Developing an Effective Marketing Plan for a Bank

Bank Marketing Introduction As a team member of Sycorr, a technology consulting firm focusing on the banking industry, I have been excited to learn more about the business side of the industry we serve. Because we are not a bank, I selected a client of ours, Bell State Bank & Trust, to focus on for this paper. Although Bell State...

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Working Capital Management

Background information Working capital refers to the funds that are used to meet short-term responsibilities or the funds used to carry out the day-to-day activities of an organization. The management of these resources is equivalently important as the management of the long term finance funds. The management of the working capital is fundamental in making sure that the operations of...

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Food Marketing Strategies

Food is amazing. It is a necessity in order for us to survive and eating it is certainly something we look forward to at any time of day, every day. And it also happens to be one of the most lucrative items for a business to sell in the United States. Many people believe that the key to having a...

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Dollar Tree, Inc.

Executive summary The Dollar tree Inc company is a leading global operator of discount variety stores which offers a merchandise at a fixed price of a dollar in both United States and Canada. Therefore it can be comprehensively described as a customer-oriented, value-driven store which operates at a one dollar price point. Dollar Tree company was established in Dalton in...

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Executive Summary Whirlpool is a famous company across the world for the production, distribution and selling of home appliances. This company started in 1911 as a family business venture and has grown over the years to become a market leader across the globe. It ranks among the best companies across the world as of present. This company was started by...

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Planning Theory Tasks

Abstract This paper discusses planning theory and particularly the urban planning. Major cities and even small towns have poor designs as a result of poor planning. The paper looks at the history of planning and its importance especially in urban areas. It also analyzes the factors that affect planning, ranging from political interference to societal principles as well as the...

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Business and Management: Individual Report

Summary From the data collected from different articles and books, I discovered that Apple products are currently dominating the market because the company uses high technology to manufacture its products. Due to the competition Apple is facing ion the market it has implement several strategies to win customers from its competitors. These strategies have helped Apple to remain competitive in...

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Doing Business In India

India is a country that is richly diverse and complex and therefore, it might be difficult for an entrepreneur to determine exactly or to make general conclusions that may be appropriate for doing business there. There are many factors to consider such as the economic, political, social, cultural, religious, as well as geographic ones. There are also other things to...

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Opening a MacDonald’s in India

In the current century of globalization, people around the globe are able to share different kinds of foods from different parts of the world all thanks to the global business in foods and beverages companies and hotels. Now, consumer foods service is the leading driver of global growth in economy and now the fast foods industry is able to reach...

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) Practices in South Africa

Supply chain management in South Africa Supply chain management can be viewed from several perspectives. This therefore means that though the principles underlying supply chain management are more or less the same, how supply management is perceived in one country in terms of processes may not be necessarily the same across other countries. Ayer (Ross 14) defines supply chain management...

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