Blade Runner – Future Vision

Scott's "Blade Runner" did not have it easy. The director of "Black Hawk Down" in 1982 was not just predominantly friendly film criticism and also faced a tough competition: Spielberg's "E.T.". No "Oscar" was seen far and wide, only two nominations. "Blade Runner" is a "visually, but also dramatically fascinating," futuristic ", a" science fiction western "that revolves around the...

Macbeth – A Modern Look

A rough mountain landscape: fog, wind and snow. Sound, oriental music. And in the middle of it a train of armed men, grim, bearded, wild. Are the Kalashnikovs carrying them over their shoulders? No, they are swords. We are in Scotland in 1057, not in today's Afghanistan, and the Warlord, who is approaching the battle here, is not called Ahmed,...

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