How to Cheat Turnitin: Get An Excellent Originality Report

Only a few college students do not know about Turnitin. This is a popular plagiarism detection tool. Both individual professors and universities use it for years now to ensure the originality of papers that students deliver. Many colleges that introduce online programs already have Turnitin integrated into their online blackboards, so papers students upload become automatically checked for plagiarism. This makes it even more relevant today to think about how to beat Turnitin. Unfortunately, even those who do no plagiarize intentionally frequently end up with unsatisfactory plagiarism reports and ask question how to cheat Turnitin. If you wonder how to avoid such issues, we’ve collected the top 5 tricks that really work.

How Does Turnitin Work?

It works just like any other online plagiarism checker. It scans your writing and compares separate phrases or sentences with those available in its database. Although everyone says Turnitin detects plagiarism, the final judgment always depends on your professor’s interpretation of the report. It merely marks similarities in a compared piece and the outcomes of such screening largely depend on the chosen settings.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This tool has both advantages and disadvantages. So, how to use Turnitin and get the best results? It has a huge database that includes academic articles, books, dissertations, and previously published papers among other sources. This makes it rather accurate as a plagiarism detector because Turnitin finds copied sentences in your paper if there is any. At the same time, it is rather flexible. Users can amend their settings making this tool more or less sensitive. This is very convenient because common phrases that most students use should not result in accusations for plagiarism. Despite that, Turnitin may mark essays students actually write on their own as plagiarized. When received by professors who don’t bother interpreting screening results, such reports undoubtedly bring negative consequences. Even if you do not copy whole paragraphs from published sources, consider several tricks that’ll ensure acceptable plagiarism scores for you.

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Best Tricks Against Plagiarism Tool

If you wonder how to cheat Turnitin, consider using one or several of the following tactics. You’ll fool the detector, but mind though that some of these options are really time-consuming.

Convert word document into a PDF file

Many experienced Turnitin users claim this is one of the most effective tricks available so far. Students can prevent plagiarism by converting their .doc files into PDFs and changing the corresponding “character maps.” Unfortunately, not every may benefit from this method because professors demand uploading papers strictly in .doc format.

Type letters instead of spaces

“Thisxisxaxveryxeffectivextrickxtoo.”- Students might cheat Turnitin by inserting letters as a replacement of spaces. Do not forget about making these space-letters white though. This method is 100-percent effective, but it is obviously very time-consuming. Also, this trick can’t protect you from your professors, who might notice similarity on their own.

Translate texts from another language or rephrase everything

Those who know a foreign language can find good foreign essays and translate them into English. Otherwise, students paraphrase everything presenting content in their own words. This time- as well as an effort-consuming method, protects them from plagiarism, but there is still no 100-percent guarantee.

Change language settings on your keyboard to insert letters in some words

Keyboards in different languages have similar letters. For instance, insert a Cyrillic “c” instead of the Latin “c” and Turnitin will consider the whole word as foreign. Your professor though may notice this kind of cheating but it is one of the ways how to trick Turnitin.

Use expert help and get a custom plagiarism-free paper

This method is both effective and reliable. Technically, you do not even cheat Turnitin because your paper is completely original. For instance, EduBirdie guarantees that all papers our experts write are plagiarism-free. And also the answer to the question “can you plagiarize yourself” will be definitely not, because we’ll write a completely original paper. So why bother spending hours on other tricks that demand too much effort or do not guarantee 100-percent success when there is such a reliable alternative?

Your Best Option

Now you know what is Turnitin and have found out different ways how to trick it. However, only one of these options is truly efficient in terms of time, effort, and reliability. Rather than spending days trying to amend copied content in a way it won’t detect it, choose one option that’ll bring the best outcome. By ordering a plagiarism-free writing, you won’t spend even a minute thinking about plagiarism issues, because our website has a perfect originality checker. Similarly, your professor will have no reason to accuse you of plagiarism.