Capstone Project

A Brief Introduction to Capstone Project Ideas

As you find yourself edging closer to the end of your studies, it is likely that discussions with your student advisor have begun to focus largely on your ‘Capstone Project’ and they might even offer to discuss the Capstone Project meaning and importance and some of its ideas with you. Based on the tone of these conversations, you are wise to assume that this is a key event in your career as a student.

How to define a Capstone Project exactly, or what is a Capstone experience as it is sometimes referenced as, as WHY is it such an important component of so many degree programs?

Want to Know What is a Capstone Project?

Capstone Project can take on many different platforms. For some schools, it can be as straightforward as a selection of advanced courses to be followed by an exam. However, more often than not, the schools that require a Capstone will expect students to complete some sort of project.

The initial phase of this project necessitates that the student must select one of the topics offered. Leading experts, and business advisors, state that the worst topics to select for Capstone experiences are any requiring a substantial amount of analyzation of statistical data or those that request the audience to comprehend complex concepts. Subject matter aside, the best received projects see the presenter apply principles rather than sticking solely to the exploration of their thesis.

It is required to first submit a sample proposal to the appointed board. Your proposal, which is typically in excess of forty pages, will serve as an introduction for and of your final papers or projects. Additionally, it will define your theories and deliver your thesis statement. It is necessary to provide an overview of the research sources that you intend to use in the completion of your project, and will offer an alternate proposal on the off chance that your original proposal is not accepted.

After you have received word that your proposal has been approved, it is time to commence research on your chosen subject. This will certainly involve a great deal of reading on the topic, but it might also require in-depth research. Truth be told, Capstone Projects are highly time intensive, but can add great value to a resume.

A Short Definition of the Capstone Project

When we look up the Capstone Project definition, we can see that according to the Glossary of Educational Reform, the Capstone Project is “a multi-faceted project designed to act as the culmination of the intellectual and academic experience for students at the university level” There times where the capstone might be a requirement of a high school student, but they are more typically referenced at a higher level. That is not to say that high schoolers could not benefit tremendously from such an experience. In fact, the experience gained from researching, writing, and delivering such a project can help to prepare students at all levels for progressively senior academic pursuits and the professional world.

The Best Capstone Project Ideas Offered for High School

The majority of schools that assign capstone projects do so that provide students with a vehicle to showcase their scholastic prowess. At the root, these types of projects are largely about demonstrating that the student has developed the skills to enable them to learn. They serve the purpose of encouraging students to call upon their critical and analytical cognitive abilities to solve potentially complex problems.

Furthermore, schools would like to see the students in their charge develop and deploy their public speaking skills. Writing skill is equally important given that each project must have an accompanying portfolio that speaks to the steps the student followed when developing their conclusion. These types of projects are most often found at the conclusion of a degree program – however, they may be assigned early in the year, affording the student the entire term to work on it. offers several suggestions for anyone looking for ideas on what to do their project one.  For example, some of the suggestions offered include:

  • Does it make sense for parents to not vaccinate their children?
  • Should the government be allowed to restrict the kinds of foods that are served in school cafeterias?
  • Do men and women communicate differently, and is this important?

Summary of Ideas Offered By Capstone Project – Examples

When selecting an idea for your Capstone experience, it is best to focus on things that you are already known in – or have an expertise in – as this will make the preparation process much easier and when it comes the time to deliver your presentation, you will be able to speak with a certain level of authenticity.

After you’ve selected your project, there are a brief Capstone project outline that you might find useful and a few best practices that you can deploy to ensure that you are always staying ahead of the curve.

  1. Look into, and uncover the latest trends in your subject. You might find fresh or new ideas, journals with interesting studies, etc.
  2. Remember to take as many notes as possible. It is helpful to keep all of your study materials organized and in a single location.
  3. Focus on your areas of interest. Determine what your preferences are, highlight interesting facts, stick with the things that you find engaging.
  4. Create a template to use as your framework. Remember to properly develop your title. It might also be helpful to jot down a few goals and multiple research methods.
  5. Pay close attention to structure. Plan your work carefully. Staying organized now will help you later. Consider what your subheadings might be.
  6. Cite your research sources. Remember to clearly cite where you are finding your information.

Knowing that too many students are normally extremely busy with fulfilling loads of different academic assignments, attending classes and having part-time jobs, we offer help with preparation for your Capstone Project.