Leisure Well-Spent by Children

The adage ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ stands true for children too. The mammoth size of homework may lead your kids to spend more time at their study table rather than in the playground. But you should realise that sticking to the notebooks isn’t enough.

You need to engage your children in activities that are entertaining as well as a good learning mode. The leisure spent in a fun-filled yet knowledgeable activity helps in the holistic development of kids.

Persuade children in a hobby of their interest that will not only help to keep stress at bay but will also amplify their cognitive abilities. Encourage them to play both indoor and outdoor games; it will keep them both mentally and physically healthy.

Learning an art form is fun and an efficient recreational activity. Your child can choose from an array of activities — like sketching, pottery-making, dancing, or music — of their interest. Who knows, your child may become the next Picasso or Beethoven.

Always involve your children in the household chores. It develops a sense of responsibility in them.

Ensure your children spend ample time with their grandparents. Their love and affection nourishes the tender soul of kids. Children will also cherish their engaging anecdotes forever and might also gain some extra-ordinary life-lessons.

A child’s mind is like clay that can be moulded in any way. A childhood spent well nurtures a fine and exceptional adult. However, as a parent you should not coerce them to take-up something out of their interest.  Engage them in hobbies and sports that they admire. This will add to their experience of growing up.

Let’s just say, a little homework, and a lot of play, makes Jack a cheerful lad.