas Ornaments, Outdoor Christmas Decorating, Christmas Party Food, Quick & Easy Christmas Crafts, Christmas Recipes, Christmas Stockings (artistic, handmade stockings), Christmas Tabletop Ideas, Tabletop Christmas Trees, Holiday Travel Tips. (Lots of pop-up ads).

Christmas. History of Christmas from History Channel. Contents include: The Real Story of Christmas, World Traditions, Evolution of Santa – Legend of St. Nicholas, Christmas Trees – How it all got started.

Christianity –
The First Two Thousand Years

2 DVDs / 6 Hrs 40 Min

Christmas at TheHolidaySpot. Contents: Christmas Symbols and History, Stories, Jokes, Party Ideas, Free Christmas Fonts to Download, Christmas Recipes, Coloring Book, Craft Ideas, Christmas Wallpapers and Screensavers, Christmas Fun: Games, Quiz, Christmas Greetings Cards, Christmas Music and Midi Files, Christmas Message Board.

Christmas Cards from 123Greetings.com. Christmas Cards from freewebcards.com. Free Christmas Cards Online.

Christmas Traditions. Christmas Food, Traditions: Origins of Christmas carols, Christmas cards, mistletoe and more, Cultural Icons: Why does Santa Claus wear a red suit? See also Christmas Traditions: Christmas Celebrations in the West Today.

Christmas Trees & More from University of Illinois Extension. Contents: Christmas Tree Facts, Tree Farms, Christmas Traditions, Tree Types, Selection & Care, Tree Events (tree lighting festivals), Flowers & Greenery, Recipes (Decorated Tree Cookies, Holiday Tree-Shaped Cheese Ball), Education, Christmas Tree Fun, Tree Links, and Did You Know?

Joy to the World: Christmas ’round the World (Wide Web) from Eclectic Esoterica. Links to various Christmas sites on the Internet: Santa Links, Christmas Entertainment … and Presents ‘neath the Tree, and more.

Merry Christmas in 350+ Languages from FLW, Inc. Costa Mesa, CA.

NORAD Tracks Santa Web Site. Since 1985, NORAD has been tracking Santa Claus every Christmas eve.

Operation Letters To Santa. The Ultimate Christmas Site. Contents include: Christmas carols, sheet music, midi’s, Christmas traditions, Christmas tales, games, crafts, recipes, safety tips, send a greeting, desktop wallpapers, stationery, and more. Safe Surf Rated.

Real Christmas Trees from the Christmas Tree Farmers of Ontario (CTFO). Includes a Christmas Tree Education Kit – The Virtual Christmas Tree Farm – 9 tour stops illustrated with color photos, Real Tree Facts, Environmentally Friendly Recycling Ideas, Harvest Your Own – Find a Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Farm in Ontario, and Holiday Helpers – Weekly tips and ideas.

Santa’s Net. Christmas Carols and Songs, Recipes, Christmas Traditions Around the World – Countries listed in alphabetical order from Africa to Yugoslavia, Christmas Lights, Christmas Poetry, Christmas Symbols, History of Christmas Cards, Carol Singing, and more.

Santa’s Secret Village at northpole.com. Lots of fun activities as well as information on a wide variety of subjects, including weather at the North Pole with official 5 day forecast, children’s activities, Santa’s Music Room Karoake, event highlights of over 70 Festival of Trees in U.S. and Canada, and more.

This is ythe Santa Claus Homepage. Send a Letter to Santa! Yes Virginia, There IS A Santa Claus. Many Names of Santa. “Merry Christmas” Around-the-World. Christmas Music (MIDI Files). Short History of Santa Claus, and more.

The Ultimate Christmas Site: Essential Christmas Music (MIDI), Animated Tour, Old English Traditions, Fun & Games, Humor / Jokes, Christmas Art – GIFs, Clipart, Icons, Christmas Stories.


Xmas Midis. Christmas carols and songs in MIDI format, free download. (Pop-up ads). See also 786.7 MIDI, MP3, WAV, Music clips, Sound clips.

395 Etiquette


How to Be a Lady:
A Contemporary Guide
to Common Courtesy
How to Be a Gentleman:
A Contemporary Guide
to Common Courtesy
Virginia Shea

Ballroom Dancing Etiquette. Elements of Dance Etiquette. Dance Floor Etiquette – Diagram and Dance Etiquette at the Ballroom. Social Dance Etiquette in PDF – (Second page upside down for printout to be folded in half and stand). Social Dance Etiquette Just for Guys in PDF. Social Dance Etiquette Just for Gals in PDF.

The Core Rules of Netiquette. Network etiquette, the do’s and don’ts of online communication. Excerpted from the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea. Also check out: “Netiquette” Guidelines from Pennsylvania State University.

Dance Etiquette from Miami Valley Folk Dancers. Folk dance etiquette for new and old dancers. Includes links to Folk Dance Etiquette, Square Dance Etiquette, Dance Floor Etiquette for general dancing, Dance Floor Etiquette for Line Dance, Country & Western Dance, as well as Scottish Country Dance Etiquette.

Dining Etiquette from Ball State University. See also

Yahoo! Etiquette Directory. Links to Business Etiquette, Cellular Phone, Dining, Disabilities, Funeral, Golf, Letter Writing, Netiquette, Tipping, U.S. Flag Etiquette, and Wedding Etiquette.

398 Folklore, (Folk lore), (Folk tales), (Traditions)

American Folklore. Retellings of famous American folktales, tall tales, myths and legends, Native American myths, weather folklore, ghost stories, and more from each of the 50 United States of America.

Folklore from Encyclopedia Mythica.

Folklore, Myth and Legend from University of Calgary, maintained by David K. Brown.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts edited and translated by D. L. Ashliman, University of Pittsburgh.

Regional Folklore and Mythology by Philip R. “Pib” Burns.

398.2 Fables, Fairy tales, Legends, Urban legends (Hoaxes)

Aesop’s Fables. Over 300 of Aesop’s Fables in full text. Site includes Life of Aesop.

The Arabian Nights translated by Sir Richard Burton, 1850, Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs, 1892, Grimm’s Household Tales, plus Sacred Texts: Legends and Sagas under following headings: Anglo-Saxon, Arabia, Arthurian, Celtic, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Persia, Scandinavia, and Spain.

Fairy Tale and Folk Tale CyberDictionary. Alphabetical Listing of All Tales (Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp to Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears), Jigsaw Puzzles (Aladdin, Paul Bunyan, Chicken Little, Frog Prince, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White, 3 Bears, Ugly Duckling, etc.). Includes resources for teachers, evaluation rubrics, and more.

Folk and Fairy Tales: Web Site Links compiled by D. L. Ashliman.

Purportal.com: The Bunk Stops Here. Provides 5 search boxes to search: Snopes Urban Legends Archives, About.com Urban Legends, CIAC Hoax Database, CERT Computer Security Database (for viruses), and Symantec (Real) Virus Encyclopedia. Links to related sites.

Urban Legends and Folklore. Folklore, Net Hoaxes, Pocket Tales, and Urban Legends. Categories include: Accidents, Animals & Insects, Bad Science, Celebrities, Christmas, Classics, College, Computers, Crime, Darwin Awards, Disney, Food & Drink, Ghost Stories, Halloween, Health/Medical, Historical, Horrors! Movies/Theater, Music, Romance, TV/Radio, Virus Hoaxes, Weird News, plus Archives of Urban Legends.

Urban Legends Reference Pages from Snopes.com. What’s New includes the latest true and untrue urban legends, computer viruses or worms, etc. 25 Hottest Urban Legends. Glossary. Daily Snopes Weird News.

398.22 Arthurian romances, Grail, (King Arthur), (Holy Grail), (Arthur, King – Romances), (Knights of the Round Table)

Arthurian Legend from Encyclopedia Mythica.

Arthurian Resources. Detailed website which investigates the original legends of King Arthur, summarizing recent academic work. Articles on many topics including whether or not Arthur really existed.

Bulfinch’s Mythology: The Age of Chivalry or Legends of King Arthur. Site includes 18 chapters on King Arthur and His Knights with illustrations.

The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester. King Arthur’s Court: Knights and Ladies of Arthur’s Realm, Symbols and Motifs, The Realm of King Arthur.

Arthurian Resources. The Arthurian Century Links from Britannia.com. Include: Arthur’s Cross, Links to Arthurian Sites.

King Arthur. Legend of King Arthur put in historical context of Britain. Includes images.

King Arthur. Resources from P.L. Duffy Resource Centre, Trinity College, Western Australia.

King Arthur: A Man for the Ages. Explorations in the History and Legends of Arthur with related links. Site examines the popular conception of King Arthur with his lovely queen, noble knights, the Round Table, Excalibur, and the Holy Grail, as well as the scholarly conception of Arthur as a war leader in post-Roman Britain.

King Arthur & the Matter of Britain. Resources for the Quest of Arthur.

King Arthur on Britannia. Covers: Timelines of Arthurian History, Arthurian Sources and Texts, Arthurian Biographies (brief sketches of the lives and deeds of the best known characters in the history and legend of King Arthur), Arthurian Travel. See the 12 basic rules of Knights of the Round Table and view the inscribed names of the 25 knights.

Le Morte d’Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory. See also: Malory, Sir Thomas. Le Morte d’Arthur: Sir Thomas Malory’s Book of King Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table. Volume 1, from Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library.

Myths: King Arthur from In Search of Myths & Heroes, PBS. Includes a short narrative Video: The Death of Arthur, Thomas Malory. Note: Due to heavy demand, video may not always be available during peak hours between 5 p.m. and midnight in the U.S.

398.24 Mythical animals, Animals – Folklore, Dragons, (Monsters)

Gareth Long’s Encyclopedia of Monsters, Mythical Creatures and Fabulous Beasts. Select a monster from A-Z list, some with illustrations, some are still under construction. Monsters include: Burak, Centaur, Chimera, Cyclops, Faun, Gnome, Gorgon Medusa, Hydra, Leprechaun, Mermaid, Minotaur, Pegasus, Salamander, Scylla, Sphinx, Typhon, Unicorn, etc. (Slow loading).

398.8 Nursery rhymes

HPD’s Nursery Rhymes Page. Lyrics with music. From Hendersonville Police Dept., TN.

Mike’s Collection of Nursery Rhymes. Over 500 nursery rhymes indexed by subject and alphabetically. Majority of them are “Mother Goose” rhymes, i.e. authors are unknown and they are in the public domain.

Nursery Rhymes – Lyrics and Origins! Origins of individual nursery rhymes often reflect events in history. Where available site includes both meanings and origins of nursery rhymes.

Rebus Rhymes Printouts to Color and Read: Mother Goose and Other Rhymes.