National Anthems

National Anthems

Singapore Italy Netherlands Japan Malaysia Germany Finland China Brazil Austria France

Around the World in 80 Clicks by Don Carroll.

Free National Anthems MIDI Files from MIDI DATABASE.

Lyrics to National Anthems of Countries. No music, just lyrics. Links work well from home page only.

MIDISite National Anthem.

National Anthem MIDIs, Lyrics and World Flags. Laura’s MIDI Heaven! Music from around the world, multiple midi versions of national anthems, choose countries from A-Z, lyrics to most anthems available, images of as many as 10 different sizes and designs (some animated) of flags from a country available for viewing and copying.

National Anthems of Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe from National

National Anthems MIDI. Cool MIDI by Tebrino. USA anthem excluded.

National Anthems of the World from Magun’s Compass. Find a country from A-Z to hear its national anthem. Click on Flag link to see flag, travel notes, and related links to each country.

National anthems of the world – Nationalhymnen – himnos nacionales. Select national anthems from A-Z by countries. An unusual site which includes not only national anthems in MP3 format, i.e. in streaming files, in Real Audio and windows media formats, but also instrumental and vocal anthems, famous marches, plus information about countries and their leaders. National anthem from China includes text of lyrics in Chinese. Site provides instructions on how to download music files to your computer. Includes color photographs of money as well as photos of covers of different types of passports from various countries.

National Anthems Quiz from BBC. Radio Five Live – Name that national anthem. Listen to anthems and answer 8 multiple choice questions. Correct answers provided. This website is dedicated to providing information and audio downloads of national anthems. Online forum includes not only audio links, but also lyrics and sheet music of national, state, regional, and municipal anthems.

Nationalhymnen – National Anthems. Bilingual – German and English comments. Includes numerous versions of MIDI as well as old national anthems where applicable. Length of time for each Midi is indicated. Select a national anthem from A-Z by country name in English.

Yahoo! National Symbols and Songs.