Using Concise in a Sentence

When it comes to concise writing, the goal is to make use of the most effective words possible. Note that writing concisely does not necessarily mean using as few words as possible, but rather using the strongest words – or those that will deliver the greatest impact without becoming to far stretched.

Tips for Efficient Eliminating Words You Don’t Need

With the advent of text lingo and the rise of the ‘emoji’, Western Society continues to further its love affair with the ability to ‘do more with less.’ A point that resonates in declining newspaper subscriptions and a preferred skills of knowing how to say something in approximately 140 character, or less.

Why Do You Need Changing Phrases When Writing?

English is the most complex and difficult to master language in the world. And, even if you happen to master the skill of using excellent grammar and proper punctuation in your writing, you are likely to only succeed in writing ‘average’ phrases, at best, if you do not know how to appropriately get your point across.


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Some Ideas How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Writing

Learning how to avoid the most common writing mistakes is necessary for not only maintaining your credibility as a writer, but also for improving your own skill level.