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Internet Country Codes Alphabetical Listing by Countries

Internet Country Codes Alphabetical Listing by Countries Alphabetical Listing of Countries by 2-Letter Codes International Telephone Country Calling Codes Language Codes ISO 639-2 Alpha-3 codes arranged alphabetically by English name of language Countries of the World Timelines of History World Countries A-K L-Z Country and Regional Map Sites from University of Texas Pro-Tran: Top 20 Country Statistics, Country Information,...

Biomes and Ecozones

Biomes and Ecozones - General Resources Biomes. A biome is a large, distinctive complex of plant communities created and maintained by climate. How many biomes are there? Biomes. Lots of color photographs of Terrestrial Biomes, Un-Biome: Polar / Alpine, Tundra, Boreal Forest (Taiga), Temperate Forest, Grasslands (Steppes), Woodland (Chaparral), Desert, Tropical Deciduous Forest and Savannah, Tropical Rain Forest, and Temperate...

How to Survive the Internet Unscathed

Take the following advice seriously, and your Internet experience will be trouble free at all surfing times. 1.        Be ethical. 2.        Abide by all cyber rules, regulations, and laws wherever they may apply. 3.        Be wary of accepting advice from cyber friends on the Internet. 4.        Don't flame, spam, or phish. 5.        Don't get involved in nasty cyber arguments. 6.       ...

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