Free AMA Citation Generator

For college students, writing an academic paper or research thesis can be a daunting task – especially given the increase in integrity policies that students are required to adhere to in order to combat plagiarism and confirm that the work they are handing in is their own. One such way that a student can prevent plagiarism is to ensure that they are properly citing their work.

Depending on the subject being studied, or the institution attended, the citation style used could be anything from ASA to a smaller, more specialized citation style. For those attending medical school, or studying any sort of science-driven topic, it is likely that they will be asked to cite their works using the AMA citation style.  Previously, this would mean having to carefully determine various elements that exist in the source material, such as the name of the author, the date of publication, the publisher, the version or edition, even the page numbers would be taken into account. It also meant having a basic understanding of word processing and formatting and then following all of that up with a properly formatted corresponding reference page or bibliography.

When is citation required?

Any time that a writer choose to utilize material that originated from a source that they did not originally write or create they must include citation. This includes:

  • Graphics or charts
  • Direct or indirect quotes
  • Studies or surveys
  • Material found in text books
  • Material taken from blogs or websites
  • Articles from newspapers or journals
  • …and much more

Failing to properly cite all sources, using the appropriate citation method, will ultimately result in a failing grade and could even lead to expulsion.

Knowing how to properly cite source material can be arduous, particularly when there are multiple sources or types of source material thrown into the equation. Luckily, we are a technology driven society and continually inventing ways to do things quicker and more efficiently. One such way is through the use of an AMA citation generator.  An AMA citation generator, similar to what you might find either online at or even imbedded in your favorite word processor, takes the guess work out of citation, ensuring that all guidelines are followed. And, in some cases, can even create a corresponding reference page.

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AMA Citation Style Generator

As mentioned previously, the AMA citation method is used largely in the medical and science communities thanks to popularity gained through its ability to cover a broader spectrum of academic mediums. Noting that scientific fields often require authors and researchers to collaborate with multiple thought leaders, experts or contributors, it is often a good practice to utilize an AMA citation application or generator.

An acronym for American Medical Association, AMA citation style was initially edited by JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. The AMA format was created in 1962, and has been edited and revised in order to keep pace with the changing information. The latest edition, AMA reference style 10th edition, was published in 2007.

Primarily used in medical and science publications, AMA citation dictates that material taken from an outside source must be cited in-text using superscript, and Arabic numerals; this means that the number with be aligned slightly higher than the line text. Additionally, the source information should be appropriately cited in a reference or bibliography page. There are certain situations that would warrant the use of abbreviations, however, in most cases all source material should be written verbatim. In the event that the work cited has more than six authors, then it will be necessary to use initials or the phrase ‘et al.’

AMA Format Citation Machine

If you were a student in the 80’s or even 90’s, you would be expected to remember how to follow AMA citation guidelines, without the assistance of technology to guide you. This would mean having to remember that citations deploy superscript and must be arranged in chronological order. It would also mean knowing that the breadth of the source information must be stated in a reference line that follows the text. You would also have to remember details such as:

  • In citations, numbers come AFTER commas and periods, but BEFORE semicolons and colons.
  • There should be no space between the publication year, the name of the author and the colon.
  • There may be special rules depending on the type of source material used. For example, books with more than six writers should include the words ‘et al’ after the names of the first three writers.
  • If there is no author, the title of the source will be at the beginning of the citation.
  • In the case of websites and journals, it is appropriate to use abbreviations, under certain conditions.

If you are amongst the growing number of students who find themselves lacking the time or knowledge to remember how to properly cite their work, or simply want to ensure that you are doing everything correctly, a simple Google search for a free AMA citation generator should return enough results to get you on track.

AMA Website Citation Generator

Even if you are not creating a research paper or study guide, AMA citation might still benefit you. Perhaps you are the builder of a science-based blog or website and you want to establish credibility in the eyes of your readers. An AMA citation generator for website use will come in handy.

Remember, you can’t simply say something is fact and expect your audience to take your word as gold; you need to have some way of verifying facts and providing readers with a source of additional information should they need one. This can be done by incorporating multiple sources into your work – however, in order to use someone else’s material, you have to properly cite your references, otherwise you will just be seen as someone who steals someone else’s material and attempts to brand it as their own. Most communities and educational institutions do not look favorably upon writers who do this.

Nowadays, there is no excuse for not adhering to citation guidelines. Especially given the widespread availability of free generators that can be easily access via the internet. In fact, even the AMA Manual of Style can be found online and includes access to additional tips, style guides, citation machines for AMA and much more.

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