Are Difficult Experiences Valuable Lessons Essay

It’s very often that we experience something bitter and unpleasant in our lives that leaves a sordid taste in our mouth. We keep getting flashbacks and try to figure out how we could have avoided a particular incident from happening or how we could have toned it down (if not stop it altogether). The answers are mostly available and that frustrates us more!

Parvati met an accident when she lost control over her car which had crossed the speed limit. Manzar found out that he had been robbed of his valuables by the house maid and he had never bothered to take her identity card number. When Maya’s husband suffered loss in business, she found out that the relatives called because they wanted to gossip but no one was actually there, ready to help her!

These are just a few incidents from the life of common people. Every incident that took place in the life of each individual brought the experience which taught them a very valuable lesson. Each of these individuals will definitely have something important to learn and they will make sure that they don’t have to experience it again. But most of us start complaining and blaming others for any mishap that happens around them.

I know because I used to do the same! Somehow, as I aged I realized it and then gradually I started believing firmly that everything which happens, whether good or bad, teaches us something. Once while on the road I was mugged by two bikers. My children were obviously disturbed by the incident but I told them that those two men taught me something! My children looked puzzled and they inquired instantly, ‘How mum?’ I replied, ‘Well, they taught me how to handle such situations in a better way. What to do when something like this happens? How should we act upon?’

So basically every experience that you go through is a teacher, which teaches you a valuable lesson. And there is nothing wrong in experiencing such things because every time you have to face a nasty situation you are growing up as an individual! So don’t blame anyone or anything when you find yourself in a bad spot. Instead, face them, learn from them and move on!

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