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Find the Best Accounting Certifications Online

We often forget how fortunate we are to live in an era that is driven by technology. We, as inhabitants of westernized civilizations, have access to unlimited education – right at our fingertips. Previously, anyone who wanted to do learn accounting would be forced to prioritize their day so that they could attend accounting classes. Not anymore. Thanks to the widespread...

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A Guide To Disability Studies

An academic discipline that studies what is a disability, its nature and its effect in the context of social, ethical, political and cultural factors. It also takes into account the perspective and prejudice by normal people towards the people with disability. We have provided the definitions and history of disability studies along with some important parts like disabilities and models of...

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A Short Guide to Critical Race Theory

The categorization of race in the societies and cultures has been in the circle of questions after the civil rights movement of the 1960s in the USA. Racism is a term used for the belief of superiority that one race assumes over the other and has been criticised by many scholars of equal civil rights and liberty. So, criticism against...

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Jass? Jasz? JAZZ!

From the red light district to the Grammophone: 100 years ago, the legendary black music from New Orleans came to her name and was forbidden for the first time on shellac - by a white band. Around 1900, the jazz belonged to the black workers and the descendants of the slaves. © Hulton Archive / Getty Images A Monday in...

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The History of The DC Comics Universe

The history of the contemporary DC Comics universe goes far back in the past, or rather, into the 1930s, and has undergone a number of development stages in the meantime. Therefore it is difficult for a newcomer to understand the influences of the past. In the following we present you a small round trip and thus relevant events in the...

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