Christopher Columbus′ Voyage to the Americas

Back in 1492, Christopher Columbus voyaged across the America. He entered America through the Atlantic Ocean from Spain. He made a number of four trips in the years 1492, 1493, 1498, and 1502. His main objective was to discover a direct route that would connect Asia and Europe via the ocean. We should note that Columbus never discovered such a route. Columbus trip to America brought awareness about the existence of America.
Columbus though did not discover America because in his journey he encountered some people who were already settled in America. Although his main quest was to discover a direct water way, his objectives changed when he reached America and discovered the new continent of America. He mentioned that the islands in America were beautiful and provided a hoe for many people. Thesis: Columbus preconceived thought about the trip was to discover a direct water way to connect Europe and Spain but his ideas changed completely when he discovered a new continent with beautiful islands and people.

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Historical context on the period and author

Christopher Columbus led a group of transatlantic maritime voyages that was the first group of European explorer to first encounter or to discover the existence of America. During that period, back in the year 1492, not much or nothing was known about the existence of the continent of American. After their encounter with America, the Spanish based voyage led by Columbus discovered that the people living in America did not have access to and did not know how to use weapons.

As a result of their vulnerability, Columbus and his maritime group were the first Spanish colonizers of the Native Americans. Many believed that Columbus and is group were the first people to discover America, but the Viking voyage had explored America before during the 11th century. It was through Columbus voyage that led to the Americans and Europeans first encounter though, which gave birth to colonization.

The European and Asians were faced with a major mobility challenge because moving from Europe to Asia by land was next to impossible. This was because the route was very long and dangerous because of armies and raiders. Christopher Columbus thought of an idea that would solve their problem. He wanted to discover a safe sailing route that would cut across the Atlantic Ocean to connect Europe and Asia. Initially, they used to sail around the continent of Africa along West Africa and Cape of Good Hope. Although his idea was good, his mathematical logic was incorrect. He underestimated the circumference of the earth, his idea did not materialize.

Columbus wanted riches and popularity in Spain. He made a contract with the heads of Spain that 10% of the discovered riches would be his. He also claimed the governorship of the encountered land. This was before starting sail. Contrary to his expectations, Columbus and his voyage first landed on an island in Bahamas. He expected to land in Asia.

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