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In Arthur’s House by William Morris

In Arthur's House BY WILLIAM MORRIS In Arthur's house whileome was I When happily the time went by In midmost glory of his days. He held his court then in a place Whereof ye shall not find the name In any story of his fame: Caerliel good sooth men called it not, Nor London Town, nor Camelot; Yet therein had...

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Epithalamion by E.E. Cummings

BY E.E. CUMMINGS I. Thou aged unreluctant earth who dost with quivering continual thighs invite the thrilling rain the slender paramour to toy with thy extraordinary lust, (the sinuous rain which rising from thy bed steals to his wife the sky and hour by hour wholly renews her pale flesh with delight) -immortally whence are the high gods fled? Speak...

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The Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott

The Lady of the Lake BY SIR WALTER SCOTT CANTO SECOND - THE ISLAND (Part II) Hail to the chief who in triumph advances! Honoured and blessed be the ever-green pine! Long may the tree in his banner that glances, Flourish the shelter and grace of our line! Heaven send it happy dew, Earth lend it sap anew; Gaily to...

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Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti

Goblin Market BY CHRISTINA ROSSETTI Morning and evening Maids heard the goblins cry: "Come buy our orchard fruits, Come buy, come buy: Apples and quinces, Lemons and oranges, Plump unpecked cherries, Melons and raspberries, Bloom-down-cheeked peaches, Swart-headed mulberries, Wild free-born cranberries, Crab-apples, dewberries, Pine-apples, blackberries, Apricots, strawberries;— All ripe together In summer weather,— Morns that pass by, Fair eves that...

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The Fairy Temple; Or, Oberon’s Chapel by Robert Herrick

“The Fairy Temple” or Oberon’s Chapel is a fairy poetry written by Robert Herrick which is a satirical miniaturization of the seventeenth-century society into a world of fairies. Herrick was a propagator and scholar of folk beliefs and legends. He wrote Oberon’s chapel in dedication to Mr. John Merrifield, Counsellor-At-Law. The Fairy Temple; Or, Oberon's Chapel BY ROBERT HERRICK RARE...

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By An Evolutionist by Alfred Lord Tennyson

The poem “By an Evolutionist” dates back to the 1800s, where Alfred, Lord Tennyson illustrates the views of an evolutionist and of Christianity when it comes to the origin of Man. The poet forms a vivid opinion in the poem stating that the views of evolutionist isn’t the right in thinking that the origin of Man is from apes, who...

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What is a Metaphor: Definition and Examples

A metaphor is a kind of figure of speech that reflects the comparison of two subjects that are not similar but have something common. It describes things not using their direct connection and words “as” or “like,”  but showing some characteristic or feature, that both have, to explain one general idea of the sentence. The term “metaphor” is originated from...

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