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According to Irishtimes—more than 3,700 students have failed their leaving cert math papers, effectively locking them out of many third-level courses which require a pass as a basic entry requirement.

This statistics is very appalling when considering the amount spent on students’ education annually. Even though many teachers are trying their best to change this statistics, it turns out that their efforts could not bring out the desired change overtime.

The Major Reasons Students Face Problems While Solving Math

  • Lack of clear guidance: not having the opportunity of getting clear instructions on a mathematical problem is more problematic than the question itself. This is the major reason many students fail math and many professors feel too proud to instruct their students.
  • Math Questions Are Very Complex: math is not a topic that you can just cram and pour down. It is a topic that requires deep understanding and constant exposure to more methods and concepts. Sometimes math rules contradict themselves and that oftentimes, this confuses students.
  • Math Requires Patience: Many Students Are Oftentimes Impatient While Solving Math Problems: that is why they fail to get the right answers. Not being patient makes them vulnerable to mistakes and potholes intentionally inserted by lecturers. Basically, if you are the type, who cannot stay on a problem for more than hours, then mathematics might literarily be your No1 enemy.
  • Persistent Practice Is The Major Key To Getting Good Grades In Mathematics: unlike history, government or biology; mathematics is well grounded in logics. So you are not expected to use the same pattern for all questions. This complexity in patterns makes persistent practice important for anyone, who wants to be a math guru.

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