Methods and Instruments for the Evaluation of VET Systems

Abstract For two decades there have been calls for the Australian vocational education and training (VET) system to be more efficient, responsive, industry-driven, and simplified. The responses from governments of all political persuasions have generally been incremental and within the traditional VET rubric of supplying skills to the labour market. In 2002, the State of

Could Educational Reforms Have Something to do with Mundell’s Triangle of Impossibility?

Abstract In this paper we discuss the role given to education and training by policy-makers in France and Britain between 1980 and 2000 in relation to their chosen socio-economic strategies. We highlight conjunctions between levels of economic openness, exchange rate environments and types of educational policies. The two countries are interesting case studies due to

Early Education for All: Is There a Role for the Private Sector?

Abstract  The “private-for-profit” sector is a significant provider of global early childhood care and education (ECCE). This chapter explores how this trend contributes to policy goals, focusing especially on the risks that a growing private-for-profit sector may amplify inequities in access and quality. We review the government financing and regulation required to harness private sector

A Сomparative Study of Additional Qualifications: Findings from the United Kingdom

Abstract   This paper draws upon findings from a project that is concerned with a comparative survey of ‘additional qualifications’ at the interface between initial training and continuing education and training. The functions of additional qualifications for companies, individuals and the VET system will be examined in general as well as in the sectors of print,

Shakespeare and the Natural World

Abstract Exploring the rich range of meanings that Shakespeare finds in the natural world, this book fuses ecocritical approaches to Renaissance literature with recent thinking about the significance of religion in Shakespeare’s plays. MacFaul offers a clear introduction to some of the key problems in Renaissance natural philosophy and their relationship to Reformation theology, with

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