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The Character Traits of Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird

Jean Louise Finch or simply Scout Finch is a six-year-old daughter of Mr. Atticus Finch, a lawyer living in the small American town. As we learn from reading the story, her nickname, Scout, has a lot to say about her personality. Despite Scout is only six, she is attentive and curious like… a scout, let’s say. She is also very intelligent for...

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Dante’s Inferno Canto III Summary and Analysis

Summary The road to the underworld begins for Dante and Virgil from the gates of Hell with the inscription, that is well-known even to people who never read the “Divine Comedy”: “Abandon every hope, who enter here”. There is some more written at the gate: “Through me the way into the suffering city” is the next. Then, the story of creation of...

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Dramatic Irony in Oedipus the King

To understand how brilliant Sophocles uses dramatic irony in “Oedipus the King” we should clearly define what is dramatic irony. The dramatic irony has not much in common with the irony we are used to: it is not funny (or is, but in extremely bitter way). It is the situation, when the audience already knows the answer to the question the characters try...

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The Personality of Darrel ‘Darry’ Curtis

Darry is short for Darrel - and the full, adult name suits this character most. He is the older brother of Ponyboy and Soda, the main character from the “Outsiders”. At his twenty he has a triple responsibility on his shoulders: he is the only breadwinner in their family, he has to act as a substitute father for the two...

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The Setting of George Orwell’s 1984

The novel 1984 of George Orwell shows us a pretty grim and bleak place, where the Big Brother is watching you, literally. The mascot of the government, the aforementioned Big Brother, is everywhere, never letting both the characters and the readers feel safe. This is the main line of the novel – the absence of safety, freedom and personal space. The war...

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Antigone, the Tragic Hero

One of the main questions of this prominent ancient tragedy written by Sophocles is who is the main, the true tragic hero in it: Creon the King or Antigone? Lots of studies claim that Antigone, being a woman in ancient Greek play, can’t be the tragic hero character, because female characters usually lack depth and exist to contrast or emphasis the feelings of...

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Famous Atticus Finch Quotes

Atticus Finch is one of the main characters from “To Kill a Mockingbird”. He is a lawyer living in a small town and a single father doing his best in raising his two kids - Jem and Scout. Atticus is as close to the perfect parent as we can only imagine. He is always attentive to his kids, ready to...

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Don Quixote Quotes

We all know the story of Don Quixote, an amusing yet bittersweet story about adventures of the last knight errant. Deeply satiric, this novel was often portrayed like a comedic story and indeed, lots of people used to laugh while reading about Don Quixote’s hopeless dreams of chivalrous ideals. But in the book, we encounter much more laughing people and see...

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Books are Our Literary Friends

As a young child, my mother stressed the importance of reading. Being an avid reader herself, she made sure to pick a book for the young me whenever she went shopping. We would therefore spend most of our nights in the study going through books. At the time, I could not comprehend her obsession with books. I could contend unsuccessfully...

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The Famous Quotes from the Picture of Dorian Gray

Lots of the quotes of Chapter 1 belong to the author of the picture, the artist named Basil Hallward. His words are often the foreshadowing of the future events. Basil talks a lot about the soul that the artist puts into his masterpieces and his own believes that exhibiting the best pictures is like exposing one’s soul - a desirable...

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