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Key Facts About Night

Key Facts

Complete title: Night

Written by: Elie Wiesel

Genre: WW2 and Holocaust memoir

Language: The book was originally 800 pages long, and written in Yiddish. It’s original title was Un di Velt Hot Geshvign (And the World Remained Silent)

Time of Writing: Night was written in Paris in 1950. The author had previously taken a ten year vow of silence, wherein he would not speak of the Holocaust or what happened.

Point of View: Narrated in first person by Eliezer. Eliezer discusses the autobiographical events of the book from his own perspective.

Themes in Night: The main character’s struggle to keep his faith and his belief in God; Silence, or the unwillingness to fight back; The loss of humanity; The true importance of the bond between fathers and sons.

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