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Grammar Checker For Research Paper

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Every student who has passed SATs is waiting eagerly for the start of their studies in higher educational establishments. Those who pick world-renown places like Harvard or Yale are usually aware of all difficulties that are waiting for them, but most young people hope that the most difficult part is now left behind. Unfortunately, it’s not. Each college and uni requires students to write essays. Good grammar skills are something inherent here, and if they are lacking, nothing is going to save your essay from a failing grade. This is why online grammar checker should be consulted on a constant basis.

If grammar in an essay is bad, your ideas, no matter how well-researched they are, are meaningless because a professor won’t be able to understand them properly. Using free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector is vital since it is the only way that help you identify mistakes. It’ll also assist in removing all kinds of such errors, from minor to major ones, improving paper and making it readable.  

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Grammar Mistakes That Might Drag You Down (test)

There are certain kinds of grammar errors that may ruin student’s writing credibility and that should be avoided at all costs. Let’s regard three most common types. They are something you should pay attention to first and foremost.

  • Subject-Verb Agreement

Even if you are confident in grammar, this frequent mistake is still something that you might fall for. If your sentence is long and complex, you might forget that subject was singular and use a plural verb for it — or vice versa. For example: “The main problem, considering all challenges these people have undergone in their lives, were limited sources of knowledge.” As you see, “problem” is the noun that has to agree with the verb, but due to many plural words that came after it, the writer used “were” instead of “was”, which would be the correct option. Grammar corrector would be able to help here.      

  • Missing Commas and Mixed Punctuation  

Do you know all instances where to put comma? Are you aware of the difference between the dash and the hyphen? Many students aren’t, but even those who are still make errors because noticing everything may be extremely difficult. For instance, this sentence is incorrect: “Even if he had not done this he would have succeeded in his long—term goal.”  There are two mistakes at once here: firstly, comma should be after “this” because it helps break sentence into two logical parts. Secondly, dash is used instead of hyphen. In this case, spell check online would be essential.    

  • Mixing Apostrophes and Possessive Forms

The whole “s” inflection is one of most frustrating things that students face when writing essays. “Johns book was exciting” as well as “It’s ears were black and narrow” are some vivid examples of such errors. Apostrophe and “s” are used to show a possessive case or as contraction of “is” or “has” verbs. On the contrary, some possessives, such as “its”, should have no apostrophe. You’d be surprised how often students make mistakes.

Grammar & Spell Checker: Benefits You Can Expect

There are many kinds of spelling checkers to select from. At AResearchGuide, we’ve made our software unique so it would stand out from the rest.  

  • Access our checking online tool for free. We don’t ask for any fees, so no need to waste your money.
  • It’s credible. We test our software often to eliminate all glitches and sharpen its accuracy.
  • Advanced correction. Our checker analyzes text on many levels, from surface to deeply semantic one.
  • Authority. More and more students turn to our tool because they are satisfied with their results.
  • It improves grammar. We’ve devised our system in a way so it would point out mistakes and offer ways to fix them. You’ll see what exactly is wrong with a sentence and avoid similar issues in the future.
  • It saves time. Our checker works at lightning speed, so in about ten seconds, you’ll get your results along with editing suggestions.   

Three Easy Steps Needed When Using Our Grammar Checking Tool

You should follow only three steps when utilizing our grammar checker. All of them are quick, so they’ll require just a second of time.

1)  Visit our spelling checker. There is a wide empty box there, waiting to be filled with text.

2)  Paste essay you’ve written inside and press “check text” button.

3)  See results. They’ll be underlined in text and a more detailed description will be shown on the right side of the page. Click on each mistake to see suggestions for corrections.   

Make Your Paper Grammatically Flawless

Use spell and grammar check for free at AResearchGuide and forget concerns about typos and other errors. Our software assists you in making paper clean and readable, which will undeniably please your professor. Even if content of an essay itself is rather questionable, correct grammar can bring you a lot of points. Grab your chance, embrace fluency, and enjoy grammar proficiency!

Grammar Checking Software FAQ

1)  How many times can I use grammar checker?

We’ve eliminated all barriers, so you can use our spelling tool as often as you need. 

2)  Will checker catch all mistakes?

Yes, every grammar issue is pointed out. But if there are any doubts, just double-check the same text again.

3)  Will spelling checker correct my mistakes?

Not exactly. It’ll show you what’s wrong with sentences and provide ways to correct them. You should do actual corrections yourself.

4)  Can I get additional proofreading services?

Our free grammar check tool will catch all grammar as well as spelling errors. If you’d like to order advanced proofreading, you can contact our editors and they’ll gladly look through your text for you, correcting stylistic and other possible issues. 

5)  How relevant are corrections offered by the checker?

After seeing your mistakes, you’ll also have a chance to view the suggested list of corrections for each one. We guarantee their credibility because our software is up-to-date and we constantly test it. But of course, the relevance of these corrections depends on the context of your sentence. Additional spelling and grammar check won’t’ be spare.

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