Arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification: 629-699 Technology, Health & Business

629.133 Airplanes, Airships, Balloons, (Aeroplanes), (Aircraft), (Aeronautics), (Flight), (Flying)
629.222 Automobiles, (Motor cars), (Passenger vehicles)
629.227 Bicycles, Minibikes, Motorcycles, (Motor cycles) . See also 796.6 Bicycle racing, Bicycle touring, Cycling, (Biking)
629.28 Automobile driver education, Automobile drivers, (Driver education), (Car driver education), Automobile parts, Automobiles – Fuel consumption, (Gas prices, Gasoline prices), Automobiles – Maintenance and repair, (Car maintenance), (Car repair)
629.454 Moon – Exploration, Space flight to the moon, (Luna expeditions), (Astronauts)
630 Agriculture, Agricultural engineering, Farms, (Farmers), (Farming), Farm life, Farm management, Farm produce, Family farms
633.1 Grain, (Rice), (Wheat), (Corn), (Barley)
634.9 Forest fires
635 Gardens, Gardening, Vegetable gardening, Organic gardening, Horticulture
636.088 Pets, Snakes as Pets, Pets – Names
636.7 Dogs, Dogs – Breeding, Dogs – Care, Dogs – Psychology, Dogs – Training, Guide dogs, (Puppies)
638 Bees, Beekeeping, Beehives, (Apiculture), (Bee hives), (Bee culture), (Bee housing)
640 Home economics, (Household management), (Household efficiency), (Home organization), (Home management)
640.73 Consumers, Consumer education, Product safety, Shopping, (Household supplies), (Buyers’ guides), (Consumers’ guides), (Shoppers’ guides), (Purchasing)
641 Food
641.3 Herbs, Spices, Cookery (Herbs)
641.5 Cooking, Outdoor cooking, (Recipes), Microwave cooking, (Food preparation), (Cook books), (Cookbooks), (Cookery), (Barbecue cooking)
641.8 Tea, Coffee, Beverages
643 Houses – Maintenance and repair, Electric household appliances, Electric apparatus and appliances, (Home repairs)
648 Cleaning, Bleaching, (House cleaning), (Stain removal)
648.7 Molds (Fungi) – Control
649 Parenting, Child care, Child rearing, Children and adults, Children’s allowances
650 Business
658.3 Wages, (Salaries), (Compensation), (Income)
658.8 Auctions, Chain stores, Department stores, Discount stores, (Online shopping), Shopping centers, Shopping malls, Marketing, Market research, Retail trade, (Merchandising), Direct selling, Telemarketing, Online bookstores
659.1 Advertising, Advertising – Newspapers, (Advertising layout and typography), (Advertisement copy), (Advertising, Pictorial), (Radio advertising), (Magazine advertising), (Television advertising), (Newspaper advertising)
660.6 Biotechnology, Cloning, Genetic Engineering
662.1 Fireworks, (Pyrotechnics)
668.5 Perfumes, Cosmetics
672 Steel, Iron
686.2 Type and type founding, Printing, Printing – Specimens, Typesetting, Linotype, Lithography, Offset printing

629.133 Airplanes, Airships, Balloons, (Aeroplanes), (Aircraft), (Aeronautics), (Flight), (Flying)

Aerofiles – A Century of American Aviation. Web site is dedicated solely to the aviation history of North America and the airplanes that have graced our skies for 100 years.

Avro Arrow – The CF-105 Avro Arrow, FlightDeck Milestones: Avro Arrow, and Black Friday was February 20th 1959.

Balloon Race Around the World from PBS. Contents include: Take a Virtual Balloon Flight, Science of Ballooning: Hot Science: Density, Hot Science: Up, Up, and How Far Away? History of Ballooning, Atmosphere, Jet Stream, Resources, and more.

Chasing the Sun from PBS. Contents include: Timelines by decades: 1900-2000, Planes: Early Planes (Wright Flyer, BlГ©riot XI, Spirit of St. Louis), Modern Airliners (Douglas DC-3, Pan Am Clipper, Constellation), Jet Age (DeHavilland Comet, Boeing 707, Concorde), Jumbo Jets (Boeing 747, Lockheed L1011, Airbus A380), Innovators: Pilots, Airplane Builders, Passengers, Inventors, Executives, Companies: Airlines (American, Eastern, Pan Am, TWA, United) and Manufacturers, plus Aviation Web Links.

Early Collection of over 2000 documents on early days of aviation including letters, photographs, postcards, vintage prints and posters, paintings, books, advertized materials.

Early Years, WWI, Golden Age, WWII, Jet Age, and Space Age Biographies of Enshrinees from National Aviation Hall of Fame, Dayton, OH.

First Flight from UK’s Open University. History of Flight, Flights of Fancy, Movie 1, Movie 2, Experiments, Flight Simulations. Gallery Archives. Select a name, then click on thumbnails to view larger photos of airplanes with details: Name of airplane, Period (e.g. World War II), Country of Origin, and Comments about the photo. Site also includes Story Archives, and Limited Edition Prints in color.

The History of Flight: The History of the Airplane. Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright – Inventors of the First Engined Airplane, links to Early History of Flight, Info on Airplane Technology: How Does an Airplane Fly, i.e. The Dynamics of Airplane Flight, Parts of an Airplane, plus other related information on: Jet Engines, Seaplanes, Flight Suits – Anti-Gravity Suits, Airports/Airlines – Luggage, Ejection Seats, Black Box/Flight Recorders, Helicopters, Rockets, and Parachutes.

WASP on the Web. Site is dedicated to sharing the history of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) of World War II, and shining a light on the inspirational stories of their lives before, during and after WWII. Includes Arcade, Gallery, and more.

World Wide Web Balloon Pages. Compiled by Joop de Wilde – The Netherlands.

629.222 Automobiles, (Motor cars), (Passenger vehicles) Buy a New Car Online. Buy or sell a used car. Check out Any Credit Auto Loans. Get free insurance & finance quotes. U.S. based. Includes an automobile Manufacturer Directory with links to: Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo where you can browse vehicles by model, type, and get a Quick Price Search, must provide Zip code. See also New Car Reviews & Buyer’s Guides by Make and by Bodystyle.

Automotive Learning Online. Explore the marvel of the automotive. Learn all about the insides of any automobile and how parts work. Animations, Images, Descriptions, with a text Search Engine.

Automotive Useful Hotlinks. Links to buying and leasing cars. New Cars (Spec, price, compare, drive), Used Cars (Find, buy, list, sell), Service/Parts (Maintain, repair, source, accessorize). Choose a site from NFLD/Labrador, P.E.I., Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Québec (français), Quebec (English), Ontario (default), Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, or Territories.

Autopedia: The Automotive Encyclopedia. Hotlinks to everything automotive on the net.

Autoshop 101. Automotive Training and Resource Site for Automotive Electronics. Offers Free Online Instruction / Tutorials, Online Practice Tests, Lots of Technical Support Articles (in PDF format, with free Adobe Acrobat download), Automotive Links and Biography of Kevin Sullivan, the Instructor. Auto Trader specializes in the buying and selling of used imported and domestic cars in Ontario, Canada. Here you can search over 140,000 vehicles online. Site provides list of On-line Dealers, Tips & Advice for buying and selling used cars, Photo Centre Locator, Value Finder, plus links to Truck Trader (Pickups, vans, minivans, SUVs, light commercial trucks), Boat Trader (Power, sail, yachts, personal watercraft), Bike Trader (Motorcycles, dirt bikes), RV Trader (Motor homes, campers), ATV & Sled Trader (snowmobiles), Heavy Truck Trader (Class 8s, commercial trucks), as well as Heavy Equipment Trader (Dozers, front loaders, farm equipment). Select a country U.S. or Canada to research a vehicle: build, price and compare vehicles. Buy a new or used vehicle. Place an ad to sell a pre-owned vehicle. Maintain your vehicle: Order parts online, read expert troubleshooting advice. Get insurance quotes. Read Reviews. See Crash Test Data – Test results on new and previous year models. (Pop-up ads). Buy new cars or used cars online.

Buying a Used Car. Advice from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for consumers shopping for a used car. A copy of the Buyers Guide with the “As Is” disclosure as well as “Implied Warranties Only” disclosure is available online in PDF format. Selling Cars Online to Canadians. Contents: New Car Prices, Buy A Car, Sell A Car, Loan Calculators, Used Vehicle Classifieds, Dealing for a New Car, and FAQ. Includes Blue Book or Black Book Used Auto Prices where you can request a used car’s value based on whether it is a trade-in or a private sale. Categories include: Auto News, Test Drives, New Model Previews, New Car Prices, Consumer Info, Used Car Reviews, Auto Tech (Maintenance and Car Care), Classics, Internet Site Reviews, Forums, Classified Ads and Web Directory. Free guide for buying new cars, buying or selling used cars, leasing, and avoiding dealer scams in United States. Includes Car Buying in Canada, Finding Canadian Dealer Cost, Canadian New Car Buyer’s Checklist, and links to Useful Web Sites for Canadian Car Buyers.

Car Cost – Guaranteed Lowest New Car Prices in Canada.. Canada’s online source of new car dealers. Find dealer prices. Includes Free Canadian Insurance quotesfor rate comparison from top insurance companies in Canada.

CarGuide123 Article Directory with links to numerous articles providing useful information for current and potential car owners. See also CarGuide123 Resource Directory with links to useful resources on Auto Loans and Financing, Auto Repair and Maintenance, Auto Warranty, Car Buyer Services, Car Dealers, Car Makes and Models, Car Reviews, Classifieds and Auctions, Consumer Information, Customization and Accessories. New Car Buying Advice, Check list for buying a Used Car, Buying versus Leasing, plus other useful information on car loans and auto financing facts.

Cars from Discovery Includes History of Cars Timeline 1769-1997.

  • Manufacturer Spotlight: Ferrari, Ford, Rolls Royce.
  • Automobile Pioneers: Nikolaus August Otto, Gottlieb Daimler, Rudolph Diesel, Henry Ford, Charles Franklin Kettering.
  • Now and Next: Custom Cars, Environmental Cars, Concept Cars.
  • Cars on Screen: Famous cars in movies.
  • Crash Classic – Game, Rides – Build the Car of Your Dreams.

    Cars. Links to useful automobiles sites and Car Manufacturers: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, VW, Volvo, SAAB, Subaru, Ferrari, and Lotus.

    Consumer Guide: New Cars Guide & Used Cars Guide. Click to view cars by class from Acura to Volvo.

    Detroit Historical Museum – Exhibits – Motor City. Many historical photos: First car in Detroit, Early auto factories, Hand-assembly, Building cars, Oldsmobile, 1908 Olds Engine Plant, Ransom E. Olds, Henry Ford, Mass productiion, 1930s body drop, 1950s body drop, Every 60 seconds (movie), and more. Includes 4 videos in View Multimedia section. (Don’t bother viewing Videos 3 & 4 as they are the same as Videos 1 & 2 as of 9 Dec. 2005). New Car Prices & Info – Complete Resources for Evaluating & Buying Cars in U.S. Used Car Prices & Info – Complete Resources for Appraising, Buying & Selling. Get vehicle information on: Selling Prices, Reviews & Specs, Consumer Ratings, Photos, Rebates & Incentives, Consumer Advice / Tips.

    History Channel – This Day in History – Automotive.

    How Cars Measure Up (in PDF, 2 pages in color) from Insurance Bureau of Canada. Car thefts cost Canadian consumers almost $600 million per year in insurance premiums. Theft results listed in this brochure give you a good indication of which vehicles are stolen most often and how much these thefts are costing the insurance industry. See also other Consumer Brochures.

    Kelly Blue Book for United States. Trade-in Values, Used Car Retail Value, New Car Previews, New Car Pricing, Buying & Selling, Tools, Tips, & Advice, free trade-in and retail values on used street motorcycles and dirt bikes, ATVs, scooters, mopeds and sidecars, and used personal watercraft & snowmobiles.

    NewCarDealers. New Car Dealers, New Car Reviews, New Car Price Quotes, New Car Loans, Car Rebates & Incentives. Find prices on new cars and trucks. Get a new car price quote and buy a new car online.

    Used Cars Central. Used cars with photos. Free to post, search, buy and sell.

    Used Cars Ontario. Free automotive photo classifieds for Ontario, Canada. Useful links and articles on buying new or used cars, travel tips, vehicle care and more!

    Used Cars Plus. is your online source to review, research, and find used cars for sale online.

    The Worst Cars by Dan Lienert, from Featuring 10 worst cars on the market (2005 models), based on 3 criteria: worst crash test scores, lowest projected reliability, and lowest projected residual values. Slide show available. See also The Worst Cars of All Time.

    629.227 Bicycles, Minibikes, Motorcycles, (Motor cycles)

    America on the Move. Introduction to the Smithsonian’s Bicycle Collection. Contents: Anatomy of the Bicycle, Development of the Bicycle, Bicycle History from the late 19th century, Collections of Bicycles: 1818-1965. Lots of photos.

    The Bicycle Museum of America. View photos of bicycles in these periods: 1810-1895, 1896-1899, 1900-1934, 1935-1938, 1940-1952, and 1952-1998. Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) – Site Map. Education Issues & Programs include Bicycling Education: Changing Bicyclist and Driver Behavior. Image Library includes Bicycling Pictures.

    Science of Cycling from What is the Science of Cycling? Why do road bikes have thin tires, while mountain bikes have fat tires? What is a gear ratio? What are the best materials for frames? How do you stop and steer a bicycle? What is skin friction? Why is the bicycle the most efficient way to travel? and more.

    Fatality Facts: Bicycles. Only 2% of motor vehicle-related deaths are bicyclists. Statistics from U.S. Fatality Facts: Motorcycles.

    Hog Heaven: Celebrating 100 Years of the Harley Davidson. Image Galleries: Harley-Davidsons at Work, at War, and at Play, Harley Ads (1911-1922), Harley Articles (1911-1914); Web Resources: Harley-Davidson & Motorcycle Links; Print Resources: Harley-Davidson History, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and Harley Davidson Pictorial Works.

    How Bicycles Work from How Stuff Works.

    Motorcycles. Motorcycle Directory, Motorcycle Articles, Motorcycle Sites.

    Pedal Power: News. Consolidated News: Pedal Power Tools, Foot Power and Bicycle Pedal Power News.

    Propelled by Pedals: A Fun Guide to Bikes. Site provides information and fun activities about bicycles. In Pedaling through the Past: History of Bikes, you can click on a part of the wheel to see what happened in the 1400s, 1600s, 1800-1819, 1820-1859, 1860s, 1870s, 1880-1899, and 1900s. Under Pedalling Preferences, site shows photos and describes in detail the Different Kinds of Bikes: Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Hybrid Bike, BMX Bike (Bicycle Motorcross), Tandem Bikes, and Racing Bikes. Under Pedalling throught the Parts you can learn a bit about physics on How Bicycles Work: Force & Motion, Gravity, Inertia, and Friction. Includes bike safety, laws, accessories, jokes, riddles, crossword puzzles, poems, quizzes, and more.

    A Quick History of Bicycles. In 1817 Baron von Drais invented a walking machine. In 1865, a two-wheeled riding machine made its appearance. In 1870, the first all metal machine was built. In the 1960s, the “English 3-speed” bikes made their appearance. In the 1970s, 10-speed bikes became popular.

    Safety Tips for Bicycles. Safety Tips for Motorcycles.

    Ultrablade’s Motorcycle Tour Guide to France and Spain – UK, plus numerous Travel Sites including Alex’s BMW Motorcycle & Global Touring and Jacek and Greg all over the World – Canada. (Pop-up ads).

    World Wide Bicycling Resources. List of bicycling-related sites and info. Clubs, Touring Companies, Rides, Magazines, Manufacturers, Travelling with Your Bicycle, Women’s Cycling, Tour de France, etc.

    629.28 Automobile driver education, Automobile drivers, (Driver education), (Car driver education), Automobile parts, Automobiles – Fuel consumption, (Gas prices, Gasoline prices), Automobiles – Maintenance and repair, (Car maintenance), (Car repair)

    55 Alive Driver Refresher Course from Canada Safety Council. Includes Course Content, Safety Tips for the Older Driver, Safety and the Aging Driver.

    AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report. AAA’s Media Site for Retail Gasoline Prices. Charts National and State by State Unleaded Gas Average Prices (*Prices quoted are in US dollars per gallon), 12 Month Average Price for Regular Unleaded Gas, and Highest Recorded Price. AAA Fuel Cost Calculator. Calculate the estimated fuel cost of your trip. Enter Starting City, Destination, Vehicle Make, Vehicle Year, Vehicle Model, and Results will show number of Miles for One-Way and for Round Trip, number of Gallons Used, and the Fuel Cost.

    Automotive Technology Lesson Planning Assistance. Categories: Auto Learning Online, Car Buying Guides, Directories & Link Lists, New and Alternative Technology, Environmental Issues, Lesson Plans and Activities, History of the Automobile, Math and Science, Safety, plus Links:

    Canada Safety Council – Traffic Safety. Contents include:

    Car Care Directory from Auto Media. Includes hundreds of helpful articles to assist you with your car care needs: Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning, Tips and Advice, and numerous other topics. Site also includes new and used car reviews, price quotes, buying guides.

    Car Parts New and Used – Online source for new and used car parts in the UK.

    Danger Signals: How Sleepy Are You? Sleeping and Driving Don’t Mix. Try the Online Quizzes: Drowsy Driving or Sleep Quiz, Drivers 55-Plus Self Rating, and Aggressive Driving Quiz.

    Driver’s Handbook Online from Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO). Includes Traffic Signs and Lights, Road Signs in Ontario.
    Site also includes:

    Drive Wise: The Driver’s Refresher Seminar for Mature Canadians. Drive Wise is a free (Ontario Provincial Police) OPP-delivered seminar that provides tips, suggestions and driving strategies, which are preventive measures against the most likely causes of collisions and mishaps faced by mature Canadians on the road. Download free videos from Drive Wise Video Resource Centre. More information available at DriveWise On-line Driver Safety Knowledge Centre, Archives and Resources.

    Driving Defensively from National Safety Council (NSC). See also other On the Road Fact Sheets:

    • Driving at Night.
    • Driving in the Rain.
    • Drowsy Driving.
    • Drunk Driving.
    • Tips for Driving with ABS (Anti-Lock Brake Systems).
    • What To Do When Your Brakes Fail.
    • What To Do If You Have a Blowout on the Highway.
    • What To Do When You Are Involved in a Car Crash.
    • What To Do If Your Car Catches on Fire.
    • Quick Safety Seat Checkup Tips, Fact Sheet: Air Bags and Seat Belts When Used Properly Save Lives.
    • Young Drivers, and more.

    Fuel Economy from United States Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Find and Compare Cars. Gas Mileage Tips. Fuel Economy Guide. Gasoline Price Data for U.S. Cities. EPA Fuel Economy Ratings from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. How to Calculate Your MPG (Miles Per Gallon). Save Money.

    Gas Prices Around the World from CNN Money. See also:

    • Find cheap gas in your city. Select a location in Canada or United States to view today’s low and high gas prices. Comprised of 170 gas price information web sites that help consumers find low gasoline prices.
    • Toronto Gas Prices – Find cheap gas prices in Ontario, Canada. Check out gas pump locations for Lowest Regular Gas Prices in the Last 24 Hours, as well as Highest Regular Gas Prices in the Last 24 Hours. Search Diesel prices. Includes Historical Gas Price Charts: View 1-month to 3-year Average Retail Price Chart for Regular Gasoline.
    • The Real Cost of Oil – How much are we paying for a gallon of gas? From Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS).
    • Peak Oil News. Consolidated News: Production Theory about the Peak Oil Crisis and Peak Oil Survival.

    Gasoline Prices, Finding the Cheapest Gas in the United States, Gas Mileage Tips, Your MPG Will Vary, Best and Worst MPG, Find and Compare Cars, Cars That Don’t Need Gasoline from United States Department of Energy.

    Hybrid Cars: News. Consolidated News: Hybrid Cars, Hybrid Vehicles and Hybrid Technologies.

    Most Fuel Efficient Cars on the Market from Forbes.

    Motor Vehicle Usage in the USA in PDF. Motor Vehicle Registrations (total number of motor vehicles), Miles of Travel, Fuel Consumption, and Licensed Drivers from U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Highway Administration’s Highway Statistics. See also OAA Quick Facts in PDF on U.S. Motor Vehicle Industry Domestic and International Trade from the Office of Automotive Affairs.

    The New Generation of Safety: Avoiding accidents through new technology by Cathy Orme/ Passive Safety, Proactive Safety, Smart Cars.

    Ontario’s Drive Clean. Ontario’s Smog Plan is to reduce emissions of NOx and VOCs by 45% from 1990 levels by the year 2015. All vehicles 3 or more years old in Ontario must pass an emission test every 2 years before licence plates can be renewed. Includes interactive educational games and exercises for Primary, Junior, and Secondary School students.

    Personal: Transportation from Natural Resources Canada. Personal Vehicles Initiative provides helpful tips on buying, driving and maintaining your vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions:

    • Fuel Consumption Ratings
    • Compare Vehicles
    • Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
    • Tips on Buying a Vehicle.
    • EnerGuide Label for Canadian Vehicles.
    • Quick Tips on Auto$mart Vehicle Maintenance, and more. from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – Mission: Save lives, prevent injuries, reduce vehicle-related crashes. Contents: Equipment and Safety: Become a smarter driver – Tire ratings and safety information, Air bag safety information, Rollover prevention information. Five Star Crash Test and Rollover Ratings. Defects and Recalls: Think your vehicle has a defect? File a complaint, Ongoing investigations, Check for recalls. Plus Multimedia (Crash Dummy Video Clips, Rollover Video Clips), FAQ and Contact Information for NHTSA Headquarters, Washington, DC: Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236, M-F 8am-10pm.

    Safety Tips for Car Drivers from Federal Motor Carrier Safety (FMCS), U.S. Department of Transportation. See also:

  • Driving Safety for Teenagers from Child Development Institute (CDI).
  • Hazards: Factsheet: Winter Driving from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • Winter Driving. Safe winter driving tips, Prepare your vehicle for winter driving, Traction advisories and what they mean, from Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).
  • Winter Driving – Be Prepared, Be Safe! from Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

    629.454 Moon – Exploration, Space flight to the moon, (Luna expeditions), (Astronauts)

    Astronaut Biographies. Biographies of career astronauts, e.g. Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Jr. and Payload Specialist Astronauts e.g. Roberta Bondar, plus other Astronaut Information on the NASA World Wide Web.

    Lunar Exploration from the National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC). Data from Ranger, Surveyor, Lunar Orbiter, Apollo, Galileo, Clementine, and many Soviet missions, are currently available from NSSDC. Includes Lunar Exploration Timeline.

    630 Agriculture, Agricultural engineering, Farms, (Farmers), (Farming), Farm life, Farm management, Farm produce, Family farms

    633.1 Grain, (Rice), (Wheat), (Corn), (Barley)

    All About Wheat from Wheat Mania! Planting and Growing Wheat, Harvesting Wheat, Wheat Uses & Products, Learning About Wheat, Wheat Trivia.

    Barley from The World’s Healthiest Foods. Contents include: Health Benefits, Description, History, How to Select and Store, How to Enjoy, Safety, Nutritional Profile.

    Corn / Corn on the Cob. History of Corn, Learn All About Corn, Choosing Corn, How To Cook Corn – The Right Way! plus Recipes.

    International Year of Rice 2004. Devoting a year to a commodity is an unprecedented step in United Nations history and for good reasons. Contents include: All about rice (Top 10 rice producers), Rice and us, Fact sheets, Rice around the world, Kids (Rice quiz, Art gallery), Rice recipes, and more.

    634.9 Forest fires

    A Hot Shot Photo Journal. Follow a U.S. Forest Service Hotshot Crew as they fight forest fires in America’s wilderness. Color photographs. Includes Forest Fire Links. See also 150 photos on forest fires from Netscape weather.

    Fire Information Cache: Fire and Natural Resources from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Three Rivers, CA. Includes Annual Fire Reports, Current Fire Information, Fire Maps, Fire and Park Resources – Online research papers on fire and fire management: Giant Sequoias and Fire, Fire Effects Monitoring, Fire History, Fire and GIS (Geographic Information System), Fire and Forest Restoration, plus a Glossary of Fire Terms, a Fire Information Bibliography with many articles available online in PDF, and Fire Links.

    635 Gardens, Gardening, Vegetable gardening, Organic gardening, Horticulture

    Alphabetical List of Dr. Bob’s Gardening Tips from University of Florida Environmental Horticulture.

    American Garden Museum. Covers gardens big and small, urban and rural, gentle and outrageous, wildly expensive and affordable. Collects and shares American garden stories and pictures. Contents include Current and Previous Showcase Gardens, Botanical Archive (View popular and historical garden species with exquisite photos), and more.

    Breck's Bulbs Since 1818 Direct to you from Holland since 1818. Includes a Plant Finder, and 101 Gardening How-To Assistance: Topics:

  • About Bulbs: Spring Flowering, Summer Flowering, Winter Flowering (indoor).
  • Landscaping with Bulb: Bloom Time, Colour, Size, Uses in Landscape, Design Ideas and Concepts, Naturalizing, Best Bulbs for Cutting.
  • Planting and Care of Bulbs: Preparing Soil, Fertilization, Planting Location, Planting Depth, Which End Is Up? Spread, Watering, Foliage Care, Staking, Mulching, After Blooming, Digging and Storing.
  • Tips and Growing Instructions: Allium, Crocus, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Iris, Lilies, Tulips, Gladiolus, Dahlias, Begonias, Callas.
  • Buying Bulbs: About Breck’s Bulbs, Number of Bulbs to Buy, What to Do When Your Bulbs Arrive.

    Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Gardening Topics. Library of gardening information.

    Burpee Seeds and Plants. Started in 1876 as a garden and farm supply company, site now provides practical information on growing fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs, complete with prices and lots of excellent color photos. Accessories and resources are included. Take a 3D garden tour, check out gourmet recipes, tip of the day, article of the week, and get answers from an expert.

    Urban Agriculture Notes by City Farmer. Include: City Farmer Harvest Movie: Harvest Time at City Farmer’s Compost Garden with Sharon Slack. See also numerous other gardening ideas and tips for urban gardeners, e.g. Dog Waste Composter Step-By-Step, Using Compost to Start a Food Garden, and more.

    Garden Gate. Site offers a carefully-selected and well-organized collection of links to informative and interesting horticulture and gardening sites around the world. Garden Helper originates from Vermont. Its mission is to provide a place online where individuals with a love for growing things can Learn, Share, Plan and Shop. Learning resources provide you with vital information needed for gardening success. Information on plants, articles and guides added frequently.

    Garden Projects from

    Garden Web. Includes GardenWeb Forums, Gardening Tips, Site search engine, Garden Bazaar (directory of businesses), Calendar of Garden Events, Rosarian (roses, features articles, images and forums), Glossary of Botanical Terms, GardenWeb Australia, GardenWeb Europe (forum in six languages), GardenWeb Directory (plant societies, clubs, botanical gardens), Mystery Plant Contest, and more.

    Gardening from with gardening design tips, plant info, growing techniques and gardening advice.

    Gardening. Technical Articles and Tool Tips from Lee Valley Tools. Topics include: How to Save Your Poinsettia, Preserving Flowers for Future Use, Seed Collecting, Garden Mulch, Weed Control, Pest & Weed Control, Pruning, Grafting & Cuttings, Vegetable & Herb Gardening, and much more.

    Gardens for Every Body from University of Missouri – Columbia. Contents: Container Gardening, Raised Beds, Pathways, Trellis, Health and Safety, Special Considerations (for people with disabilities), Tool Shed.

    Home Gardening from Cornell University. The first edition of Home Gardening focuses on flowers, vegetables, and lawn care. Of special note are the databases of how-to information for hundreds of flowers, foliage plants, and vegetables.

    I Can Garden. Features numerous articles relating to gardening with a Canadian emphasis. Search Clubs, Gardens and Catalogs by category, by province/state, by country, and/or by keyword. Articles in the Kidz Korner suggest gardening activities for children. Garden Showcase displays lots of beautiful pictures of gardens from across Canada.

    636.088 Pets, Snakes as Pets, Pets – Names

    2000 Cat Names – Naming Your Kitten. Search for a name for your cat from A-Z.

    2000 Dog Names – Naming Your Puppy. Search for a name for your dog from A-Z.

    Bow Wow Meow: Pet-Names with Personality. Site provides thousands of pet names, their popularity, meanings and ratings.

    Cat and Dog Names. Collection of puppy and kitten names.

    Choosing the Right Pet Bird.

    Exotic Pet (Slow loading). Avian (Birds), Primates (Marmosets, Tamarins), Reptiles (Iguanas, Tortoises), Small Animals (Sugar Gliders, Rabbits, Ferrets). Includes The Top Ten Bird Killers – Many birds die before their time as a result of mistakes made by their owners, either unintentionally or through ignorance. Learn about the top ten reasons birds die. West Nile Virus: What You Must Know for Your Bird’s Sake.

    Importation of Dogs into the United States. Also Cats, Turtles, Monkeys, Live Bats – from National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    Petco Store Locator – Over 750 Petco stores across the U.S. New Pet Center. Helpful info on welcoming home your New Dog, New Cat, New Bird, New Fish, New Small Animal, New Reptile & Amphibian. Articles on care of your pet. Download and print Companian Animal Care Sheets in PDF. Petfinder Adoption Center – Searchable database of animals that need homes from more than 9,000 animal shelters and adoption agencies across the USA, Canada and Mexico.

    Pets and Pet Health from MedlinePlus. Contents include: Latest News: FDA Issues Consumer Alert on Contaminated Pet Food, Overviews: Healthy Pets, Healthy People – Browse by Disease, Healthy Pets, Healthy People – Search by Animal, Treatment: First Aid for Pets, Prevention/Screening, Nutrition, Specific Conditions, Research, Glossary, Directories: Find a Hospital – Find a veterinary hospital near you in United States or Canada, Organizations, Law and Policy, Children, and more. – Canada’s pet information center for dogs, cats and humans. Contents include: Articles, Ask the vet, Breed Profiles, Bulletin board, Dog Parks, In the news, Lost & found, Newsletter, Pet nutrition, Pet tips, Charity. Sites: Meow (Cats), Woof (Dogs), Exotic pets, Pet cemetery, Pet Humour, Contests. Business: Pets – 411, and more.

    Snakes as Pets from

    World Wide Pet Names Project. Select from A-Z of 7500 pet names. You can also add your own favorite pet name.

    636.7 Dogs, Dogs – Breeding, Dogs – Care, Dogs – Psychology, Dogs – Training, Guide dogs, (Puppies)

    American Kennel Club. AKC Recognized Breeds, Featured Breed, Search for National Breed Clubs, Rescue Network provides information about purebred rescue, Dog and Litter Registration Statistics (ranking of 150 breeds), Life with Dogs, and more.

    Canine & Explosives Program from Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Explosives Detection Canine Teams are a proven reliable resource to detect explosives and a proven deterrent to terrorism directed towards transportation systems. Contents include: Fact Sheet, Training, Breeds, Program History & Description, TSA Dogs & Aviation Security, How is the dog trained to find explosives? TSA Puppy Program Photo Gallery, and more.

    Canine’s Role in Urban Search and Rescue from FEMA Urban search-and-rescue (US&R). Contents: New York Urban Search & Rescue Canine Photos, Fact Sheet, Kid’s Page, Evaluation Criteria – Canine Readiness Evaluation Process.

    Canines from U.S. Customs and Border Protection – Border Security. Over 800 canine teams expedite inspections at the U.S. borders. They work tirelessly to combat terrorist threats, stop the flow of illegal narcotics, detect unreported currency, concealed humans, and smuggled agriculture products.

    CIA’s K-9 Corps from Central Intelligence Agency. Not every dog has what it takes to be in the K-9 Corps and many are rejected. At the end of their school, the dogs report for the tough and rewarding job of guarding the people of the CIA. K-9 Corps dogs are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They receive top veterinary care, spotless kennels, and caring partners whom they live with. Meet the K-9 Dogs – Top Dog All the Way.

    Dog Breed Info Center. Site provides detailed information on breeds from all groups. Includes care articles, amazing dog photos, breed selector, and a listing of breeders.

    Dog Central’s Online Guide to Dog Breeds. A-Z.

    Dog Health & Behavior Articles from Articles written by various pet experts in the fields of dog health, dog training and behavior. Site includes a Dog Breed Directory with brief descriptions of a variety of dog breeds.

    Dogs and More Dogs. NOVA presents the story of dogs and how they evolved into the most diverse mammals on the planet. Includes articles, slide show, teacher’s guide, and resources.

    Dogs in Canada – Alphabetical index to over 200 Dog Breeds. The Canadian Kennel Club categorizes its recognized breeds into seven groups, based chiefly on their original function. For each breed, site provides Photo of Dog, plus information on its Origin, Temperament, Activity Level, Height/Weight, Coat, Colour, and Grooming.

    FBI Working Dogs. Contents: What is a working dog? Did you know…? “We all give off cells, gasses, and vapors. These cells and odors act like smoke. So dogs, who have 44 times the sniffing power of humans, can pick up the scent and follow it. … Depending on the conditions, dogs can pick up a scent up to a half a mile away!” Chemical Explosive Dogs, Narcotic Detection Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Service Dogs.

    Gallery of Dog Breeds from

    Guide Dogs of America: An International Guiding Eyes Program. Training, Apprenticeship, Breeds and Matching Process, In-For-Training, Adoption, Retiring, Veterinary, and Kennels.

    The Pet Professor. Directory of dog breeders around the world, behaviour & training of dogs, feeding & nutrition, Pets in the media, and more.

    643 Houses – Maintenance and repair, Electric household appliances, Electric apparatus and appliances, (Home repairs)

    Appliance Repair, Tips & Help from Provides information and advice on: Where and how to find and order appliance parts, How appliances work, Maintenance tips, Answers to common questions about appliances (FAQ), how to Locate appliance model number, where to find and order Accessories, Appliance Recall Information, plus you can Email the RepairGuru for help with your specific problem.

    DIY Home Improvement. How to do it yourself. How-To Categories: Painting, Drywall-Sheetrock-Wallboard, Wallcoverings, Flooring, Window repairs and Installation, Furniture Refinishing, Gardening & Landscaping, Kitchen and Baths, Decorating and Interior Design, Carpentry, Ceilings, Electrical, Plumbing, Cooling & Heating, Insulation & Saving Energy, Masonry, Roofing, Woodworking, and FAQ’s (Lots of Answers Here).

    Friendly Plumber: Plumbing 101. Do-it-yourself home improvement and repairs. Contents: care & cleaning, decorating & remodeling, dishwasher, emergency preparedness, energy efficiency, faucet, garbage disposer, pipe, septic system, sink & drain, toilet, washing machine & dryer, water conservation, water heater, and misc.

    PartSelect – Fix Your Appliance. 50,000 Appliance Parts In Stock! Over 1,000,000 Appliance Parts online.

    648 Cleaning, Bleaching, (House cleaning), (Stain removal)

    Carpet Stain Index. Stain removal guide for carpets sponsored by Wear-Dated.

    Carpet Stain Removal Guide Index from STAINMASTERВ® Carpet.

    Dilmaghani’s Interactive Stain Removal Chart.

    DIY (Do It Yourself) Stain Removal. What stain are you trying to remove? Enter the type of stain to search for answers, e.g. candle wax, mud, ink, ballpoint pens, felt tip pens, blood, fruit & fruit juices, iron mould or rust, colas, tobacco, cigarette burns, smoke & soot, etc.

    Heloise’s Top 10 Hints, A Year’s Worth of Stain Removal Hints from HeloiseВ&reg, Heloise’s Quick Clothing Repair Hints, Odor Buster Hints, and more.

    How to Clean – Stain Removal Guide.

    Quick ‘n Easy Stain Removal from Family and Consumer Sciences, Ohio State University.

    Stain Removal from The International Guild of Professional Butlers. Practical tips on how to remove Adhesive Tape, Chewing Gum, Rubber Cement, Beverage Stains, Blood Stains, Candle Wax, Catsup (Ketchup) Tomato Sauce Stains, Chocolate Stains, Cosmetic Stains, Crayon, Dairy Product Stains, Deodorant Stains, Egg Stains, Ink Stains, Lipstick, etc.

    Stain Removal from Silk Road Textile Merchants.

    Stain Removal Chart from Ulster Linen Co. Inc.

    Stain Removal for Washable Fabrics from University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the United States Department of Agriculture.

    Stain Removal Guide by Anne Field. Scroll down to bottom of page to locate alphabetical index A-X

    Stain Removal Index for Fabric, Carpet and Absorbent Surfaces from

    Stain Removal Links.

    Tide Fabric Care Network – Stain Detective. Select your stain, fabric, color, and follow directions to remove stain.

    The Top 21 Holiday, Party and Everyday Stains … and how to remove them.

    Wacky Uses. Discover hundreds of little-known uses for well-known products.

    648.7 Molds (Fungi) – Control

    Biological Hazards: Indoor Air Quality – Moulds and Fungi from Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety. Why does mould grow in homes or buildings? What are some types of mould? How do moulds contribute to health problems? What can I do to prevent mould contamination? What should I look for during an inspection? How should I clean up the mould?

    A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home from United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Illustrated. Mold basics, Why is mold growing in my home? Can mold cause health problems? How do I get rid of mold?

    Facts About Mold from New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. What is mold? How do I recognize it? What does mold need to grow? How are people exposed to mold? What are the health effects of mold? Should I see a doctor if I have been exposed to mold? How can mold be prevented? How can I safely clean mold in my home? What does my landlord have to do? See also Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environments. Executive Summary, Introduction, Health Issues, Environmental Assessment, Remediation, Hazard Communication, Conclusion.

    Fighting Mold – The Homeowners’ Guide from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Contents include: Understanding mold, How can you tell if it is mold? Discoloration, Smell/Odour, How to clean up small and moderate mold problems, Basic steps to prevent and reduce mold growth, Mold-proofing your home, room by room, FAQs about mold.

    Got Mold? Frequently Asked Questions About Mold from Washington State Department of Health.

    Household Mold. Practical Mold Tips for Homeowners from National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). See also Scientific Literature Review of Mold. A Report on the Health Effects of Indoor Mold.

    Managing Mold in Your Florida Home: A Consumer Guide with photos and charts, from Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC). Contents include: What is mold? Molds (and mildew) are fungi. Fungi are neither plant nor animal but, since 1969, have their own kingdom. There are 4 critical requirements for mold growth: available mold spores, available mold food, appropriate temperatures, and considerable moisture. Determining If You Have Mold (see photos of mold), Practices That Will Minimize Mold Growth.

    Mold from ToolBase Services, housing industry’s resource for technical information on building products, materials, new technologies, business management, and housing systems. Topics include: The Mold Issue: It Just Keeps Growing, and Growing, and Growing…, Mold in Residential Buildings lists strategies that can help minimize mold growth, and numerous other articles.

    Mold and Fungi, the Poisons Within from Aerias. What mold is, Sources of mold, Testing for mold, Health problems associated with mold, Decreasing exposure to mold, Dealing with mold after a flood, Cleaning procedures for mold, Other mold-related resources.

    Mold Dangers & Remedies by Jon Traudt. Illustrated. Negative health effects of mold, What molds are hazardous? How do we know if toxic mold is present? Who is most at risk from toxic mold exposure? Evaluation and clean up procedures for mold, Recommendations for mold prevention and mitigation.

    Mold: Facts from Air Pollution and Respiratory Health Branch, National Center for Environmental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Contents include: How can people decrease mold exposure? Specific Recommendations.

    Mold in My Home: What Do I Do? Indoor Air Quality Info Sheet, from California Department of Health Services.

    Mold Issues – Articles in PDF from Building Science Corporation. Papers deal with preventing mold problems include: What You Need To Know About Mold, Mold Testing, Mold Remediation in Occupied Homes, Mold: Causes, Health Effects and Clean-up, Everything You Need to Know About Mold.

    Safety and Health Topics: Molds and Fungi from Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Department of Labor. Includes information relevant to molds and fungi in the workplace: Standards, Hazard Recognition, Detection Methods, Control and Clean-up, and link to Mold related web sites.

    Study Confirms Mold Causes Health Problems from

    649 Parenting, Child care, Child rearing, Children and adults, Children’s allowances

    Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems:
    Completely Revised and Updated
    by Dr. Richard Ferber
    Note: This title will be released on March 28, 2006.
    May order now, will ship when book arrives.
    В В В ВDr. Richard Ferber is the Director of the Center
    for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Children’s Hospital Boston

  • Bedtime for Cry Babies from CBS News.
  • The Ferber method demystified by BabyCenter editorial staff. Chances are, you’ve heard about Richard Ferber and his approach to teaching your baby how to sleep. His philosophy, often referred to as “Ferberizing,” calls for a variety of strategies, including letting your baby cry for a set period of time before you comfort her. See also:
  • Q&A: The sleepless child by Richard Ferber, MD, from Children’s Hospital Boston, Pediatric Views. Contents include: At what age should a baby who still wakes at night be considered to have a sleep problem? What’s the best way to diagnose the cause of a sleep problem? What are the most important factors in getting babies to sleep well? How much sleep should children generally get? At what age should kids stop napping?
  • Richard Ferber, MD – Go-to-sleep methods by Laura Stavoe Harm. Philosophy, What you have to do, What you might like about the technique, Drawbacks.
  • 10 Keys to Successful Parenting
  • 10 Common Mistakes Parents Make
  • 10 Simple Rules for Protecting Your Children from Sex Offenders & Child Predators
  • 10 Groundrules for Stepfamilies and other articles from ParenthoodWeb.

    Basic Parenting Fact Sheet/Card. Basic Parenting Principles Cards from The WonderWise Parent at Kansas State University. See also Elements: Parenting by Nature: Earth, Sky, Fire, Water, as well as Online Courses: Responsive Discipline, Caring Works, Grandletters.

    Being the Best Parent. Teach More/Love More, Nurture Your Child by A Lifetime Commitment, Six positive things I can do for my child, plus Parenting Basics: Articles from Oakland Schools, in cooperation with University of Florida, ICARE (Institute for Child and Adolescent Research and Evaluation).

    Good Parenting from Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. See also Surviving Adolescence – a toolkit for parents and other Factsheets for parents, teachers and young people.

    650 Business

    1000+ Links To Advertise For Free from Golden Bridge Trade Center: Best Source for Import/Export Trade Leads. Site provides a list of URLs that will promote your business. Some may charge a small fee to get your business listed. Most are free. See also Today’s Trade/Business News.

    B2B Yellow Pages, Business to Business Search Directory. Contents include: US Yellow Pages, US White Pages, US Local, Canada, International, Reverse Yellow Pages, Weather, Maps, Directions, Nearby Search, City Guides, US City Search, Top Business Resources, Web Subject Directory, Free Business Magazines, Free Business Resources, B2B News by Industry, and What’s Popular on

    Business Search – Online Directory. Search by Business Category or by Name. Also available: Search by Distance or Search by Phone Number – Reverse Lookup. Example: Search for Pizza Hut in All of U.S.A. – Results Found: 7051 pizza hut nationwide, addresses of Pizza Hut locations, their local phone numbers, plus Yellow Pages Ads if available.

    Chamber of E-Commerce – Business Directory. Small Business Resources – Ecommerce. Online chamber of commerce provides business resources for small business, work at home businesses, and business to business companies. (Pending 12Aug05)

    Small Business Center. Small business solutions from Microsoft.

    Business Daily. Covers a wide range of current Internet resources, Travel, Sport, World News by Continents, Politics, Science, Market Summary, Business in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America, Currency, Taxes, and more.

    CBSC – Canada Business Service Centres. Gateway to Canadian Business Information. How to start, expand, buy a business, etc. Business laws and regulations across Canada.

    Ontario Business Connects. Register your business online in about 20 minutes, as well as register your GST (Goods & Services Tax), payroll deductions, and corporate income tax online. Find information on how to start a business, expand your business, buy a business or a franchise

    QuickMBA: Knowledge to Power Your Business. Categories: Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Marketing, Operations, Statistics, and Strategy. See example: Summary of Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People under Management. See also Quick MBA Site Map.

    Wall Street Executive Library: Business Toolkit. Collection of links to the Web’s Best Business Information Sites, mainly from U.S. and Canada with a few major International sites.

    658.3 Wages, (Salaries), (Compensation), (Income)

    CEO Compensation Index by Company. Executive PayWatch. Search A-Z by company or corporation name.

    Executive Pay – CEO Compensation, Midas List – ranking of individuals who deploy venture capital to create wealth for investors.

    Ontario Ministry of Finance, Salary Disclosure 2004 (Disclosure for 2003). Find out which public sector employee made over $100,000 in salary in 2003. Choose from categories: Government of Ontario (Ministries, Legislative Assembly and Offices, Judiciary), Crown Agencies, Municipalities and Services, Hospitals and Boards of Public Health, School Boards, Universities, Colleges, Other Public Sector Employers, and Organizations with No Salaries to Disclose. Details available in PDF.


  • Auctions
  • Chain stores, Department stores, Discount stores, (Online shopping), Shopping centers and malls, (Shopping malls)
  • Marketing, Market research, Retail trade, (Merchandising), Direct selling, Telemarketing
  • Online bookstores


ebay.comeBay USAВ В eBay Canada


Learn how eBay works. Educational tutorial on Getting Started: How to Register, How to find Items, How to Research, How to Bid or Buy, How to Pay, How to Buy Safely. Online Fraud Resource Center. Contents include: What to Do If You Are Ripped Off Online, Identity Theft Resources, AuctionBytes Articles about Fraud, plus Auction Site Seller Fees, eCommerce Resources, Upcoming On Site Auctions Across North America, and more. World’s biggest person-to-person online trading community. Giant marketplace with more than 19,000,000 items for sale in over 35,000 categories. ebay.comenables trade on a local, national and international basis with customized sites in markets around the world in 27 countries.

. Find auction items in various categories, currently include: Antiques (673), Art (6,983), Books (1,611), Business & Industrial (469), Cameras & Photo (3,245), Cars, Parts & Accessories (1,920), Clothing, Shoes & Accessories (31,259), Coins (4,891), Collectibles (4,683), Computers & Networking (28,802), Consumer Electronics (5,525), Crafts (4,760), DVDs & Movies (21,511), Entertainment Memorabilia (1,188), Health & Beauty (3,132), Home & Garden (11,523), Jewelry & Watches (27,576), Miscellaneous (923), Mobile Phones (11,568), Music (2,691), Musical Instruments (1,712), Pottery & Glass (593), Real Estate (41), Specialty Services (86), Sporting Goods & Fan Shop (13,084), Sports Cards & Memorabilia (4,069), Stamps (261), Tickets (20), Toys & Hobbies (1,175), Travel (278), and Video Games (2,656).

ToggleBot. A metasearch for auctions site. Search auction items posted at, eBay, and Yahoo! Auctions.

Yahoo! Auctions. Submit ads for free. Choose one category to place your listing. May upload up to 3 photos or pictures.

Chain stores, Department stores, Discount stores, (Online shopping), Shopping centers and malls, (Shopping malls) Today’s Deals

The All-Internet Shopping Directory – Find shopping sites in categories such as home and garden, online shopping malls, flowers and gift, food and drink, health and beauty, travel and tourism, pet stores, arts and entertainment, etc.

. Shop online for clothing, outerware, shoes, accessories, clearance items, geared to teenage girls. Site includes: Alloy e-zine, Entertainment, Style, Your Life, Connect (bulletin boards), Superquiz, Vote 4 Your School, Win prizes.

Go Online Shopping Directory in the United States. Includes: Apparel, Automotive, Baby Shops, Department Stores, Drug Stores, Gifts & Flowers, Groceries, Home & Garden, Jewelers, Pet Supplies, Toys, etc.

The Home Depot. Store Locator can find The Home Depot nearest you. Simply select the country and city. Home Depot online stores are now open in several U.S. cities.

. Sections include: Store Locator & Hours, Gifts, Gift Cards, Bridal Registry, Bed & Bath, Dining, Housewares, Women (Fashion and Accessories), Men, Juniors, Kids, Shoes and Boots, Beauty, Jewelry, Watches, Sale, Holiday Lane, Cashmere, Home Decor, Rugs, Electronics, Luggage, and a Glossary of Terms.

mySimon helps you shop for millions of products at thousands of online stores by showing product availability, shipping specifications, and by comparing prices. Service is fast, easy to use and free; just type in a product to search. Goals of Netcheck: to protect consumers and to promote a safe and ethical Internet. Search a company’s Internet consumer record (only applies to Netcheck members), file a compliment or a complaint, file an unsolicited email problem, file a SPAM complaint, file a copyright dispute, shop geographically or shop by category, and check out Netcheck’s Scam Alert.

. Categories include: For the Home (Furniture & Decor, Appliances & Housewares), Garden & Patio (Patio Furniture, Hot Tubs), Toys (Bikes & Scooters, Outdoor Play), Electronics (Computers, Digital Cameras), Sports & Fitness (Exercise & Fitness, Hunting), Baby (Nursery, Gear), Video Games (PlayStation2, Xbox), Jewelry (Rings, Wedding & Engagement Rings), Pets (Dogs, Cats), Photo Center, Music, 88Вў Music Downloads, Movies, DVD Rentals, Books (Textbooks), Gifts & Flowers (Flowers & Plants, Gift Cards), Gift Registry, Wish List, Internet Access, Tires, Pharmacy, Vision Center, Vacations, Apparel, Financial Services, and more.

Marketing, Market research, Retail trade, (Merchandising), Direct selling, Telemarketing

Market Research Portal. Contents: Library of Articles consist of research articles written by professionals in the industry, Market Research Explained, Glossary of Terms, plus Industry News & Events from around the world.

Market Segmentation. Compiled by Ellen Terrell, Business Reference Services, Library of Congress. Demographic characteristics as well as behavior patterns are essential to niche marketing. Guide includes books, articles and online resources that discuss marketing to particular segments of the population: Generational (Child/Teen, Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomer/Mature), Ethnicity (African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino/Hispanic, Native American/American Indian), Geographic, Gender, Gay/Lesbian, Lifestyle.

Telemarketing. Fact sheet from CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission). The CRTC has been authorized to establish a national Do Not Call List (DNCL), select a third-party administrator for the national DNCL, and to levy administrative monetary penalties. You can register to have your telephone number(s) removed from marketing lists by mailing your request to the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), P.O. Box 706, Don Mills, Ontario M3C 2T6, or faxing it to (416) 441-4062 or by completing the registration form. See also New Rules for Canadian Marketeers from

Online bookstores

70 million books from around the corner and around the world are at your fingertips, online @ Feature Areas include: Rare Book Room, New & Used Textbooks, New Books, Book Club, Authors’ Corner, Libros en EspaГ±ol, Australia & New Zealand. Top Categories: Literature & Fiction, Arts, New & Used Textbooks, Children’s & Young Adult, History, Hobbies and Leisure, or Browse All Categories.

The world's largest online marketplace for books. – UK site of the world’s largest network for used, rare and out-of-print books. World’s largest online bookstore. Millions of books, many with reviews. Sells other products as well: Music (includes free downloads), DVD and Video, Software, Video Games, Toys, Consumer Electronics. Plus Home Improvement, Auctions, zShops, Gift Ideas. Today’s Deals.

В В В – U.S.A.В В В – Canada Canadian version of Books with reviews. Other products include: Audio CDs of Classical Music, Popular Music, DVD, Video, and Livres en français (French books).

BOL. In-depth, localized content focusing on national and international selection of books, music, DVD, video and gifts in United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, and China. Biography & Autobiography, Business & Economics, Children Fiction & Nonfiction, Family & Relationships, Fiction, Health & Fitness, History, Religion & Spirituality, Travel, and more. An online store that sells books, music and video. Search for new & used college textbooks.

FetchBook.Info: New & Used Books
Find the Lowest Price – Compare more than a hundred book stores, 60,000 sellers, in a click.

Spot Cost: Online and Local Price Comparison. Before buying, compare prices on books, music, movies, games, software, cameras, electronics, computers.

U.S. Government Online Bookstore. Government publications available for purchase from the U.S. Government Printing Office.

Varsity Books. Specializes in U.S. college textbooks as well as books that reflect moments in college life. Includes an Online Book Buy Back program.


Better Business Bureau Online. Mission: to promote trust and confidence on the Internet by encouraging sound and ethical online business practices, and to provide information to ensure better educated online consumers.

659.1 Advertising, Advertising – Newspapers, (Advertising layout and typography), (Advertisement copy), (Advertising, Pictorial), (Radio advertising), (Magazine advertising), (Television advertising), (Newspaper advertising)

Ad*Access. Presents images and database information for over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955. Ad*Access concentrates on five main subject areas: Radio, Television, Transportation, Beauty and Hygiene, and World War II. Please read copyright information.

. A historical study of advertising. Contents include: American Advertising: A Brief History. What is the ad trying to do? Who is the intended audience? What strategies are used to sell the product? What do ads reveal or conceal about an era? What else do you need to know to analyze an ad? Model interpretation: “A Skin You Love to Touch”. – Test your critical skills with these exercises designed to explore how advertisements work as historical evidence.

660.6 Biotechnology, Cloning, Genetic Engineering

About Biotech from Access Excellence, National Health Museum. Issues and Ethics, Biotech Applied (Pharmaceuticals, Food, Farms, & Forensics), and Biotech Chronicles (Biotech revolution profiled by pioneers and processes).

Biotech Adventures from Oklahoma State University. Basic information on how biotechnology works: What’s a Cell? Mitosis, Meiosis, Chromosomes and Karyotypes, DNA Structure, DNA Replication, Genetics, Reproduction, RNA, Protein. Also includes Teachers Resources, Techniques, Hands-on Application, and multimedia presentations. Your choice to run shockwave or non-shockwave version.

Biotechnology: An Information Resource. From the National Agricultural Library (NAL) of the US Department of Agriculture. Provides access to selected sources, services and publications covering many aspects of agricultural biotechnology. Web site content last revised: April 5, 2001. Note: This Biotechnology Resource Web site is no longer updated and is useful for general purposes only.

Biotechnology Fact Sheets from U.S. Department of State. Articles include USAID Fact Sheet on the Global Adoption of Biotechnology, WHO Answers Questions About Biotechnology Foods – U.N. agency’s answers cover safety, regulation and trade, and more.

Cloning Fact Sheet.

Council for Biotechnology Information. Founders of the Council include Aventis, BASF, Bayer, Dow AgroSciences, Monsanto, etc. The Council believes that biotechnology can deliver significant benefits for consumers, farmers, the environment, and developing countries. Site covers Benefits of biotechnology, Opinions of leading scientists and other experts, Biotechnology in Canada, Links to other biotechnology sites, and more.

Genetic Engineering and Cloning: Improving Nature or Uncorking the Genie? from ThinkQuest. Contents include: Cloning and Genetic Engineering Defined, Brief History of Genetics, Current Applications of Genetic Engineering (Plants, Livestock, Human Genome Project, Disease Control), Cloning Techniques – Cells – Animals, and more.

Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers. Compiled by retired Professor Ron Epstein, San Francisco State University. Contents: Essays about genetic engineering, Genetically engineering human beings, Genetically engineered plants and food, Genetic engineering and biowarfare, Books on the dangers of genetic engineering, plus Internet links.

The Genetic Revolution by Dr. Patrick Dixon, Futurist – Free online book on genetic revolution, genetic disorders, human genome project, biotechnology, stem cells, genetic diseases, brave new world, genetically modified foods, eugenics. See also Human Cloning: Latest Human Cloning News, What is Genetic Engineering? and The Future of Biotechnology.

Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops: Why We Need A Global Moratorium. Contents: Overview, Toxins & Poison, Increased Cancer Risks, Food Allergies, Damage to Food Quality & Nutrition, Antibuiotic Resistance, Increased Pesticide Residues in the Soil and on Crops, Genetic Pollution, Damage to Benefical Insects and Soil Fertility, Creation of Genetically Engineered “Superweeds” and “Superpests”, Creation of New Viruses and Bacteria, Genetic “Bio-Invasion”, Socioeconomic Hazards, and Ethical Hazards.

S Korea unveils first dog clone from BBC News as reported in Nature magazine that scientists in South Korea have produced the first dog clones. Includes video “Scientists successfully clone dog.”

662.1 Fireworks, (Pyrotechnics)

American Pyrotechnics Association. Safety Information. Contents: Facts and Figures, FAQ about Fireworks, Consumer Fireworks Safety Tips, Be on the Lookout, Glossary of Pyrotechnic Terms, General Information for Fire Service Professionals, as well as Directory of State Laws on Fireworks with a map showing state fireworks control laws in all 50 states, and Fireworks Links.

Family Fireworks Safety from Natural Resources Canada. Lessons 1-4, including Historical Perspective, What Is Pyrotechnics? Fireworks Quiz, Fireworks Table, Acrostic Poem, Fireworks Classification, Health and Safety, Burns and Other Injuries, Final Knowledge Quiz, and Certificates from ERD (Explosives Regulatory Division).

Firework Top Ten Safety Code for Adults.

Fireworks-Related Injuries Fact Sheet from U.S. National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Topics: How extensive is the problem? Who is most likely to be injured? When and where do these injuries happen? and others.

668.5 Perfumes, Cosmetics

The Early History of Cosmetics< - 2 pages, from Symrise - Webzine, Germany.

osMoz: All on the Perfumes: History of Fragrances, Olfactory Groups – Each fragrance belongs to a specific olfactory category, Dictionary of Fragrances and Brands, Encyclopedia of over a hundred of the most commonly used raw materials in perfumery, Manufacturing techniques.

History of Cosmetics and Fashion Quiz crafted by “dobrov”. Test your knowledge of the origins of some cosmetics, scents and fashion trends.

The History of Perfume from

International Perfume Museum. Raw Materials, Techniques, Perfume Creation, History of Perfume, From the Advertisement to Marketing (view perfume ads 1539 – circa 1935).

Prohibited Ingredients in Cosmetics. See also Prohibited Ingredients and Related Safety Issues, Tattoos and Permanent Makeup from U. S. Food and Drug Administration, Office of Cosmetics and Colors Fact Sheet.

Tattoos: What You Need to Know, Tattoos and Permanent Makeup, Tattoos and Permanent Makeup Alarm, Are Cosmetics Safe? from MedicineNet.

672 Steel, Iron

All About Steel from LTV Corporation. Contents: Steel-Making Process, End User Markets, Steel Industry Links.

How Steel Is Made from Dofasco.

How Steel Is Made from UK Steel Association. Contents include: Diagrams showing steel process routes, Text descriptions of steel processes and products, and Examples of the varied uses of steel products.

How Steel Is Made. Selected links from American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Learning Center. See also Animated Steelmaking Flowline and Steel Finishing Flowline.

Iron Downunder. Education Factsheets from Australia. Properties of Iron, Iron in Australia, The Uses of Iron, Formation of Iron, Iron Glossary, Iron Quiz.

Microwave Steel Making. Microwave Steel: Faster, Cleaner, Cheaper. Note: “You shouldn’t try it at home … since it involves heating the raw materials up to 1,000 degrees Celsius.”

686.2 Typography, (Type design), (Typefaces), Type and type founding, Printing, Printing – Specimens, Typesetting, Linotype, Lithography, Offset printing

ABC Typography. This Virtual Museum of Typography is divided in four collections: the classical typefaces (1480-1890), the 20th century typefaces, the contemporary typefaces, and the unclassified typefaces (decorative and stylized fonts). An ID Card is provided for each typeface giving Date of birth, Nationality, Parent, Description, and Links.