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Students around the world struggle every day trying to keep pace with busy schedules, part-time jobs and school assignments. For some, academic success comes easy, for others, the mere thought of having to write a term paper conjures up feelings of tightness in their stomachs.

Luckily, help is not hard to find. Anyone finding themselves in a bind (literally), can turn to the Internet for relief. There are several free college essay writing services that can be found online, most offering free college essay examples and papers in a broad range of topics.

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That being said, if you are looking for a paper on something more specialized – like say, Advanced Neurosurgery in Dementia Patients in Auckland, New Zealand or the Effects of the Dukkar Diet on Kidney Patients with Blue Eyes, you might have a little more difficulty finding the information you need.

Free Essays Online

Ask any student and they will agree that writing a solid essay is HARD. A lot goes into the creation of a college-grade paper; crafting the perfect thesis statement, composing the introduction, body and conclusion, citing your sources, editing, and finally reviewing. Outside of the actual formulation of the essay, there is everything else that is involved in the research and development of the paper – finding a topic, gathering source material, making a content map, authoring a rough draft…a second draft… It is a time intensive process. And, all of the work you put into it still doesn’t guarantee that you will get a great grade.

Historically, students might have turned to their local librarian, or scoured through encyclopaedias hoping to find something possible of aiding them in their quest for essay writing stardom. Nowadays, however, students look for almost anything they want or need on the Internet.

This is especially true for busy students, who aren’t studying highly specialized topics. Anyone looking to create an essay on a generalized topic – like Obesity in America, or Gender Wage Gap Studies, or How to Make Egg Salad – will find a wealth of free essays online and they might think they can just download their newly found essay and pass it off as their own. How does that quote from that movie go, “Someone else has already said it best. So if you can’t top it, steal it from them and go out strong.”(Derek, American History X)

The hard truth of it is, you should proceed with caution if you choose to download a free essay and use it verbatim as your own. How can you be certain that this essay has been written by a professional? How can you be certain that it was written with the highest quality standards? Just as there are text free essays available for you online, there are also free plagiarism checkers for teachers! No teacher worth their weight in salt would be willing to accept a blatantly plagiarised paper!

What makes a great essay? An essay is about more than a thesis statement, a few body paragraphs and a really strong conclusion – an essay with a boring topic would not bring the expected results and leave the audience unengaged.

10 Things That You Can do To Help You Select a Great Essay Topic

  1. Choose something that is of interest to you. Your audience will be able to tell quickly whether or not you are interested in the topic you’ve chosen to write about, so write on something that you are passionate about. This passion will come through in your writing. If you are not given free range to decide on a topic, try to find an element in your assigned topic that you find engaging and write with that in mind.
  2. Write about something you know well. Instead of attempting to tackle a huge new undertaking, select something that you already have a working knowledge of. This will make the entire process much simpler, since you will be able to call upon a lot of information from memory. This means researching less, and netting stronger results.
  3. Streamline your topic choice to something manageable. If you have an idea of what you might like to write about, whichever your topic happens to be, ask yourself if you will be able to prove your argument in the required word count. If it will take more or less pages than you conceivably have allotted, drill down your topic choice until it makes more sense.
  4. Find a unique angle. Securing an interesting approach to your topic will help you to establish structure and define your thesis statement. Instead of writing about a highly generalized topic, try to narrow it down to a specific time, location, etc.
  5. Research it. If you have somewhat of an idea of what you might like to write about, head to the library and start researching a few keywords until something interesting comes up.
  6. Brain storm. Start by jotting down a list of potential ideas on a piece of blank paper and add words that associate with each idea. Eventually you will find a connection.
  7. Look at your everyday life. What do you spend most of your time doing? Are you always working out? Playing video games? Do you love history?
  8. Ask your teacher. If you find yourself completely stuck, ask for help. Consider what others have written about, or something that you may want to learn more about. Your teacher will likely appreciate your having come to them and will be more than willing to offer guidance.
  9. Write about something you’ve written about before. Perhaps you have written a great essay in the past, and now you have more information available. Why not consider re-using your topic and modernizing it a bit?
  10. Use the first thing that pops into your head. You’ve spent days pondering great topic ideas and still haven’t been able to narrow it down to just one. Close your eyes, count to ten, and take the most basic thing you can think of and run with it. Anything has potential.

Sources of Free Essay Topics

If you are still stuck for ideas, or racing against the clock, there are a few places you can turn to for help:


College Essay Examples

Remember, a great essay is more than just words on a paper. It has been carefully planned, well-researched, composed and reviewed for accuracy.

In order to be considered complete, your essay must have:

  • An Introduction (completed with a strong thesis statement)
  • A Body (typically three to five paragraphs)
  • A Conclusion (with a strong closing statement that either presents the audience with something to ponder or leaves them with a call to action)
  • A Works Cited – or reference sheet – that properly cites all sources used in the creation of the essay, and tells readers where to go for additional information, if required.

You might feel you need to look through some sources on your topic, including other students’ research papers or essays, to gather some ideas and find inspiration to write your own one. You can find more student essay examples in this section of our website. We believe they may be helpful.

Use the Free Online Plagiarism Checker for Students

As mentioned here earlier, there are a number of free college essay samples that can be found online. However, for every service that provides unverified or unreliable free essays, there is an equal amount of services that offer free plagiarism checkers for teachers. Using these services is easy, all your teacher has to do is either upload a .doc file or copy and paste your essay into a search box and hit enter.

There corresponding results will tell them whether or not you copied the resume from the Internet, or from another source, who the original author was, what material was copied, and even what sort of grammar or other mistakes were present. Think of it like ‘catfish’ for college term papers. It is pretty difficult to pass someone else’s work off as your own these days, you will get caught. And, when you are, you will wish that you had just taken the time to write your own paper. The penalty for plagiarism isn’t simply a ‘slap on the wrist’, it could mean a failing grade – or worse. Expulsion.

Turning to free online essay services for help to find ideas is one thing, but outright stealing something (even if it was ‘free’) and attempting to fool your teacher into believing that you were the one who wrote it is an entirely different can of worms.