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Writing Guide

How To Write an Article Review – Tips and Explanation

In this guide you will find out: What is an article review Article review format How to write a good article review What is an article review? An article review is a piece of writing where you summarize and assess another person’s article. It entails a logical evaluation of the central theme of the article, supporting arguments and implications for further...

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How to Write an Evaluation Essay

In this guide you will find: What is an Evaluation Essay How to Start an Evaluation Essay Evaluation Essay Outline Evaluation Essay Example What is an Evaluation Essay The overall objective of an evaluation essay is to provide validation for the quality (or lack thereof) concerning a particular specific item, product, business, service, program, book, movie etc. It is true...

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Explanation How to Write in Cursive

Cursive writing is a form of penmanship where the writer connects every letter in a word together using an italicized or looped handwriting style. If you would like to practice your cursive handwriting skills, you can practice using any number of worksheets found online. The key is to learn how to best connect letters in a manner that flows neatly and is...

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Essentials of How to Write a Term Paper

Writing a term paper worthy of a high grade requires much more than a few research hours and some words on a paper. Time, planning, above-average writing skill, these are just a few of the things needed to create a noteworthy paper. If you are unfamiliar with the difference between a great term paper and one that is just ‘okay’,...

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How to Make an Appendix- A Guide

In your research paper or writing assignment or the presentation, you will probably have some paragraphs or topics which can’t explain the information entirely. This is where you will need to use an appendix. So how to make an appendix? Before we go through the steps of making an appendix, it is essential that we understand its meaning. What is...

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How to Write a Comparative Essay

You should definitely know what is a comparative essay before you get to writing. A comparative essay is a composition made of many paragraphs that try to explain how two subjects are either similar or different. These essays are mainly about comparing and contrasting various aspects of the subjects in question. In this context, to compare is to identify the...

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A Guide How to Write a Children’s Book

I Want to Write a Book - How To Start? Writing a children’s book is a dream of many people. However, many people see it as one that is quite unattainable. This guide has all you need to know to put that incredible idea of yours into a children’s book. Perhaps you have a favorite bedtime story that you developed just...

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Short Explanation How To Write A Hypothesis

How to write a hypothesis - Tips Select a topic that interests you and you have read about it. The information should be used to derive possible answers to what you would like to research on. It can also be found in books from the library and online. Pick a topic that you'd like to know more about. Selecting an...

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Tips How to Write a Letter of Intent for Graduate School or Job

In this guide you will find out: How to write a letter of intent properly What is a letter of intent Proper use of letter of intent format Examples of letter of intent How to write a letter of intent properly A letter of intent is usually needed when seeking a job, gaining admission to an academic institution or seeking for...

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