Sentence Variety

What Is Sentence Variety And Why You Need It

If you find yourself wondering how to amplify your writing or speech skills in a way that draws in the attention of anyone in your audience, then you could probably stand to learn a thing or two about sentence variety.

Tips For Understanding And Using Complex Sentence Structures In Writing

By way of structure, sentences written in the English language can be grouped into four specific categories – however, there are countless constructions of each classification. Each classification is based distinctly on the amount of dependent and independent clauses contained within the sentence. A dependent clause requires another clause in order to create a complete sentence, whereas an independent clause creates a complete sentence on its own.

How to Deal With Repeated Subjects or Topics in a Sentence

It is often noted that English is the hardest of all of the languages to learn.

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Taking into consideration that many of the words used in English are actually adaptations of Latin or Ancient Greek words – similar to many other European languages – why is it that English is so very difficult?

Explanation of Similar Sentence Patterns

Nearly every sentence written in English will fall into ten similar patterns, each determine by the existence (or non existence) and functions (or non functions) or nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.