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Why Should We Build the Wall Between Mexico and the United States

I support the building of the United States and Mexican border as proposed by the United States of America president Donald Trump in his campaign. Though there has been a wall before, the area that it covers needs to be increased to reduce the entry points for illegal immigrants. Along the borderline, there are places that the wall cannot be...

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Criminal Offences in Nigeria

The laws of every country (with rare exceptions) are usually based on the cultural heritage, religious and moral values of its people. Nigeria also follows this rule. The definitions of crimes and punishments in Nigeria is the same as in the rest of the world but the rank of them, the types of crimes and, of course the most common...

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The Three Strike Law in Texas

The Three Strikes Law, started in the state of California in the year 1994, as a result of increased criminal activities and applies to criminals who have developed a habit of participating in law-breaking activities repetitively (The Debatabase Book 23). The law works in a scheme such that the second strike after the first one is more severe, and the...

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Critically Analyse the Security Impact of China’s Artificial Islands

The Security Impact of China’s Artificial Islands in the South China Sea Introduction China constructed artificial islands from 2013 December to October 2015 that occupies three thousand acres on seven coral reefs. China is used to building artificial islands and reclamation as well as dredging lands, but the islands in the South China Sea are of great concern because of...

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Annotated Bibliography: Target Stores Closure in Canada.

Fund, International M. Canada. Washington: International Monetary Fund, 2008. Internet resource. This books examines the response of Canada in regard to the current turmoil in the market. The writer, provides an insight into the possible cause of the wide scale failure in the Canadian market in regard to the closure of target stores. It reflects on the market instability which...

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