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Honest EduBirdie Review

EduBirdie is a writing service hyped among students. You’ll find tons of reviews about it online though you’d never know if they were written by real clients. Our professional customer satisfaction team tested this academic platform, checked every aspect of it - from pricing to plagiarism level in completed papers to see if it is safe and worh the trust. So, here is an honest Edu Birdie review that reveals the truth about the service.

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Featured Review

A well-established and reputed company offering a variety of services to students. If you are looking for a reliable company, don't hesitate to address it!

Payment Methods:

Service Breakdown:

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Live chat with the Writer
  • Plagiarism Free
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Loyalty Program

Minimum Deadline:

3 hours



$18 - $43

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Featured Review

A company which has been on the market for a long time already, and has earned its reputation with its hard work.

Payment Methods:

Service Breakdown:

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Live chat with the Writer
  • Plagiarism Free
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Free formatting, Title, References

Minimum Deadline:

4 hours




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Featured Review

A company offering custom writing services of consistent quality and for a reasonable price, as well as quick turnaround time.

Payment Methods:

Service Breakdown:

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Plagiarism Free
  • Unlimited Revisions

Minimum Deadline:

6 hours




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Featured Review

Another of top paper writing services which we examined and found its quality worth the money paid.

Payment Methods:

Service Breakdown:

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Plagiarism Free
  • Unlimited Revisions

Minimum Deadline:

1 day



$18 - $30

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Featured Review

A relatively young but nevertheless reliable company addressing students' writing issues successfully and already having a good hard-earned reputation.

Payment Methods:

Service Breakdown:

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Plagiarism Free

Minimum Deadline:

1 day



$18 - $43

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Edubirdie Review

Edubirdie is the legit website you need when you are struggling to complete a paper or assignment for school, college or university. You can hire a writer to take on the work and help you with your work before the deadline.

What I Did to Review EduBirdie’s Writing Services?

Since there are many essay writing services, it’s quite easy to get lost when choosing the best. Even when reading through many positive EduBirdie reviews with comments from the actual customers, it does not provide much help. Reading a genuine EduBirdie review from a non-interested party is the only solution!

To provide you with an unbiased and honest review of EduBirdie services, I have placed an order to help you follow through every bit. This way, I have ordered a 2-pages analytical essay for a Political Sciences course. The essay must describe the Japanese internment camps in the USA and the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. I have placed our order and given our EduBirdie writer 4 days to complete this task.

Why Did I Choose EduBirdie for Review?

Thinking about the best service to assist modern students with writing and editing challenges, I quickly looked at the most popular offerings. Edibirdie came out as a winner on my list since they are always recommended and belong to those companies being around for a while. Their website also claims that they have trained experts and high originality rates. Moreover, they offer free revisions and refunds, which have also been tested. Using only one revision to improve things, I can guarantee that the final quality has been truly impressive!

Since I have encountered numerous EduBirdie reviews, some were controversial. It’s the reason why I’ve got in touch with EduBirdie support and ordered an actual assignment. Using an actual Political Sciences analytical paper, I have tested all the possible features (except for the refund that was not needed!) to determine the quality. Running ahead of things, the final paper has been very good, and I could get an A. Considering the complexity, it was done professionally and followed all my guidelines!

General Overview of EduBirdie.com

This is a company that is easy to contact. They have their details widely available on their Edubirdie website for everyone to see. This includes their email address, which is [email protected]. Their phone number is +1 (888) 337 5415. You can also contact them live on their website through the form or online chat if you need to ask any questions.

To keep up with what they are doing, you can follow Edubirdie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let’s dive into this Edubirdie review.

edubirdie com review
EduBirdie Overview

Types of EduBirdie Services

Checking the website and browsing through the countless reviews helped me to learn that the company offers not only typical academic writing help for students but also specific tasks like business speeches, resume writing, personal statement and scholarship tasks, creative writing work, online exams guidance, and more. There are many subjects to choose from as you place your order.

Looking through the EduBirdie reviews, I could see that the writers can handle academic, analytical, reflective, explanatory, narrative, descriptive, or argumentative writing, depending on what your assignment rubric has. If you have a case study for your Law course or seek a shadowing experience journal paper that must be done the next morning, they will be able to provide you with an expert’s help.

Composing this EduBirdie review, I could have the option to create a presentation and have my writer design tables and add specific sources. You can choose dissertation help or work with a term paper that requires a series of tasks. There is also professional editing help and proofreading that can be ordered separately. If you seek assistance with spreadsheets or calculations for Math, you can find an expert who can help you finish the most challenging tasks.

edubirdie review - essay writing services
EduBirdie’s Services

Online Reputation

A study was conducted among students to see what writing service companies they knew about and what they thought about them. 1000 students were asked to participate and 33.2 percent of them named Edubirdie. This is a fantastic result that shows people know about the high quality of the services available from them at Edubirdie. It was important to include in review to show online reputation.

edubirdie online reputation
EduBirdie Online Reputation

Ordering Process on EduBirdie

As soon as you reach the ordering page, you must submit an order form via the yellow ordering button at the top right. I checked the form and noticed you could also use EduBirdie for editing. It means that writing is one of many things people behind the company can handle. Here, I would like to remind that I needed to write 2-pages analytical essay for a Political Sciences course with 4 days deadline.

It is what I have placed in the ordering form:

  • My essay deadline;
  • Number of pages;
  • Paper’s subject;
  • The topic of my essay;
  • Detailed essay instructions.

The process of placing an order at edubirdy is simple. There are only four steps that you have to follow and I tried this during my review.

  1. First of all, you have to give all of the information to Edubirdie to review. This is going to be how you choose a good writer for your project.
    edu bridie order process 1
  2. Then you have to choose your writer. You will be matched with a variety of options and it is up to you what one you prefer to go with.
    edu bridie order process 2
  3. The next step is tracking your assignment. This is made simple and you can check the status anytime online and review work.
    edu bridie order process 3
  4. The last step is simply receiving your amazing assignment. This is your chance to review it and you only have to pay when you are 100 percent happy with the work.
    edu bridie order process 4

In addition, I have uploaded my grading rubric with five scanned pages that the college professor has recommended. You can also add your recommendations.

As for the writer’s quality, I have chosen “All Writers” to see what will happen with a medium-complexity paper. Then I proceeded to choose my writer from the available specialists. I could also pay $9.99 to let the company’s support find the best person for my needs, yet I took the time to learn more about the writers myself. It’s one of the best features to consider!

How Does EduBirdie’s Bidding System Work?

While the general prices start at $13.99 per page, it’s possible to negotiate your final price depending on the bids from the writers. As you click on available offers, you can see various offers that will differ in price. They are still very close, yet you can see each author’s background and choose the right person. It’s precisely what I did for my order, and did not regret it.

The good thing is that you can see the writers who fit your subject the best way and see the best bids if it’s the limited budget you might be in. The risks are truly diminished since you can talk to each writer and ask questions. It’s mostly good, yet sometimes you may only have a few bids if you cannot wait. It could be clearer what your final price will be, yet the advantage is that you can talk to the writers first and negotiate the final price anyway!

Checking Your Order Part

It’s a very good part of the ordering process that has allowed me to check things regarding my order before adding anything extra. These included getting an early draft, an abstract for a research paper, VIP support (see above), and the essay outline. Although I did not pay for these extras, many reviewers have found them helpful. It can be worth it, depending on your situation. Once ready, one can proceed to checkout.

Filling Up Your Balance

It is necessary to freeze money in your account. I believe that it is one of the best sides of the EduBirdie.com system. You do not have to pay for your essay immediately and only need a deposit. You have to replenish your balance first and let the system freeze the funds in your account. When you are happy with the final paper, you can release the funds yourself! As one can see, it’s a solid guarantee that the company cares for its reputation and user safety!

Getting Your Paper Done

Once everything was done, I received an almost perfect paper that needed minor editing here and there. There was a free plagiarism report that I received. Since the paper had been delivered four hours earlier, I still had enough time to check the final assignment. Since I wanted to add more emphasis to the introduction paragraph, I asked for a free revision. Thankfully, my writer has been available and has done the recension work free of charge and right on time.

As everything has been perfect, I have released the rest of the funds to the writer. The ordering process can be safely rated 10/10!


The process of becoming a writer at Edubirdie is difficult and I discovered this during my review. It all starts with registration and telling them your professional skills. Then you will go through a writing test that lasts 30 minutes.

There is also an essay test that you have to complete. If you make it through these stages, you need to provide documents to review. This will prove you have the necessary qualifications. From the number of people that apply, only 7.78 percent make it to be a writer.

edubirdie writers review
Writers On EduBirdie

Some examples of writers from EduBirdie:

Communication With EduBirdie’s Writers

One of the best aspects of EduBirdie mentioned in every review on EduBirdie is flawless communication with the writers. No man is in the middle; you can talk to an expert directly by sharing your thoughts and ideas. I have used this feature and could choose an individual who understood my special and sensitive subject well.

Moreover, you can also check on the status of your paper and talk to your writer as you control the writing process. In my case, the writer has been responsive and friendly. All the corrections, including a free revision, have been done timely.

I can safely rate the communication as 10/10!

Quality of EduBirdie’s Essay

As you might remember, I placed an essay dealing with the Japanese internment camps in the USA and the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. All things considered, it has been done perfectly, and I only needed a minor revision in the introduction part.

Received Essay from EduBirdie
  • The structure has been followed based on the strong thesis, conclusion, and the use of the hook sentence. 9/10
  • Formatting, in-text citations, and the References page have been done correctly. 9/10
  • There were no issues related to the essay’s spelling, grammar, and logic. 10/10
  • An essay I have received has been plagiarism-free and original. I also had a free plagiarism report to confirm it. 10/10

The essay’s clarity has been almost perfect, with a minor correction that has been fixed with a free essay revision. The writer understood my concern and got things fixed fast. 8/10

EduBirdie Prices and Payment System

The prices per page usually start at $13.99, which is quite affordable and within the budget of most students. Things will always depend on your deadline and the writer’s level. You can choose from “All Writers”, “Gold”, and “Platinum”. Gold will add 10% more to the price and grant you access to the top 50 writers. Choosing Platinum (good for a Master’s thesis or dissertation), you must add 20% more to the price and can work with the company’s top 20 writers. If your education level stands for something demanding, choosing Gold or Platinum will help!

If one orders three pages of writing with a four-day deadline, you may end up with at least $80 in total. The thing is that you can negotiate the prices, as writers will offer the best bids if you take the time to wait. Other aspects that help to determine the final price include the number of pages and the use of additional services. These include a helpful early draft, which is 15% more than the price.

I did not need it for my assignment, yet it can be helpful when you need to know what your paper will look like. A single-page abstract is also on offer and will cost you $36. If you are confused about something, you can get VIP support at $12.99. Finally, the company also offers classic outlines that cost $12. The latter is essential for most college papers where you must submit an outline first!

The free features include creating a title page, formatting, references page, plagiarism report, free and unlimited revisions (I have used this one!), and great customer service available 24/7!

When placing an order, many available payment options are on offer. These include Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, American Xpress, and Discover. Placing my order, I used Paypal as the best option. Things work this way: you pay a deposit first to let an expert start writing. In practice, it is a guarantee that your funds are safe, as the rest is released only when you are happy with the paper. Personally, I felt happy about this feature, and the payment process went well and was hassle-free.

I can safely rate the company’s payment system and processing as 9/10!

edubirdie review - prices
Pirce Banner for Essay Writing – Edubirdie

Money Returned If There is a Failure

Composing this Edu birdie review, I have studied the cases when the students required a refund. Since these cases are seldom with EduBirdie, they have a transparent process to get your money back if there is trouble. Of course, you must provide proof that the writer has not followed your instructions or there is a low-quality issue.

They have a strict QA team that will help to resolve the issue. Your paper will always be scanned for plagiarism free of charge, so this type of trouble is not encountered. If there is poor writing quality, the company’s experts will check things. You have three days to check the paper to request a refund.

Edubirdie Guarantees

The best part about EduBirdie is the list of guarantees. These include:

    1. Free revisions can be requested within three days of getting your essay.
    2. Requesting refunds within three days is possible if you are unhappy with the final result or your writer fails to follow your instructions.

Many people would ask if there is a grade guarantee. I highly doubt that anyone could guarantee something like that. However, you can use free revisions to improve things or choose an advanced writer’s level to have the best writers.

Now, is Edubirdie legit when you place an order and share your grading rubric? They are a legit company that will stand for high quality and adherence to formatting and editing. In my experience, other academic companies do not have a system that will check every important point and return your funds if they fail to comply with the provided instructions. Remember that you only have to pay when you are happy with the final result, so you are not even risking your money.

It makes EduBirdie safe to consider if you need to boost your grades! 8/10.

edubirdie review - money back guarantee
Edubirdie Money Back Guarantees

Is Edubirdie Legit?

The majority of students these days will always start their writing help hunt with the question that sounds among the lines of is Edubirdie legal and what are the guarantees that there will be no trouble. The company is a legit service that you can approach as they have financial guarantees, strict anti-plagiarism and ethical standards, a Quality Assistance team to help you with the refunds, and guidelines to keep you within the legal paradigm.

In terms of legislation, you are not violating anything since there is no law that would make the services provided illegal. When you are seeking homework help online by turning to a trained expert, you do not cheat because you are using academic help. 

According to statistics, you are one of at least 20,000 college students who use this service. As long as you do not claim the assignment received to be your own, there should be no worries. As I’ve read various Edu birdie reviews, it was the most frequent question asked and many learners wondered if they are legal and safe to use. Based on my research, I can claim that they offer legit services that can earn your trust.

is edubirdie legit
Is EduBirdie Legit?

Online Reputation

A study was conducted among students to see what writing service companies they knew about and what they thought about them. 1000 students were asked to participate and 33.2 percent of them named Edubirdie. This is a fantastic result that shows people know about the high quality of the services available from them at Edubirdie. It was important to include in review to show online reputation.

edubirdie online reputation
EduBirdie Online Reputation

Users Reviews

The majority of EduBirdie reviews are positive and talk about user experiences, which helps to learn the service’s pros and cons. Moreover, reading feedback also helps to see how to provide your tasks and what to avoid. I looked at Quora, Yelp, and Reddit to combine the average. Most customers state that they really like the originality factor and free revisions. As always, people complain about steep prices, yet everyone is still happy. As you can see, people use them for anything from movie reviews to business writing. Timely delivery and accuracy help a lot to keep things positive. Most reviewers state that they have used EduBirdie services more than once for studying purposes and are eager to use them again!

EduBirdie Review on ResellerRatings

Edubirdie has a good online reputation and students love them. For example, Reseller Ratings shows good reviews, such as for speeches and essays

Sitejabber also displays positive customer reviews for the company. This includes helping with difficult papers and returning them before the deadline.

edubirdie Sitejabber reviews
EduBirdie Review – SiteJabber

What People Say About Edubirdie on Reddit

On Reddit, customers seem to like Edubirdie and leave a good review. They like how fast and easy the process is, as well as the cost of an order. It is often hard to get good reviews on Reddit. So, this must mean that the writing service is good.

Edubirdie Review on Reddit

What People Say About Edu Birde on Quora?

Quora is an interesting place to read feedback from students and people with various backgrounds. Checking EduBirdie reviews yields positive feedback. It also mentions people’s concerns about getting caught using such services. Still, many responses talk about EduBirdie as a legit service and dissolve these fears. One review on Quora talks about it precisely by mentioning over 200 writers available in the global ranking, the number of papers done, and the success rate. The reviewer mentions that learning more about the writers and the legit side of things has helped her to choose the best writer for her speech.

edu birdie Quora
Some of Edubirde Reviews on Quora

Reviews About EduBirdie on Yelp

Turning to Yelp, I can see that EduBirdie receives lots of praise for its writing quality. Most people mention dealing with last-minute deadlines successfully without quality deterioration. Other customers of the company state that many different topics are covered. Attention to detail, according to reviews, is second to none. People also love the affordable prices, considering all editing and formatting already included. Reviewers also talk about accuracy in terms of formatting and high writing speed. My personal order used for this EduBirdie review has been delivered even a bit earlier, allowing me to ask for a free revision and check things twice!

Edubirde Review from Yelp

What Writers Have to Say About the Company

From the perspective of the writers, this company is great. They get paid well for the work they do and have a lot of opportunities for different writing jobs. Of course, there will be different elements that increase the amount of money that you can make but the review by writers are saying that there is a lot of extra cash to be made.

Writers Thoughts about EduBirdie

Why Edubirdie is One of the Best Companies for Essay Writing

If you are reading this EduBirdie.com review, the chances are you already know how many essay writing services there are out there already. So, you may be thinking; what makes this one special? Well, there are a variety of reasons for this and that includes the quality of the work. With over 200 writers you can choose from, there is always an expert in the field that you are looking for. They have years of experience and working as writers for several years.

I also like how fair the prices are at EduBirdie during my review. While it is not the cheapest writing service on the market, it delivers value for money. You receive great work at a great price. At the end of the day, if you pay low prices, this is normally the work that you receive. So, you get the best of both worlds with essay birdie.

edubirdie.com features review
EduBirdie Features

Design and Usability

The great thing about edubirdie.com is that it is a website that is easy to use as discovered by my review. A lot of websites are technical and not designed for students or those who are not very good with technology. But their website has been designed with you in mind and this was evident during my review.

All of the services and tools are available within a few clicks. All of the menus are signposted and you do not have to spend hours searching for what you need. Everything is easy to interact with and all of the information is not far away. It only takes a few minutes to find everything you need.

how does edubirdie work
How EduBirdie Works


A particular highlight in this EduBirdie review was the speed of online support. It is available 24/7, whether you have a question before you place an order or a query during the process. This is something that can be slow with a lot of companies, but not at edubird. The team is very knowledgeable about everything to do with the company’s operation and they will do their best to answer any questions in a timely manner. It does not matter whether it is the weekend or on a public holiday.

support team review
EduBirdie Support Form

Security of Users

Another impressive thing about Edu birdie is the security. They take the security of personal data very seriously and they are a trustworthy company when it comes to privacy. You will not have to worry about anyone knowing you have used the website or writing service. Everything is protected and secured so that you do not have to spend time worrying about it. Payments are also made secure and there are several options for paying so you can find one that suits you. Edubirdie is completely safe.

is edubirdie safe
Security on EduBirdie

Papers are Free from Plagiarism

Everyone knows how important it is to avoid plagiarism. It can be enough for you to fail your paper at school, college or university. The good thing is that all papers are guaranteed to be free from plagiarism. There should be no copied ideas or stolen thoughts. This is something that Edubirdie take very seriously.

You can also check any work free of charge for plagiarism using their plagiarism checker. It is fast and easy to use.

edubirdie plagiarism checker review
EduBirdie Plagiarism Checker

Bonus and Discount System

There is the opportunity to earn some money and give a discount to your friends or family at Edubirdy. All you have to do is share a link with people that you know and you can both enjoy a benefit. You will earn $25.00 while they have a 10 percent discount on their first order.

edu birdie bonuses
EduBirdie Bonus and Discount Banner

EduBirdie’s Pros and Cons

100% original work  The bidding system might not satisfy everyone
Direct communication with a chosen writer  Revisions and refunds are only within 3 days
Timely delivery 
Safe and varied payment systems
Wide range of subjects covered
Free revisions and refunds
Easy and fast ordering

Why Do You Need to Choose EduBirdie?

Composing this EduBirdie review, there is one solid aspect that I want to repeat once again: you can communicate with your writer directly! It helps to eliminate numerous problems and avoid misunderstandings. This company has a positive reputation based on numerous positive reviews. The other reasons to choose this company is zero plagiarism and always timely delivery in as little as 4 hours! Placing an actual order has resulted in a very good paper that has earned an A grade.

Overview of Additional Services

During my EduBirdie review, I discovered that there are a variety of services provided by the company for free. This includes:

    1. Conclusion generator – do you have trouble rounding off your essay? This can be a problem of the past thanks to the conclusion generator. This helps you find the best way to summarise your paper.
    2. Thesis generator – if you struggle to come up with a good thesis topic, you will want to try out this tool. It may come up with your next title.
    3. Paraphrasing tool – to avoid copying other ideas and concepts, it is best to use the paraphrasing tool. This is going to make sure that this does not happen.
    4. Topic generator – Need help thinking about a new and unique topic? Try out this tool for Edu birdy. This can come up with some inspiration when you are running low.
    5. Words to Minutes Converter – if you are writing a speech, you will need to know how long it is. This is a tool that will let you know how long your writing is going to be.
    6. Words to Pages converter – using this tool, you can find out how many pages your writing is. This can help you to complete papers to specific instructions.
    7. Word counter – if you do not use a conventional writing application for your work, you may not know how many words it is. This word counter tool will calculate this for you.
    8. Alphabetizer – This tool is going to help you sort your lists into alphabetical order. It will save you a lot of time and effort.
    9. Case Converter – have you suddenly discovered you have been writing in upper case for the whole time? This tool is going to help you fix it without having to go through it manually.
    10. GPA Calculator – you can find out what your GPA is for the year with this easy and quick tool.
    11. Turabian Citation Generator – for this type of citation, you can generate the format you need to get a good grade.
    12. CSE/CBE Citation Generator – All you have to do is type in the source and book title or author. Everything else will be done for you.
    13. ASA Citation Generator – ASA citation can be difficult. Have it done for you with this online tool.
    14. Chicago Citation Generator – To avoid having to do Chicago citation manually, you can use this tool and save some time.
    15. Harvard Citation Generator – Harvard citation can be tricky, especially if you have never done it before. Use this tool to avoid any hassle.
    16. APA Citation Generator – You can save a lot of time on your work by using this generator. It automatically sets everything out for APA standards.
free additional services at edubirdie
EduBirdie Free Tools – Banner

Final Thoughts

I can safely recommend this writing and editing academic service for three reasons: 

  • You are dealing with a legit service that covers many subjects and essay types. 
  • Direct communication with a writer allows for asking questions and keeping things safe. 
  • 100% original work with no pre-written material and availability of free revisions to improve things. 

Timely delivery and 24/7 customer support that cares for your success have also helped me to rate it. My writer listened to all my instructions and quickly fixed things with a free revision. This type of academic help online and guarantees are rare these days. EduBirdie is where they live up to their promises based on my personal experience and other edubirdie.com reviews discovered online. 

I rate it 10/10, all things considered!

edubirdie essay writing service review
EduBirdie Writing Platform – Sum up

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you tell EduBirdie is not a scam?

As a legit company with over eight years of experience, this company is constantly reviewed by thousands of users and professional reviewers. Based on my personal experience, EduBirdie is not a scam. 

  • Is EduBirdie safe to use?

Safe payment methods, free revisions, and a transparent refund system make this service a safe option. Even if you need urgent help, timely delivery will include high-quality writing. 

  • Is EduBirdie a trustworthy company?

Based on my experience with orders and thousands of positive reviews, this company can be trusted. A free plagiarism report with every essay confirms that. 

  • Can I get caught using EduBirdie? 

The EduBirdie company is a legit service. As a rule, as long as you use the service within ethical guidelines, you are safe. Remember that online help is only meant to assist you and have a writing template as you learn how to compose your assignment or get professional proofreading. 

  • Is EduBirdie a good editing service? 

Your order’s price includes editing, proofreading, and formatting. Still, if you have a draft that has to be edited, it is also possible to request timely editing.