Shakespeare (William) was the most distinguished dramatic poet the world has had since the decline of Greece. He was the son of a wealthy woolen merchant at Stratford on the Avon, a market spot in the English. County Warwickshire, probably born on Apr. 23, 1564. His mother was a daughter of Robert of Wellington, and William of her ten children...

Jass? Jasz? JAZZ!

From the red light district to the Grammophone: 100 years ago, the legendary black music from New Orleans came to her name and was forbidden for the first time on shellac - by a white band. Around 1900, the jazz belonged to the black workers and the descendants of the slaves. © Hulton Archive / Getty Images A Monday in...

The History of The DC Comics Universe

The history of the contemporary DC Comics universe goes far back in the past, or rather, into the 1930s, and has undergone a number of development stages in the meantime. Therefore it is difficult for a newcomer to understand the influences of the past. In the following we present you a small round trip and thus relevant events in the...

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