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Use Online Thesis Generator for Research Paper

Note: Our tool develops thesis statements based on the information you fill in the form. All your suggestions and the completed thesis are confidential and will not be made public. After the thesis will be generated, make sure that it coincides perfectly with your assigned topic.

You cannot enter more than 20 words in each field.

1. Indicate your topic.

Write your main theme and ideas that will be conveyed in the paper.

2. Indicate the main conclusion for your topic.

What general impression would you like your essay to make on the audience? Do not start with a capital letter, avoid punctuation at the end of comment and do not use full sentences.

3. Indicate the main argument of your conclusion.

Provide claims that support your point of view regarding the issue.

4. Indicate the second argument to support your conclusion.

Add one more reason to backs up your general idea.

5. Indicate the primary counterargument against your conclusion.

Mention the strongest argument to argue against your main idea.

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Students that have entered a college or uni often face difficulties they haven’t expected. Usually, those who pick world-renown places like Stanford or Harvard are more prepared to challenges, but problems may still emerge. Thesis statement is a good example of such issues because this seemingly small part of the essay is actually its core, and if you don’t know how to craft it, you will likely fail in an assignment. Thesis generator is used for help, but still, you should know what thesis is and what function it performs first.

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Thesis implies a claim that you have to prove in your paper and which reflects its main idea. Ideally, audience should read it and immediately understand what your paper is about. Our thesis statement generator is a smart tool that creates the claim you need: with its help, you’ll formulate the essence of your research paper and reap all subsequent benefits.

Research Paper Thesis Generator: Types and Structure

There are three general types into which thesis statements can be divided, and you’ll have to generate them all at some point, with the help of generator as well. A common thing is that every claim is placed as a last sentence of introduction. Other than that, each type has its own structure. Check them along with examples below.

  • Argumentative

This is a controversial claim that you should prove by using credible evidence. In most cases, you’ll have to address the opposition’s point in it, too, before refuting it and emphasizing the correctness of your views with more evidence.
This is an example: “Active anti-racist policies must be implemented in the US because while majority of Americans believe that racism is almost eliminated, the analysis of the US news shows that this problem is still urgent.”

It has a claim itself (the necessity of more policies), counter-argument (the fact that many Americans support the opposite belief), and refutation (revelation of analysis results). Each thesis of this type should follow a similar structure.

  • Expository

This type requires to divide your claim into several sections and explain them in the body of paper.
For instance: “When adopting a pet from the shelter, it’s essential to learn everything about its background, create appropriate living conditions, and show affection.” So, there are three main parts and you should develop each one in three corresponding body paragraphs.

  • Analytical

When writing such a claim, it’s important to connect several parts of it and present key evaluation.
For example: “The elements of nature in Proulx’s “Brokeback Mountain” successfully create an emotional and powerful atmosphere.” All parts of the claim are connected and an evaluation is given by stating that such combination is successful.

Great Thesis Statement: Why Is It Important?

As stated before, thesis conveys the essence of any paper. It helps readers determine whether they are interested in reading it, and it assists professor in seeing how well you understood the task. Despite having just one or two sentences, such claim contains an outline of a paper. It features all relevant points as well as its final conclusion. In most cases, grading rubric will mention thesis as a separate entity for which a certain amount of points is awarded. It increases the importance of making it as strong as possible.
A Research Guide’s thesis generator is a combination of intricate tools and mechanisms that relies on your description and offers a variety of options to choose from. Now knowing what types of theses exist, just evaluate the quality of our offered options yourself. We guarantee that we’ll help find a perfect claim that will earn top points.

How Does Generator Work? Step-by-step Instruction

Our generator for research papers is reliable and easy to use. There are a few steps you should follow.

  1. Open Thesis Maker on our site.
  2. State your topic and be as specific as possible. Basically, you need 1 or 2 sentences to summarize the subject of a paper, then put them into our generator machine.
  3. Provide your intended conclusion. Again, point out a sentence that you’ll put into the very end of your paper, that explains what the point of your research has been. Add it to corresponding box.
  4. Point out an argument supporting your conclusion. For example, if you wrote about global warming and strived to prove that it’s real, present one reason you’re using as evidence in support of your belief.
  5. Provide the second argument and put it in our thesis statement maker. It’s optional but it’ll make your claim stronger. You’re likely to have at least two facts supporting your position, so mention them both in separate boxes.
  6. Finally, insert one counter-argument to your central claim into a final box. Any argument has an opposite side, and a strong essay should acknowledge this. So, write what a person who disagrees with you may say about it.
  7. After entering these required details, you are good to go ahead and generate claim. That’s it! Our thesis title generator will offer you several options, from simple to more complex ones. Pick whichever you like most but remember that claim’s quality depends on how accurate information you’ve put into boxes is.

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Use Our Thesis Creator and Complete Your Paper

As you can see, our free online generator is constructed in a way to ensure only the most effective results. Be specific when providing info about your paper, and the result you get will correspond to your requirements perfectly. It’ll help strengthen your paper by combining your central thoughts into one powerful claim, and if you still haven’t written an essay, it’ll ground you by making sure that you move in a needed direction. So, use thesis statement generator we’ve devised and make your task much easier!

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