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Brave New World Characters and Analysis

Bernard Marx

An Alpha-caste male who feels inferior due to his small stature in relation to other Alpha-caste males. This insecurity makes him discontent overall and he develops resentments toward the World State. His last name is evocative of Karl Marx and the parallel between the Marx’s critique of culture and Bernard’s discontent with his culture is evident. However, Bernard is not in any way systematic. When threatened, Bernard is capable of being petty and cruel.

Lenina Crowne

Lenina works in the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre as a vaccination worker. She is the object of sexual desire of Bernard and John. While she is unconventional on some levels, for example, she maintains a long-term relationship with Bernard, and she questions many of the values of the World State, she ultimately proves herself to be a strict adherence to World State values. This is unthinkable to John and is part of what drives him to suicide.


The lost child of the Director and Linda. John grew up outside of the World State. Having spent his life on the Reservation, he knows nothing about how the World State works. He is unable to comprehend the World State. In fact, much of his world view comes from the works of Shakespeare, and these romantic and ideal values are completely inconsistent with the World State. It is he, however, who is viewed as the savage.

Helmholtz Watson

He is a perfect example of an Alpha-caste male. Helmholtz works as a lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering. Yet, he is unsatisfied with his work and his life. He would rather use his intellect and talent to write things that are more meaningful. He bonds with Bernard over their mutual dissatisfaction with the World State. Helmhotz’s complaints are generally more profound than Bernard’s unhappiness with his personal stature. For this reason, Helmhotz often finds Bernard to be tiresome.

Mustapha Mond

The official Resident World Controller of Western Europe. As the Controller of one of only ten, Mustapha is a respected scientist. However, as a young scientist he was involved in illegal research and was pressed into the position as Controller as a result. He gave up science and now works to censor discoveries of unorthodox ideas. He still has his secrets. He keeps illegal religious writings and the works of Shakespeare hidden for himself.


A Beta-caste female and John’s mother. She was left at the Reservation after she becomes pregnant with the child of the Director. Since she could not get an abortion on the Reservation she was too ashamed to try to return to the World State. She is an outcast on the Reservation, and she spends the most of her time after her return to the World State in a soma-induced stupor.

The Director

He administers the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. A powerful and threatening character, he wants to exile Bernard to Iceland, but he is subverted due to his scandalous past with Linda.