Technology is Killing Our Society

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  1. Topic

Technology is killing our society is the topic I settled for. I choose this topic because nowadays, people are getting addictive with internet to the point where they don’t take care their children. Children are more motivated to be in their smartphones playing video games online than playing with their friends; nowadays people are attracted to this new era of technology that now they have their life easier than the students from the past.

  1. Counter argument

In the paper, I will clearly argue out on the topic of “Technology is Killing Our Society.” I will look at different writings from different authors and some famous quotes directed towards technology and technological development; I will argue to oppose those quotes that support the statement and propose those that argue against the topic (Coeckelbergh, 98).

  1. Analysis of Sources

Many publications and source suggest the killings and damages that technology is causing us. However, it is not like years back when life was too short frequently faced with violence, and harsh during the writers time. Most people don’t envy the life these days thanks to the evolving technology in my arguments opposing this, The Darwinian drive to survive and reproduce has suggested and manifested itself in numerous unpredictable manner through the humanity. It is clear that technology has really contributed to our long living and survival, some stories are quite clear to everyone, like stone tools lead to writing, medicine, computer technology, gene therapy and more. In the modern world surviving under new technological developments comes with much greater certainty thanks to the ever-improving certainty, this is attributed to technological developments in medicine that include vaccination and the fertility treatments. The human-made and technological developments that are ever increasing have bettered our lives. The Advancements in technology are revived with

getting an education to move with this advancements, it is not possible to be left behind by technology because most of them are programmed, and they can only be controlled.

Another significantly important voice in the war against technology is Nicholas Car. Nicholas has the believe that the skill of reading is slowly getting eroded in his quotes

“I’m not thinking the way I used to think. I can feel it most strongly when I’m reading.
Immersing myself in a book or a lengthy article used to be easy. My mind would get
caught up in the narrative or the turns of the argument, and I’d spend hours strolling
through long stretches of prose. That’s rarely the case anymore. Now my concentration
often starts to drift after two or three pages. I get fidgety, lose the thread, and begin
looking for something else to do. I feel as if I’m always dragging my wayward brain back
to the    text. The deep reading that used to come naturally has become a struggle.”

Nickolas sincerely comes to terms that the current culture read more because of the web, and cries that the ability to interpret the texts when we read deeply remains a concern due to the web searches and still is largely disengaged. As a technological advocate, I have seen such kinds of warning over and over (Kawasaki, 45). Carr might sound right, but it is the high time people understand we have evolving habits. It is the default starting point for everything, and it is important to embrace that the web has captured our attention. The web is far much different from the books. It is very true and important to note that printed books have the important truth of humanity for half a millennium. The web is important since it has all the knowledge we are looking for and not only in final and authoritative but fro, all the aggregate of knowledge from multiple sites.

  1. Effects of technology

The learning process has been improved; education is the economy’s back born. Technology has brought about the good organization in the infrastructure which has promoted a good interpretation of information. Technologies like the smart whiteboards and computers and projectors and internet are being cooperated in classes to boost the morale of student towards learning (Lajoie, 103). Visual education is growing in popularity and has revealed to be the best learning technique in most subjects like the sciences and mathematics. The technologies exist both for the students and the teacher. This has made learning more mobile with the introduction of things like long-distance learning.

Interviewing some parents, it was notable that technology has improved the communication process. In a world of smartphones, people can pass information through SMS and the social media websites like Facebook. Parents are also able to get information from the schools where their children are learning from.

  1. Future of technology

The future of technology is expected to be bright especially in learning, the future of online education is going to be bright. While tuition at college skyrockets and continues to grow, so long as one has a smartphone or computer he or she can study any topic easily, access educational content that if free online. For instance, Encyclopedia book used to be priced at $1400 which was way too expensive to afford. Currently, anyone who is interested can access Wikipedia which has, even more, information than an encyclopedia. Another scenario is that a long time ago people used to go to purchase programming books to get knowledgeable on computer programming, but with the present technological growth and the expected expansions, people can now learn from over 30 million specialists in programming at stack overflow and even YouTube. Your tube gives millions of free tutorial on education matters

It may take little bit more time for humans to be beaten by computers but the advances in the artificial intelligence have been immense over the last decades because of the new algorithm and the great growth in collection of data and power of computing. In the future, the artificial intelligence will be applied in all the fields (Drexler, 89). For instance, in photography, an AI technique referred to as artistic transfer’s photos to the style of a given painter. There has also emerged an AI developed by Google which controls its data center power system saving a lot of dollars in energy. It is therefore important since, in the future, these intelligence systems will liberate humankind from repetitive, boring tasks the same manner in which revolution in industry liberated people from repetitive physical tasks (Nickerson, 56). There is no need to worry about job distractions by the advancements. It is historically proven that when jobs are destroyed, the jobless doing just sit there, they look for better jobs to replace their current ones


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