Profile Piece on Web Developing


Choosing a career requires a lot of thought and detailed information about the career of choice. Web design has been a field of personal interest from an early age. This has mainly been driven by my passion for design and technology. My choice for web design is reassured after conducting my interview with John a professional web designer. I was aware of the responsibilities that were accompanied by the position but speaking with a real web designer provided me with a true picture of what was needed, the benefits, and challenges experienced. Now, that I have the necessary information I am more interested in the career and will continuously accumulate skills that will allow me to become a web designer in the future.

John has been a Web designer for a period of twenty years, which makes him the right subject to gather data about the career. He has worked as a freelance web designer and professional web designer for a local company and later an international company, which gives her the right exposure and capacity to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the profession. I have had a yearning to become a web designer and create the face of a company.

The web site is an online platform that allows the consumers or stakeholders of the company to The interview also sought to establish the reasons why Web designing is a good career. It was also intended to create a comprehension of the factors defining the web designing profession. John was enthusiastic to take part in the study and enlighten me of the various aspects that defined Web designing and the reason why he felt it was good venture to endeavor into. The first question addressed his understanding of Web designing.

He describes web designing as an art. He states that his experience as a web site designer has allowed him to venture into various industries because every company in all industries require a web site. According to John, web designing provides one with an opportunity to be creative and integrate the data provided by the organization with technology to provide a website. He was more excited by the fact that a web designer unlike most of the rest of the professions creates a depiction of what he envisions the company. “I use my personal ideas to create a platform that allows the public to interact with an organization”

The second question intended to establish why he chose Web designing over the rest of the careers. He states that being a web designer pays better than most careers and apart from the extrinsic motivators, the career has intrinsic motivators. One of the factors he emphasizes on is the ability to develop a site that displays your artistic skills and your personal thoughts on a particular organization, event, or entity.

This shapes the public’s image of a company when trying to access it through an online podium (Smith 54). The website of a company is the face of the company or entity. “I get to shape the first opinion of an individual towards a company by developing the face of the company. Web designing provides an opportunity for an individual to shape the perception of the public towards a company making the profession fundamental to the company.

The third question was intended to determine what he enjoyed most in the field. He was very excited as hesitated, “I get to do my work at the comfort of my home” Web designing, allows one to be flexible because the can work from any location as long as they have access to a computer and the internet. This is unlike the rest of the professions that confine one to an office. Secondly, the profession allows one to work in any industry and company.

All companies need a website and subsequently they require a web designer. This allows one to experience new challenges and gain new experiences. Every organization has different ideas, data, and there notion of how their website should look like. This makes it very interesting to be a web designer because one is not confined to routine procedures but instead one creates a new design every single day.

The fourth question was intended to identify the challenges experienced in the field. The first challenge identified was the competition for job opportunities in the field. There are very few opportunities, John states that her first job was as low entry-level employee who was over worked and barely compensated. However, with time one advance to better jobs. Web designing is a field that many have ventured into and getting clients may pose a challenge.

However, as one is exposed to more people they is a high chance that there will also be an increase in the number of clients. The second challenge is the amount of time spent on a computer. This may cause one to have health problems such as eye problems and back problems.

The fifth question was intended to determine the qualifications that were required for one to become successful in the field. John states that there are various skills required in Web designing. Subsequently, having an academic background in web designing and interactive media is fundamental for one to have a career in web designing. This requires that one join a college or university that offers web designing and interactive media.

Apart from academic qualifications, experience is very vital and it is important for one to work as an intern or working as a freelance web site developer before looking for a job opportunity. Besides academic skills, an individual requires to be innovative and passionate about information technology. This will allow one to use technology to develop a website that will seem appealing, that will be informative and one that can be easily used by the organization and the stakeholders (Jenkins 40).

The final question was intended to establish the extent to which John was satisfied with her job. “I wake in the morning not because I have to but because I want to” John expresses a high level of satisfaction because he enjoys what he does and apart from financial compensation, he gets to be creative and be flexible. He states that being Web designer allows me to take on tasks from different people without any limitation.

This increases the income generated from this profession and working with different people allows one to build new relationships and networks. Collectively John states that being a web designer is a fun career that provides an opportunity for one to use their creativity to develop a platform that is fundamental to an entity.