Where to Get Resume Writing Help from Experienced Writers

If you’ve recently found yourself unemployed, or perhaps underemployed, you’ve probably said to yourself ‘I need help writing my resume.’ And, frankly, we aren’t surprised.

Resume writing isn’t something that many of us take the time to truly learn – outside of the short career preparedness course that they teach in career colleges or community schools. And, even if you did happen to pay attention to your teacher when they told you what buzzwords or work experiences you should be including in your resume  – the chance are good that if any amount of time has passed since you last updated your resume, the requirements of a resume have changed.

Can You Get Resume Writing Help from Experienced Writers?

It used to be that we could just log on to Microsoft Word, or another word processor, download a standard resume template and just fill in the blanks.

Not anymore. The career management world has evolved, and the expectations are far weightier than they once were – especially now that the job market is so competitive.

This is why so many people are turning to qualified resume writers to help them stand ahead of the competition.

Does professional resume writing help? That is like asking if hiring a personal trainer will help you to meet your fitness and nutrition goals sooner than trying to do so on your own. There is no question about it, getting help writing a resume will make sure that your resume properly highlights your best skills and experiences and shows a potential employer exactly what you are capable of achieving for their organization.

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How to Find Professional Help with Resume Writing

It used to be that directors and c-level executives would hire career management professionals to monitor their professional progress, and to help them strategize the steps they would take to meet their career goals. These services were often out of reach of the typical, every day worker.

But now, thanks to the widespread availability of the internet, getting help writing a resume or even help with keeping a resume current (say as you get promoted, win awards, work on special projects or hit milestones) is easy. In fact, you might even work with your personal resume writer to help you to update your social media profiles, like LinkedIN, to further expand your reach for potential job opportunities.

Where to Get Help Writing a Resume

You shouldn’t be looking just anywhere for help writing your resume, remember that example of including potential discriminatory information on a CV that we mentioned earlier? If you are going to look online for a resume writing service, make sure you are looking into the past history of the service provider.

Are they experienced in writing resumes for people in your profession or chosen career path? This is especially important if you are in a highly technical field – you likely won’t have much success working with a resume writing service who has only ever written resumes for entry-level marketing representatives if you are trying to piece together an update resume in the medical field!