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Research Paper Examples on Science

Cooling Towers: Explaining Their Roles and Types

Cooling towers are devices designed to extract waste heat to the atmosphere in systems that generate too much heat which, if not extracted, may hinder the functionality of the system. Majorly, cooling towers are of two classes depending on whether they rely on vapour or air to attain their cooling function (Cooling Technology Institute). Those that rely on air to...

Words: 1425 | Pages: 6

Technology and Identities

Technology entails series strategies or processes that are embraced in the accomplishment of certain objectives, for instance, in scientific investigations (Akrivopoulou Christina & Nicolaos 511). The history of technology roots from the transformation of natural resources into simple tools. For example, recent technological developments include; mass media advances such as internet. Moreover, recent advances in technology has seen significant improvements...

Words: 639 | Pages: 3

Scholarly Teaching Strategy Paper

Cooperative Learning Teaching strategy refers to the technique that is used to assist students in learning their desired course syllabus and thus be able develop achievable goals. A teaching strategy identifies the various learning methods available enabling them to come up with right strategies to deal with the identified target groups. Assessing of the learning capabilities of students provides key...

Words: 1846 | Pages: 8

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