How Customers in a Busy Cafe Manage to Secure a Table to Sit at


As people go to have coffee in cafes they have to interact and collaborate for the time they stayina café. The way people mingle and interact in the cafes depends on several factors including the aesthetics. This research is taken to study the behavior of customers’ interaction and collaboration when finding a sitting table in a busy café. The study was carried out at Starbucks Café which is one of the biggest and busiest café in America.

Background for the study

Customer interaction and people collaboration in public areas where people take their drinks play a big role in customer contentment. The conservational setting in a café defines the number and behavior of customers. The research was carried out at Starbucks Café located in Utah.

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Theoretical Foundations and Literature Review

According to Ridley (2008), literature review entails reviewing other works done by scholars on the problem being investigated. Interaction defines the extent to which an individual’s level of activity will influence the other. There are two types of interaction, which are defined as familiar and unfamiliar interaction. Familiar entails the interaction between two parties that know each other while unfamiliar interaction is the interaction between two people who are strangers. The interaction of individuals has a great influence on the services available to an individual (In O’Fallon ; In Rutherford, 2011).

There is an increased probability that when a stranger tries to access a service they are inhibited by the fact that the service provider considers them foreign. This makes it easier for an individual who had interacted with the service provider before to gain access to the service. Increased interaction between the consumers increases the chances of an individual getting a table. The type of interaction is also defined by the extent to which an individual is offered an incentive when they allow another the other individual to gain access to a particular service.

Numerous individuals surmise that cafes are principally in the matter of offering beverages just. Then again, it is additionally contended that cafes offer experiences and just beverages serve as a method for attaining to their goals. From the main viewpoint of a café, the actual inventory is to avail a comfortable environment to the customers for the duration they will be taking their drinks. For increment of sales in a café it calls for expansion of the inventory.

Several studies identify the role of human interaction and collaboration on the provision of services. Research identifies the ways in which the interaction between consumers and the service providers influence the provision and access of a service and its quality. More attention has been placed on the influence of collaboration in the articulation of group activities and tasks. This has neglected the evaluation of the way in which people interaction and collaboration and particularly, clients in the hotel industry affect their access to services. The behaviors that are illuminated in the industry that is associated with the provision of services.

Interaction refers to the act of people sharing ideas and exchanging things. It incorporates how people behave towards others in the café. It also involves how the customers relate with the attendants of the café. According toKassin, Fein, ; Markus (2014), the inclusion of clients in the service scape influence the operations of an organization. According to social facilitation theory, the presence of the consumer in the business premises has a great influence on the type of service provided to the client. With or without interaction of the customer their presence is bound to have an effect on the kind of service that they receive from the employees in the organization.

This theory argues that the presence of others arouses the drive state of an individual, which enhances the prevailing responses. The presence of a customer in a cafe increases the chance of influencing the behavior of the service provider in either a positive or a negative mode. In this situation, the interaction between the customers and the cafe attenders has great influence on the table that they will get in a busy hotel. The writer argues that, in an environment where a customer is well known or provides an incentive to the attenders there is a chance that they will gain favor from the hotel attenders.

Studies have evaluated various ways and behaviors exhibited by the customers to get faster service. There is an increased tendency for the consumers to reserve tables with a personal item. This is against the cafe rules but it is considered as a way in which an individual establishes their presence in a particular place. To move another person’s property in a hotel is considered as breaking of a rule and the individual who moves this property is considered wrong. The interaction between the customer and the cafe attenders is very important in the observation of the rules in a cafe. When the clients have a nice relationship with the cafe attendants there is an increased chance that there will be an overlook of the rules governing the cafe (Hammersley; Atkinson, 2012).

Collaboration is the way people come close and interact in the café and the table they occupy. Such a variety of advancements permit us to team up “essentially” today. Email, texting, feature conferencing, and desktop offering are regular parts of the workday for some persons. Nevertheless, paying little or no heed to what advances we utilize, the greater part of our communications still depend on an essential constituent: one another.

Irrespective of what number of gleaming mechanisms we have, we cannot accomplish things without other individuals. As of late Cisco embraced an investigation of human conduct and the obstructions to viable cooperation: how it influences benefit, working environment proficiency, and business results. This study indicated without inquiry that coordinated effort is grounded in human connection and connections. One member even said: “We have to return to the closeness.”

Individuals are more connected when they could see and hear one another well; fundamentally collaborating the way people have associated for a huge number of years: eye to eye. It is recognized that there are four key elements for effective group effort, and they are all dependent on human conduct. That is, construct connections and systems that prompt trust, transformation of human communications into results, Parity choice making and accord building and developing the way of life for gainful cooperation. In any case a standout amongst the most essential things learned–which applies to social change–is that an essential reason individuals work together is to collaborate.

In cafes, this kind of joint effort concentrates on creating inventive arrangements or thoughts that enhance a current methodology or item. Through continuous cooperation, socialization, and checking, the thought forms into a practical answer for location another business sector opportunity, re-design a center procedure, tackle an issue, or make business value. Collaboration among a group of people is also seen to influence the reservation of a table and queue.

When people go to a cafe as a group they tend to put their personal items on seats to reserve a position for other individuals who have not yet arrived. They comply by the fact that a part of the group either is in the queue or is in the hotel already however, they are also going against the rules because they reserve places for other individuals who are not present. Informality characterizes operations in hotels and other places that require reservations. This depicts that informal rules can be adjusted when there is relations between the two people who are interacting. Studies portray that the relationship between the attendants in cafes and their clients influence the services and access to services such as the access to a table (Ziegenfuss, 2007).

Problem Statement

Many studies have identified the reasons behind customer satisfaction in hotels and restaurants and the factors which can be implemented to increase efficiency and effectiveness. However, none has taken into study the behavior of interaction and collaboration of people in the busy cafes especially about finding a table and the whole setting of the environment.

Research Questions and Phenomenon

The study sought to answer the methods utilized by customers to secure a table in busy cafes specifically Starbucks café as well as how people interact and collaborate in its environmental setting.

R1: how do customers find a table in Starbucks cafe?
R2: To what degree do people interact and collaborate at Starbucks cafe?

Significance of the Study

The fundamental target of the survey was to understand the interaction and collaboration of people towards securing a table in Starbucks cafe. This helped me understand different methods used in ensuring that clients get a table in busy cafes. I also learned different interaction methods by people which helped other students who were not involved in the study to understand Starbucks café environment and human interactions.

Rationale for Methodology

The study made utilization of subjective exploration system in light of the fact that it goes for making profound comprehension of the issue. It permittedme as the analyst to clearly comprehend the issue through data gathered from the respondents and not manipulation of the variables (Merriam, 2009). Subjective examination best fitted the investigation of interaction and collaboration of people in obtaining a table at Starbucks café.

Research design adopted and data collection

The study applied descriptive design which sought to understand different disciplines of the customers seeking a table at Starbucks café. Descriptive design entails studying the collected information at the original environment and also involves utilization of meetings, reviews and collaborating with respondents (Lapan, 2011). When carrying out the study I used surveys and observations for data collection.

Observations incorporated analyzing the behavior between the customers and attendants at Starbucks Café. Observation best served the study since it gave me the right data on how customers entered and were served by the attendants. Additionally, this method ensures that the observed subjects do not change their behavior to allow the results of the study to reflect the true state at the ground. Observation does not consume time and it allowed me to collect accurate data that make the study effective. I also interviewed some a few attendants on their culture in serving customers at the café. Collectively, the two strategies ensure that the study covers all the psychological factors that influence the access of a sitting table in Starbucks cafe.

Information Analysis Procedures

The procedure of outlining and deciphering gathered information methodically through the utilization of legitimate methods is alluded to as data analysis (Lapan, 2011). The strategy utilized relies on upon the design utilized as a part of the exploration. In analyzing the data collected I made use of percentages.

Moral Considerations

Confidentiality of information from the respondents was exceptionally observed and data gathered treated for study purposes just. Unveiling data to unessential individuals is deceptive and was not entertained in the examination.

Observations made at Starbucks Cafe

I arrived at Starbucks café in the evening at around 5.00pm which made it good for the study. Most of the people passed by to relax and take some coffee after their work so many customers visited the café at this time. On arrival I chose a table at the corner of the café where one attendant came over to me and greeted me warmly. She enquired whether I was comfortable or I wanted to change my position to another table. She provided me with their menu and just waited there as I read through their offers. Every customer was served all through by the attendant who welcomed him or her into the café. This gave me a chance to interview the attendant Ann after serving me coffee.

The whole environment is convivial that makes clients feel free and relaxed which makes it a flawless safe place. Starbucks is in view of the ideas of concentrating on points of interest, being client situated, group arranged, being forceful and stable. The organization endeavors to make their clients feel good while appreciating their items. The thought of Starbucks as an organization is to be a spot for individuals to stop by on their approach to work, a get together place for study bunches, a spot to go on first dates and so forth.

“The brand spells confide in the way they treat their kin and their clients.” Starbucks accepts that it is their obligation in being a caring organization to help the moral, nearby and worldwide levels to help our general public. “We’ve generally accepted that organizations can-and ought to have a positive effect on the groups they serve” (Starbucks Coffee Company, 2011).Ever since they opened their first store in 1971, Starbucks concentrates on committing themselves to gaining the trust and admiration of their clients, accomplices and neighbors (Starbucks Coffee Company, 2011).

From my conversation with Ann, I learned that apart from the love she had for coffee she also likes meeting new people. She said that all the employees at Starbucks really had a great appreciation for their “regulars” who are the people that come in almost every day because they were fun to talk to and were also the best tippers. From the corner where I sat had a chance to observe how the attendants spent their time and interacted with customers.

The waiters made sure they greeted every customer or a group that entered into the café and led them to table that could fit them all. After helping the customers secure a table the attendants worked as a team in taking requests and serving a specific group that entered. For individual customers, an attendant would lead him or her to table that the customer feels comfortable sitting. I also realized that when the attendants were not serving customers or taking orders they were busy making the place tidy and others made sure they were talking to customers.

From my interview with Ann, I learned that inspiration and collaboration is a rule the top administration dependably concentrates on by contributing their time to listen and converse with workers and serve their advantage the most ideal way that could be available. This helps the organization to develop in light of the fact that the representatives are constantly roused and fill in as a group to guarantee that their clients are served to their fulfillment.

Top administration make their workers feel just as vital by treating both the old and recently utilized whether a trough or server in the same way. Their correspondence with clients is forceful and inviting as they serve clients in a group to convey awesome baked goods and extraordinary espresso in a domain that lets the client stay genuine and alive. Starbucks allude to their workers as baristas, aword Starbucks in its page is portrayed as the substance of Starbucks, who “make inspiring encounters for the individuals who visit our store and make flawless drinks – one beverage and one individual at once” (, 2015).

Client administration is a need angle in Starbucks. They try their hardest to guarantee clients are completely fulfilled. They set up a scene where each client is tended to by his or her name to make them feel truly perceived and acknowledged. Workers dependably attempt to familiarize clients with learning on what they offer. Staffs go to the purchaser with high feeling, utilization legitimate name, and stay away from terms of charm, the utilization of words, for example, sweet heart, dear, or honorable humbles the buyer.

They generally concentrate on the client being served, regard the client’s secrecy and exhibit understanding for the client’s stress. On the off chance that an individual from staff is intruded on when giving administration, he or she communicates misgiving to the shopper. On the off chance that a deficiency in administration is happens, the lapse is amended without a negative reflection on the individual or office in charge of the blunder. On the off chance that the representative is not able to address the client’s issue, then that worker needs to offer discretionary alternatives.

I observed that the attendants’ attitude and interaction with clients made it easy for other customers on the same table who were strangers shared and interacted. I could see customers taking photos with their phones, loving and enjoying their drinks. I also experienced the same with the people whom we shared the same table. We did chat, take photos, exchanged contacts and enjoyed the environment. We collaborated and felt free to interact with each other including the attendants who made sure they are next to our table in case we needed some help. Most of the clients at the café talked about the Starbucks branding and services offered with satisfaction being their conclusion.

Starbucks has an exceptionally solid society as well as its moral and client responsive. It is amazingly evident that Starbucks has dedicated clients that are thoroughly fulfilled by the administration. They truly attempt to go well beyond to make you truly feel that you are a single person with a name with a favored beverage or baked good. They are normally endeavoring to instruct their clients with information on what they are drinking and other beverage that they may appreciate. The clients that are overhauled through Starbucks are the typical consistently American. There are Individuals which are Starbucks customers.

They originate from all budgetary levels, from doctors to development laborers to teachers to housewives. These customers are persevering and simply searching for a stimulating beverage or maybe an increment of force before a protracted day starts or even toward the completion of the extensive troublesome day.

Starbucks is truly an entrancing organization. Starbucks is clearly about significantly over only advancing espresso. Hierarchical society is one thing that is essential to Starbucks and is something that begins with their upper administration. As per the VP of the refreshment classification, Starbucks could spare $12 million if all the officials performed like this. He is concerned with sparing money and expanding the main thing yet not to the detriment of his laborers.

Whilst Starbucks is known its coffee cup, they plan to end up ready to add to that picture in general society eye. Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz has regularly discussed making the coffeehouses a spot where they can come outside of their home and office to loosen up and think. The qualities that Starbucks impart make people truly feel as welcome and comfortable as you potentially can.

Everything inside the environment at Starbucks transmits unwinding, cooling and pressure mitigating truly feel to it. It makes it an impeccable safe place and it is even an area that one can have a study gathering and level headed discussion governmental issues of a paper. The seven essential attributes that Starbucks epitomizes are center to detail, customer orientation, group orientation, assertiveness and soundness. The association fills in as groups more than anything. It is a chain response one sets it up then hands it to the barista who assembles it all after which the person who hands it to you by calling you by your own particular name rather of making you sense that you are a client.

From the greatly top of the organization to the most current individual from the group, they cooperate to convey you awesome baked goods, incredible tasting coffee and in an air that lets the customer stay genuine and alive.Client administration is amazingly essential especially inside a café like Starbucks, even the eatery business, clients are typically first.

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