400 Language – Arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification

400 Language

400 Language and languages

Ethnologue: Languages of the World from SIL International (formerly Summer Institute of Linguistics). Here you will find 6,809 languages spoken in 228 countries.

iLoveLanguages: Your Guide to Languages on the Web. Formerly known as The Human-Languages Page. The purpose of this site is to list, categorize, and promote Internet resources related to language learning, education, and use.

“I Love You!” in Many Languages.

Language and Culture Pages. Select one of the following languages: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (European), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, and Ukrainian to learn about its origin, forms of address, and grammar. Survival Phrases provide Basic Phrases as well as a sample Dialog. Click on the phrase to hear a native speaker’s voice. Check out Word of the Day and an excellent section on Web Proficiency Tests that provide instant evaluation, scores, and answers.

Language Dictionaries and Translators. Links to numerous language dictionaries from Abadani to Zarma, plus links to Multiple Language Dictionaries and Additional Dictionary Indexes.

LanguageGuide.org. English – Español (Spanish) – Français (French) – Deutsch (German) – pǔ tōng huà (Mandarin Chinese) – Русский (Russian) – עברית (Hebrew) – and (Hindi). Select a language, then mouse over the word to hear its proper pronunciation.

Learn Foreign Languages. Learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Hindi, Greek, Russian and Japanese. Includes Dictionaries – Foreign Word Translator: Bidirectional dictionary, and Babylon: from English to other languages. For each major language an overview is provided indicating the number of people who speak this language and where it is spoken, along with History of the language, Dialects, Grammar, Useful phrases, Slang, and Literature, where applicable.

Loecsen Orizon: Travel with Languages. Site provides conversational essential phrases in English – German, French, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, and Korean for travellers, and more. Each expression is presented with an audio recording and an illustration. See also: Useful Chinese Expressions, Useful French Expressions, Useful German Expressions, Useful Japanese Expressions.

Pro-Tran: Language Information. Pro-Tran’s database of world languages contains around 4500 languages, separated into “primary” (left of screen – language selection) and “secondary” (right of screen – language selection). Languages are classified as “primary” if they are spoken by more than one million persons. Includes links to online translation, dictionaries, and more.

realdictionary.com. Dictionaries include English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish. Searches also available for US Cities, US Zip Codes, US Counties, Computer Dictionary, and Element Dictionary.





Say Hello to the World. Say hello to 5,720,000,000 people in over 2,796 languages. Including Non-Verbal Languages: Say Hello in the Braille Language and Say Hello in Sign Language.

“Thank you” in over 465 languages. See also how to say: hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night, how are you? welcome, goodbye, please, what is your name? my name is…, do you speak English? yes, no, and I don’t understand in many different languages. Includes great links to Dictionaries, Grammars, and other online language resources.

403 Encyclopedias and dictionaries

See also 423 English language – Dictionaries, (Dictionary), English language – Synonyms and antonyms, (Synonym), (Antonym), (Thesaurus), (Thesauri), English language – Homonyms, (Homonym), English language – Terms and phrases

BrainyEncyclopedia. Contents:

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia. A one-volume encyclopedia that includes 25,000 short entries.

Columbia Encyclopedia – Bartleby.com. (May contain offensive pop-up or banner ads).





Dictionaries from yourDictionary.com. Including Multiple Dictionary Search Engines and numerous links to other Vocabulary Aids: Abbreviations & Acronyms, Synonym Dictionaries, Thesauri, Phrase Dictionaries, Quotations, Lexicography and Lexical Databases, Pronunciation and Rhyming Dictionaries, Writing Systems, and Miscellany (100,000,000 Scrabble Links, Cliché Finder, Dictionary of Difficult Words, A Little Etymology, and others).

Dictionaries for Kids. Lookup forms for major Internet Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Thesauri.

Encarta Encyclopedia, Encarta Dictionary, World Atlas, Homework Help from MSN. Also includes: College Search, Graduate School, Online Degrees, Career Training.

Encyclopedia.com. Because knowledge is cool – powered by eLibrary.

EncycloZine. A free online encyclopedia and store (books, posters, etc) with articles on nearly 1000 topics in Arts, Business, Computers, Games, Health, History, Home, Recreation, Reference, Science, Society, Sports, and Technology.

Free Internet Encyclopedia – MicroReference. Select A-Z. See also Autoconf Macro Index – Major Subject Areas, Select A-Z.

TheFreeDictionary.com. English, Medical, Legal, and Computer Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, a Literature Reference Library, and a Search Engine all in one!

Online Dictionary


LoveToKnow Free Online Encyclopedia. Based on 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica, first published in 1911, contains over 40,000 articles written by over 1,500 authors within their various fields of expertise.

OneLook Dictionary Search. General dictionaries and glossaries indexed by the OneLook® search engine. Some 6,081,414 words in 966 dictionaries indexed. Specialized dictionaries include Art, Business, Computing, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Slang, Sports, Technology dictionaries. Multilingual dictionaries also included.

Enter word or phrase:


Online Dictionaries. Free! Bible dictionary, Business dictionary, Chinese dictionary, Computer & Internet dictionary, Crossword dictionaries, Danish dictionary, Dream interpretation dictionary, Symbolism dictionaries, Drug dictionaries, English dictionary, Finnish dictionary, French dictionary, German dictionary, Greek dictionary, Hebrew dictionary, Italian dictionary, Japanese dictionary, Latin dictionary, Law & Legal dictionary, Medical dictionary (diseases), Occupational titles, Polish dictionary, Philippine dictionary, Rhyming dictionary, Russian dictionary, Science dictionary, Sign language dictionary, Slang dictionary, Spanish dictionary, Swedish dictionary, Technical dictionaries, Turkish dictionary, Vietnamese dictionary, Yiddish dictionary, and others.

Translators. Free downloads from TUCOWS, including translators and dictionaries. Includes links to online dictionaries.

travlang’s Translating Dictionaries. On-line translating dictionaries from English (and vice versa) to German (Deutsch), Dutch (Nederlands), French (Francais), Spanish (Espanol), Portuguese (Portugues), Italian (Italiano), Danish (Dansk), Swedish (Svenska), Latin (Latina), Finnish (Suomi), Norwegian (Norsk), Frisian (Frysk), Afrikaans, Hungarian (Magyar), Czech (C^esky), Polish, Esperanto, and Turkish. Other on-line dictionaries include: Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Yiddish.

Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Available in some 40 languages including English.

yourDictionary.com. A powerful and very useful language resource. Links to over 1,800 dictionaries in 260 languages.


411 Acronyms, Abbreviations, Alphabet, Hieroglyphics, Inscriptions, Picture writing, Writing, (Emoticons), (Smileys), (Online shorthand), (Computer jargon), (Chat acronyms), (E-mail shorthand), (Writing systems)

See also Common, Uncommon and Specialized Abbreviations

Acronym Finder. Over 376,000 acronyms, abbreviations and their meanings in the database and growing.



Acronym or abbreviation to find:




Acronym Search. Some 50,530 acronyms and abbreviations in the database. Includes a Reverse Lookup.

Acronyma. Largest database of acronyms and abbreviations on the web. Searchable in these languages: English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands, Italiano, and Portugues.

Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Initialisms from Software Engineering Institute (SEI). Select A-Z and # to find an Acronym, Abbreviation, or Initialism.

Acronyms, Abbreviations, Definitions. A listing of Non-Technical Acronyms, Technical Acronyms, First Level Domain Acronyms for Internet Addresses, Abbreviations including @, Bcc:, Cc:, and Definitions of words commonly heard on the Internet, found in E-Mail messages and Newsgroup postings. Includes some Latin Abbreviations.

Acronyms & Shorthand – Chat Acronyms and Shorthand from YouthTech. Includes List of Shorthand A-Z, Smileys, More Smileys, Larger Smileys, Animals, and more.

AncientScripts.com. Excellent site on writing systems of the world with explanations of pertinent historical facts in plain English. Includes images, diagrams, charts, and drawings where relevant, as well as links.

BBC – Joy of Text – Abbreviations. Find out what L8R G8R or H&K means? See also Emoticons.

Eurodicautom. European Terminology Database. First set up in 1973. For translation of a search term, acronym, abbreviation, or phrase, you have an option to select a Subject, one Source language and one (or more or all) of the following Target languages: Danish (DA), Dutch (NL), English (EN), Finnish (FI), French (FR), German (DE), Greek (EL), Italian (IT), Latin (LA), Portuguese (PT), Spanish (ES), and Swedish (SV). Enter search term. Results will display both abbreviations and their meanings in various languages if applicable.

Google Glossary – Search for Definitions and Acronyms on the Web. In the Google search box, type: define: dragon or define dragon, hit ENTER key to see the difference a colon makes in your search results.



Google glossary


Hieroglyphic Directory. The ancient Egyptian picture language. Contents: Hierophyphs, Hieroglyphic Alphabet, Biliteral Hieroglyphs, Triliteral glyphs, Determinative glyphs – symbols that help to define a word, Number glyphs, AEL (Ancient Egyptian Language), and Egyptian Name Translator.

Hieroglyphs. Contents: Ancient Egyptian Writing, Numbers, Eye of Horus, and Learn More (links). Excellent illustrations.

High-Tech Dictionary Emoticons. A printer-friendly page from ComputerUser.

How to Understand Acronyms by Sandy Berger, AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). Includes Farewell: BBL – Be Back Later, BFN – Bye For Now … , Interjections: BTW – By The Way, IMO – In My Opinion … , Chat Room Talk, Laughing, Common Responses: NBD – No Big Deal, NOYB – None Of Your Business, OIC – Oh, I See …

Official Abbreviations from United States Postal Service. States and Possessions, Street Suffixes (AVE, BLVD, GDNS, …), and Secondary Unit Designators (APT, BSMT, DEPT, RM, …).

Smileys and Emoticons from NetLingo.com. A smiley is a sequence of characters typed using the computer keyboard. Colon represents the eyes, dash represents the nose, and right parenthesis represents the mouth. Site provides a search engine where you can search by category, by keyword, or browse A-Z.

414.6 Accents and accentuation

Speech Accent Archive. Site examines the accented speech of speakers, both male and female, from many different language backgrounds reading the same English sample paragraph. Listen to 252 speech samples arranged alphabetically by language.

418 Modern languages – Conversations and phrases, Translating and interpreting, (Translation), (Translations), (Machine translating), (Mechanical translating)

AltaVista Babel Fish Translation. To be able to view Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters, you will need to download the appropriate software first. Download Input Method Editors to Use with Office XP. Find out HOWTO: Add and Enable Additional Languages in Windows: support for Arabic, Cyrillic-based, Latin-based European, Greek, Hebrew, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese languages.

BrainyTranslation. Choose a word from the A-Z list in English and find out what it means in other languages. Results show only existing foreign language(s) translation in this database for the chosen English word. May translate words into Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, or Swedish.

Comparison of Universal Language Translators. Instant free translation of text and Web pages. English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, and vice versa except for Norwegian.

Dictionary.com. Type in plain text or URL of Webpage and translate it for free. Your choice of translation: 1) from English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish; 2) from French to English or German; 3) from German to English or French; 4) from Italian to English; and 5) from Portuguese to English.

Foreign Language Translator Services in 148 Languages. Site includes a Free Computer Translation Online for the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. You can type or paste up to 4,000 characters in one of the above languages and translate your passage to any one of these languages instantly, and for free.

Foreign Languages for Travelers. Translate from one language to another. Basic words, Numbers, Shopping/Dining, Travel, Directions, Places, Time and Dates. Listen to every word with RealAudio. English, Esperanto, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Ido, Indonesian, Interlingua, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malaysian, Mandarin, Marshallese, Norwegian, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russky, Serbian, Sesotho, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Zulu.

FreeTranslation.com. Fastest, free Web-based machine translation. Translates from Spanish, French, and German to English, as well as from English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Norwegian.

Google Language Tools. Excellent resource! Search Specific Languages or Countries, Translate Text or Translate a Webpage by typing in the URL, Use the Google Interface in Your Choice of Language, or Visit Google’s Site in Your Local Domain.

Language Dictionaries and Translators. Links to numerous language dictionaries from Abadani to Zarma, plus links to Multiple Language Dictionaries and Additional Dictionary Indexes.

Majstro: a multilingual translation dictionary. Choose a Source language, a Target language, and whether you wish the translation precision to be high or low. Majstro is able to recognize alternative spellings, e.g. color or colour, as well as frequently misspelled words. Site provides other useful information including official names of countries and their national languages, counting from 1 to 10 in different languages, and more.

travlang’s Translating Dictionaries. On-line translating dictionaries from English (and vice versa) to German (Deutsch), Dutch (Nederlands), French (Francais), Spanish (Espanol), Portuguese (Portugues), Italian (Italiano), Danish (Dansk), Swedish (Svenska) Finnish (Suomi), Norwegian (Norsk), Frisian (Frysk), Afrikaans, Hungarian (Magyar), Czech (C^esky), Esperanto, and Latin (Latina). Other on-line dictionaries include: Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Korean, Latvian, Farsi, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Turkish, and Yiddish.

419 Sign language, Deaf – Means of communication, Signs and symbols, (Nonverbal communication), (Language and languages)

About American Sign Language by Karen Nakamura.

American Sign Language (ASL) Browser from Michigan State University. Here you can click on a letter then look up the word to view color videos of thousands of hand signs online. Browser must be able to run QuickTime movies.

American Sign Language Lessons from ASL University, excellent site by Dr. William G. Vicars, providing free online ASL lessons and curriculum resources for American Sign Language students, instructors, interpreters, and parents of deaf children. Site includes: Index of Signs, Why Study ASL? Library of many interesting and useful links, Baby’s First 100 Signs/Concepts, Newsletter, ASL Font, Jokes, Glossary, and more.


A Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms. Also included is the basic alphabet and numbers 1-10. Dictionary has both animated and text definitions.

Fingerspelling by Paula Willig and team, John A. Logan College. Includes Topical Fingerspelled Lists: (Flash required) Birds, Cars, Snakes, Fruit, Months, States; Countries and Cities: Americas, Europe, Middle-East, East Africa.

Handspeak: ASL/Sign Dictionary. View samples of American Sign Language in action. Sample definitions and meanings: analyze, basketball, book, curious, encourage, government, Handspeak, heart, koala, kumari, music, night, perspective, reach, sports, volunteer.

420.7 English as a second language, (ESL), (English as a foreign language), (EFL), (English for foreigners)

1-language.com – The ESL Site. A fabulous English as a Second Language site by Jeremy Patton. Includes many high quality online learning activities and articles, e.g.
ESL Activities – A collection of ESL teaching ideas,
ESL Alphabet Worksheets,
ESL Flash Games – Memory & Match,
ESL Flashcards,
ESL Grammar Quizzes – will tell you what questions you got right and wrong, and provide you with a score,
ESL Hangman,
ESL Idioms,
ESL Literature Library includes 350 Aesop’s Fables in full text, Selected Works of Shakespeare, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, World Fables and Folk Tales,
ESL Phonics Worksheets,
ESL Wordsearches.

Breaking News English.com. Excellent ready-to-use ESL/EFL current affairs lesson plans with choice of Easier or Harder versions. Each lesson plan contains a news article, an MP3 file for listening, communication activities, pair work, discussion, reading and vocabulary exercises. Everything can be downloaded in Word or PDF. Students can listen to the MP3 file as the news story is read and follow the words in the article at the same time. Includes archives of past lesson plans. Webmaster and author: Sean Banville, U.K.

English Daily. An English site for non-English speakers. Conversation, Common Mistakes in English, Download English Books, Learn American Idioms by Examples, Ancient Stories and Song Lyrics, Learn Grammar by Examples, Proverbs for Daily Conversation, American Slang Expressions.

English Maze: Teaching the World English. Site aims to provide an effective way for students to learn commonly spoken English as heard everyday. Test your level first to see where you should begin. Click on Levels 1-6 boxes to try some free online English lessons for Individual or Business usage. Send an English Maze e-card to a friend. Check out the Maze Room for Student Chat and Discussion, Grammar, Common Mistakes, Listen and Read, Vocabulary, Spelling, and other topics.

English Resources from MyEnglishPages.com. Practise your English. Interactive and non-interactive exercises, tests and quizzes to help improve your English.

ESL – English as a Second Language. Links to popular ESL sites, Today’s Proverb, ESL Jobs, ESL Lesson Plans & Class Activities, Newspapers, Magazines, Quizzes, Games, and more.

The ESL Area – Online Quizzes. Choose by topic, grammar or type (matching, multiple choice, etc.). Includes links to other quizzes.

ESL/EFL Grammar Activities and ESL/EFL Writing Activities. Pages maintained by Pat Byrd, Department of Applied Linguistics & ESL, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.

Idioms from English the International Language. Play the Idiom Buster game to test your knowledge of 30 idioms. See also Lessons of basic building blocks of English including: Rules, the Tenses, the Future, Reported Speech, Relative Clauses, and Phrasal Verbs. Site includes Practice activities, Advice and Tips for improving your English and Other ESL Resources.

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun. Excellent site to learn English. Includes Interactive Crossword Puzzles, Word Search Game, Hangman, Match Game, and Vocabulary Quiz, all with a choice of levels of difficulty. Where applicable, users can hear words pronounced.

Vocabulary Builder. Build vocabulary with flash cards, dynamic test and games, for SAT, TOEFL, GMT, GRE and general vocabulary.

421 English language – Spelling

Complete List of Spelling Rules for Nouns and Verbs by Susan Jones. A very useful site providing a list of Rules for Irregular Plural Formation of Nouns, a list of Irregular Nouns showing singular and plural, and a list of Rules for Irregular Spelling of Verb Inflections. Includes Irregular Verb Simple Past Self-Test and Irregular Verb Past Participle Self-Test.

Dolch Basic Words List from English-Zone.com. The Dolch words are the 220 most frequently found words in books that children read. Includes a scale for estimated reading level.

Spelling Zone from English-Zone.com. Contents: Adding Word Endings, Capitalization, Contractions, Comparatives and Superlatives, Punctuation, and Spelling Practice.

422 English language – Etymology

E.L. Easton – English – Etymology Sites including Etymology Quizzes and A Word a Day.

Online Etymology Dictionary. Includes a list of related Abbreviations.

What’s the meaning of this? Origin of phrases and idioms.

Wordorigins.org. Lists 400 words and phrase origins.

Words Words Words: Etymology of the Week by Dr. Cecelia Eaton Luschnig, Professor Emerita of Classics, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Idaho.

423 English language – Dictionaries, (Dictionary), English language – Synonyms and antonyms, (Synonym), (Antonym), (Thesaurus), (Thesauri), English language – Homonyms, (Homonym), English language – Terms and phrases

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed.. Over 90,000 entries, 70,000 audio word pronunciations, 900 full-page color illustrations, language notes and word-root appendixes. Easy to use Search box.

BrainyDictionary. Online Dictionary – Learn Definitions. Browse the Dictionary: A-Z (well organized, easy to find). Provides definition of the word you select, plus its Related Word Definitions.



Dictionary of Newfoundland English. Database contains 5524 entries. Purpose of the dictionary is to present the regional lexicon of one of the oldest overseas communities of the English-speaking world: the lexicon of Newfoundland and coastal Labrador.




Google Glossary – Search for Definitions and Acronyms on the Web. In the Google search box, type: define: dragon or define dragon, hit ENTER key to see the difference a colon makes in your search results.



Google glossary


LookWAYup. Online English dictionary and thesaurus, capable of correcting minor spelling errors, and can be installed on browsers, Web sites, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants, i.e. electronic handheld information devices), and mobile phones.

A Sampling of New Words and Senses from the New 2005 Copyright of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition.


11th Edition
(Book Only)
Collegiate Dictionary
11th Edition
with CD-ROM and
Online Subscription
& Thesaurus
downloadable content
Merriam Webster
and Thesaurus



Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus, 3rd ed. Contains 35,000 synonyms. Easy to use Search box. Includes a hyperlinked category index for words related in meaning (synonyms) and words opposite in meaning (antonyms). An alphabetical index is also included.


Wordsmyth: The Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus. A fantastic word lookup dictionary where you can look up the definition of a word by using the “exact” or “broad” button to narrow or broaden your search.

425 English language – Grammar, (English grammar)

American English Institute (A.E.I.) – The Interactive Placement Test. Test your knowledge of English for free. Find out your level in English. Test consists of 40 questions covering four English skills: General English, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, and Listening Comprehension.

The American Heritage® Book of English Usage. A Practical and Authoritative Guide to Contemporary English. Easy to use Search box. Provides useful information on proper writing style with a detailed look at grammar, style, diction, word formation, gender, pronunciation, science terms, e-mail, a grammar toolkit and more. (May contain annoying banner ads).

The Basic Elements of English. Grammar tutorials offered by the English Department, University of Calgary, Canada. Four sections: Parts of Speech, Sentence Elements, Punctuation and Word Use. Test your grammar skills and get immediate feedback by trying the interactive exercises at end of tutorials.

Common Errors in English – based on Common Errors in English Usage: The Book by Dr. Paul Brians, Professor of English, Washington State University, Pullman, WA. This excellent and very helpful site includes: List of Errors, More Errors, Other Commonly Misspelled Words, as well as Non-Errors.

Daily Grammar. Free service. Sends you emails with a grammar lesson 5 days of the week and a quiz on the 6th day. Grammar Lesson Archives (Lessons 1-300) cover Parts of Speech, Parts of the Sentence, and Sentences. Includes Glossary of Terms, e.g. adjectives, adverbs, noun, metaphors, similes, verbs, etc.

Dr. Grammar – Grammar Resources. Links to English grammar Web sites. Includes links to other resources: English as a Second Language (ESL), Word Origins, Fun with Words (Phrase Finder, Cliche Finder, American Slanguages), Specials (Reasons why English is hard to learn), Language Columns and Online Magazines, Plagiarism, Business Communication (Business Writing Resources), A Writer’s Resources, Online Documentation Resources, A Writer’s Toolbox (Writer’s Handbook), and Online Dictionaries.

English Grammar 101. Free, online, interactive English grammar tutorials for language arts classes, alternative education settings, home schooling, adult study, and ESL courses. Instructions and Study Directions are provided for students and teachers. Divided into 4 volumes each with clearly stated goals as well as exercises for students to learn and practice.

HyperGrammar from Writing Centre, University of Ottawa. Contents include: Parts of Speech, Sentence, Punctuation, Pronouns, Verbs, Modifiers, Phrases, Clauses, Building Sentences, Writing Paragraphs, Diction, Spelling, and Miscellaneous Topics.

Lists of Grammar Lists prepared by ESL/EFL teachers. Links to English Irregular Verbs, List of Spelling Rules for Nouns and Verbs, List of American vs. British Spelling, List of Verb + Preposition Combinations, List of Linking Verbs, Count and NonCount Nouns, Noun Sypelling – Regular and Irregular Noun Forms, and List of Conjunctions.

Online English Grammar. Adjectives, Adverbs, Direct and Indirect Speech, Nouns, Passive, Relative Clauses, Infinitive, Verbs and Verb Tenses, and more. Site explains simply and clearly what each term means, when and how to use the structure, and provides many examples illustrating its use in sentences.

427 English language – Slang

Cavers Slang Dictionary. From the Cavers’ Digest electronic mailing list. Compiled by Tom Moss, edited for WWW by Joel Laws. Terms come from all over the world and reflect the lingo of various regions or cavers.

The College Slang Page. FAQ include: What is college slang? What do we slang? Why do students speak slang? Check out the top 20 College Slang Terms.

Slanguage.com. Pick a place or topic from A-Z and learn about slangs in a humorous manner. Places or topics include: Anchorage, Boston, Buffalo, Calgary (Canada), Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Dublin (Ireland), Honolulu, Houston, Johannesburg (South Africa), Las Vegas, Little Rock, London (England), Los Angeles, Miami, and others.

Surfing for Slang: English and Scandinavian. Links to American, Canadian, British, Irish, Australian, and New Zealander slang dictionaries, Scandinavian slang: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, plus guides to trucker jargon and other specialized idioms.

428 English language – Errors

Banished Words List from Lake Superior State University, Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness. Site includes Archived Banished Word List Posters from 1979 to 1999 in PDF.

Common Errors in English by Dr. Paul Brians, Professor of English, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, based on Common Errors in English Usage: The Book. See also List of Errors, More Errors, Other Commonly Misspelled Words, and Non-Errors.

430 German language

English-German Dictionary and German-English On-line Dictionary from LEO – Link Everything Online, An Online Service by Informatik der Technischen Universität München.

Learn German from GermanForTravellers.com. Includes some excellent free lessons, Full online courses (not free), German dictionary, German for Travellers on CD, Translation services, Learn German Web Links and Games, Live chat, Discussion groups, Travel diary, Conversion tools: currency, weights, and sizes, and more.

The New English-German Dictionary. Includes more than 190,000 translations, plus lists of verbs and abbreviations.

437.947 Yiddish language

Alef-Beyz: The Yiddish Alphabet, A Few Useful Yiddish Words. Yiddish Language and History.

Ariga: A Glossary of Yiddish Expressions. (Slow loading).

Free Yiddish Lessons.

Yiddish Expressions.

Yiddish Dictionary – A short one.

Yiddish Dictionary Online.

Yiddish-English Projects. Yiddish Alphabet, Calendar (JavaScript calendar which can announce days in Yiddish), Hangman, and Word Match.

439.7 Swedish language

Swedish Alphabets. Listen to pronunciation of single and compound Swedish alphabets, common Swedish colors, count in Swedish from 1 to 1000.

Swedish – English Dictionary. Translate words from Swedish to English, or English to Swedish.

Swedish Grammar. Site is maintained by Leif Stensson of Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden.

A Swedish Language Course. Svenska, as the Swedes call their language, is spoken by the approximately 8 million inhabitants of Sweden, as well as another 300,000 people in Finland. Contents: Alphabet and Pronunciation, Lessons 1-4. More lessons under construction.

439.8 Danish language, Norwegian language

Online English to Danish, Danish to English Dictionary.

Speak Danish – Pronunciation. Danish Phrases. Lesson: Day 1. Listen to samples only.

440 French language

English-French On-line Dictionary and French-English On-line Dictionary from travlang.

French for Beginners. Free Internet online instruction.

French Language Course. Lessons plus Additional Vocabulary, French Expressions and Idioms.

French: Top 50 Activities from Quia (Quintessential Instructional Archive). French numbers, French foods, Basic French vocabulary, Days, Months, Food and Drink, Irregular verbs, and other Java games, quizzes, and learning activities.

450 Italian language

English-Italian On-line Dictionary and Italian-English On-line Dictionary from travlang.

Italian for Beginners. Free Internet online instruction.

460 Spanish language

English-Spanish On-line Dictionary and Spanish-English On-line Dictionary from travlang.

Learn Spanish. Includes a vocabulary list section where permission is granted for you to print any of the free material listed for you personal use, links to other resources, plus Espanglish chat – a place to practise your Spanish with Spanish speakers online.

Learn Spanish: A Free Online Spanish Grammar Tutorial for English-speaking learners.

Learn Spanish Free Online. Free Interactive Spanish lessons from Spanish Learning Center.

Spanish dictionary. Multi-lingual dictionary for Spanish and 6 other modern languages.

Spanish Dictionaries. English to Spanish (Hear pronunciation of words searched), Dutch to Spanish, Finnish to Spanish, French to Spanish, German to Spanish, Italian to Spanish, Portuguese to Spanish, Latin to Spanish, and vice versa.

Web Spanish Lessons. Spanish lessons to teach basic knowledge, grammar, and vocabulary for Mexican Spanish. Links to English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionaries, and other useful sites.

469 Portuguese language

English-Portuguese On-line Dictionary and Portuguese-English On-line Dictionary from travlang.

Learn Portuguese Online. Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Accents and Vowels, Genders, Articles, Verbs, Subject Pronouns, Numbers, Yes, No, Not, Prepositons, Alphabet, and more.

Portuguese Language. Portuguese Language schools, grammar, words and other resources.

470 Latin language

Latin Resources from 24 Hour Translations. Include glossary of common Latin phrases and abbreviations, online Latin dictionary (search word to translate from Latin to English or English to Latin), Latin books, and links to Latin related Websites.

491.55 Persian language

Online English – Persian Dictionary. Search the meaning of English words in Persian.

495.1 Chinese language

China West Exchange. A place for Westerners to meet and learn about Chinese, and for Chinese people to meet and learn about Westerners. Includes free, interactive online Cantonese lessons, Mandarin lessons, and Chinese lessons, Chinese characters, plus comments on Chinese culture, a discussion board, and Chinese related links.

Chinese Numbers, Frequently Asked Chinese Characters including:

Learn Cantonese. Chinese (Cantonese) Help Sheets for Absolute Beginners, Beginners, Intermediate, Just for Fun. Includes also: CantoDict: Online Cantonese-English Dictionary (13644 compound words), How to Write Chinese Characters, Chinese Tones, Online Cantonese Quiz, Chinese Word Quiz, view high score table, and more.

Mandarin 123. Learn to speak Mandarin. Contents: Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Conversation, Reading, Grammar, Character, Fun Stuff, Links. (Slow loading).

WannaLearn: Learn Chinese with links to some free instructional sites:

495.6 Japanese language

Japanese Language. Contents include: Japanese Dialects, Japanese Dictionaries, Japanese Language Facts, Japanese Forum, Japanese Grammar, History of the Japanese, Japanese language jobs, Language Newsletters, Language Schools, Japanese Literature, Japanese Phrases, Japanese Products, Japanese Sign Language, Japanese Slang, Teaching Japanese (Associations of Japanese teachers), Japanese translation, and Japanese Words.

Learn Japanese – Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com, free daily podcasts. Goal of this site is to make Japanese easy and fun, while incorporating culture and current issues into the lessons