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APA Style Format

The APA (American Psychological Association) style format is the most popular method for citing sources in academic work in the social sciences field. The importance of using proper citations cannot be understated. It gives credit to the authors for ideas and research that you have incorporated into your own paper. In addition, failing to acknowledge the work of others can...

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Chapter 9. Parenthetical References – Examples in MLA Style

The simplest way to cite sources is to use Parenthetical references or Parenthetical documentation. The author's last name and page number(s) are placed in parentheses in the text to give credit to sources. For example, in your paper you write: In their Preface, the authors point out that "Learning Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) is...

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How to Cite an Infographic Correctly

Information transmitted visually usually has a greater impact on the audience. Not only does it make the content colorful, but also captures the attention of people. This is where the role of infographics comes into the picture. In the past few decades, stat-packed illustrations and colorful visuals have become an integral part of the content. To make content visually stimulating,...

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Chapter 8. First Footnotes and Endnotes – Examples in MLA Style

Note: Detailed Footnotes and Endnotes are needed only for sources cited for the first time. When citing the same work more than once, it is no longer fashionable to use ibid. or op. cit.; the current trend is to use the short title or the author's last name instead. Indent the first line of a Footnote or Endnote entry.  Second...

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MLA Citation Format and Style Guide

MLA (Modern Language Association) is one of the several standard formatting styles recommended for academic work. By formatting and citing the paper in a uniform manner, the reader is better able to identify and understand the various types of sources that were used for the paper. In addition, beyond being able to understand the citations, the reader can look through...

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How to Cite YouTube Videos in Your Paper

Citing a YouTube video in your research paper and other assignments can be a good source of information for your readers. Though there are thousands of videos available on any subject on YouTube these days, their authenticity can be a subject to doubt. However, there are really useful and trusted channels and YouTubers whose videos you can cite in your...

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Useful Tips How to Cite a Presentation

Citing a PowerPoint poster presentation is effortless. This can be done in many ways depending on the style you are required to perform the same. You, therefore, need to know beforehand the citation style you should be using. We have three common citation styles that are usually used, which are AMA, APA, and MLA. Each of these styles has different specifications and...

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Chicago Style Format

Introduction Over the years, writing has been an important method of passing information from one person to the next all over the world. The integrity of a write-up is more often than not measured by the existence of sources of information that should be cited accordingly. Among the various formatting styles, there is the Chicago style of referencing. This style...

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AMA Citation Guide

The History of AMA Citation Now in its 10th edition, AMA Citation was first introduced in the AMA Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors and is the cornerstone of writing style for the American Medical Association. Written originally by the editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association, and later published by Oxford University Press, the...

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