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Paper Examples on Literature

Biblical References in The Handmaid’s Tale

Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale paints a picture of a dystopian society named the Republic of Gilead, where a bunch of religion-driven fascists take complete control and resort to unethical means to get what they want.  In order to increase the number of white population, new laws are set which deprive the women in Gilead, of their rights and reduce their...

Words: 1555 | Pages: 7

The Quotes about Racism in “To Kill a Mockingbird”

“To kill a Mockingbird” is a great educational book that is written in easy language and shows lots of very important problems of prejudices and self-identification through the kid’s eyes. One of the major and most common problem of that time is, surely, racism. The questions about race are raised very often in the book. From the one side the...

Words: 1576 | Pages: 7

The Deeper Meaning to Battle Royal Ralph Ellison

"Battle Royal" is a short story by Ralph Ellison which occurs in a small town in the south (Bloom, 3). The main focus of the story is the continued recurrence in the incidences of racial inequality.  The story is about a black boy struggling to fit in, in the largely white society. The boy tries to achieve this goal line...

Words: 1008 | Pages: 5

Animal Farm: 7 Commandments

“Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings is a friend. And remember also that in fighting against man, we must not come to resemble him. Even when you have conquered him, do not adopt his vices. No animal must ever live in a house or sleep in a bed or wear...

Words: 1626 | Pages: 7

Robert Frost’s Fire and Ice Interpretation Analysis and Technique

Introduction Fire and Frost is a poem written by Robert Frost that tells about distinction between two things that destroy the world (Little 176). Simple language that portrays significant meaning of hatred and desire is evident in the poem. The poem says the world will end with fire and with ice at the same time. The narrator states that he...

Words: 775 | Pages: 4

Famous Atticus Finch Quotes

Atticus Finch is one of the main characters from “To Kill a Mockingbird”. He is a lawyer living in a small town and a single father doing his best in raising his two kids - Jem and Scout. Atticus is as close to the perfect parent as we can only imagine. He is always attentive to his kids, ready to...

Words: 1630 | Pages: 7

Fair is Foul, Foul is Fair Analysis in Macbeth

The phrase “Fair is Foul, Foul is Fair” (Act 1, Scene 1) is chanted by the three witches at the beginning of the play. It acts as a summary of what is to come in the tale. Shakespeare uses the phrase to show that what is considered good is in fact bad and what is considered bad is actually good. The...

Words: 1714 | Pages: 8

The Character Traits of Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird

Jean Louise Finch or simply Scout Finch is a six-year-old daughter of Mr. Atticus Finch, a lawyer living in the small American town. As we learn from reading the story, her nickname, Scout, has a lot to say about her personality. Despite Scout is only six, she is attentive and curious like… a scout, let’s say. She is also very intelligent for...

Words: 1547 | Pages: 7

The Personality of Boo Radley in Quotes

The image of Boo Radley can at first seem strange and even disturbing, according to the overall tone of the story. The mysterious man - or even creature - who never leaves the Radleys” house is an embodiment of all the childish horrors about the haunted houses and their inhabitants. The early Jem quotes about Boo Radley exploit this image to...

Words: 1474 | Pages: 7

Quotes in the Play Macbeth that Highlights Theme of Ambition

As was characteristic of Shakespeare, he did not deviate from his tragedy tales with the play Macbeth. With this offering, Shakespeare highlights the dangers associated with uncontrolled ambition. Through the protagonist Macbeth, we see how ambition corrupts even the most pious individuals and the lengths they are willing to go to ensure that their ambitious goals are achieved to the...

Words: 1631 | Pages: 7

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