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Authors of A Research Guide for Students.

I. Lee, Teacher-Librarian

B.A. (English & History) – University of Western Ontario
B.Ed. (Education) – University of Toronto
B.Ed. (Ins.) – York University
B.L.S. (Library Science) – University of Toronto
M.A. (Anthropology) – University of Toronto
M.Ed. (Educational Administration) – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, U. of T.

Sheli Rodney

M.A. (Modern Languages and Literature) – University of Cambridge

Alexander Rodney

M.A. (English Literature and Law) – University of Cambridge
LLM – Harvard University

Dr Simon Rodney

M.A (Medicine & Genetics) – University of Cambridge
MBBS (Medicine) – Imperial College London
MRCS – Royal College of Surgeons of England

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