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The Social Impact of Assassination

The term assassination is related to murder and it always brings negative connotations in peoples mind. An assassin is a person who commits the act of assassination when he successfully kills a certain target. Once this happens, it never leaves the minds of the people who witness it. The citizens of America have had several experiences where key political leaders have been assassinated. The most famous assassination was that of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy which occurred on November 22, 1963.


The former president was accompanied by his wife Jacqueline Kennedy, Governor of Texas and his wife as they rode through Dallas in an open-air limousine, on the 22nd of November 1963 when the president was shot in the head. The president was rushed to hospital but it was too late for the doctors to help. The assassin was later found to be Lee Harvey Oswald. The assassin was killed by Jack Ruby on November 24, 1963, just two days after the assassination and thus he was never convicted of his crime.

The reason why this event is very important in history is that thousands of American citizens witnessed their beloved president being murdered. Many people witnessed this incident because the assassination was planned to be done in public taking into consideration that thousands had come out to see the president and much more were watching the events in televisions from their homes. There was nobody who had the expectation of an assassination to happen on that day and it is the reason it will never leave the minds of many.

An assassin is described as a professional killer who goes out on a mission to eliminate a specific target. Oswald on the 22nd of November, 1963 did what any other assassin could do. He is remembered in history as the man who killed President John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvey murdered a president, a father, a husband and a citizen of the United States of America.

Nobody would mourn the death of a person who is labeled an assassin whether he is convicted of the crime or not. Since the term assassin was found out to be a person who targets and kills others, people have always had a negative connotation with it. For individuals who witness the action of an assassin at first hand, it invokes feelings that cannot be forgotten and makes the term assassin even more real than just words written on a paper.

The term assassin brings out a negative social impact and it will forever remain this way. No sane individual will ever talk proudly about how he/she witnessed an assassination or about an encounter with an assassin. This is something that people will always fear because it is linked to a murder. It is terrifying to know that in the world there are people who are capable of taking the lives of others in cold blood. A reasonable thinking human being can never take this positively.

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