USA, Canada, Countries of the World Abbreviations, Facts, Flags, Maps, and Cities of the World


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  2. Canada
  3. Countries of the World
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US flag

United States of America

U.S. National Anthem 
See State Map Sites (U.S.) from University of Texas for additional links.

AK Alaska AL Alabama AR Arkansas
AZ Arizona CA California CO Colorado
CT Connecticut DC District of Columbia DE Delaware
FL Florida GA Georgia HI Hawaii
IA Iowa ID Idaho IL Illinois
IN Indiana KS Kansas KY Kentucky
LA Louisiana MA Massachusetts MD Maryland
ME Maine MI Michigan MN Minnesota
MO Missouri MS Mississippi MT Montana
NC North Carolina ND North Dakota NE Nebraska
NH New Hampshire NJ New Jersey NM New Mexico
NV Nevada NY New York OH Ohio
OK Oklahoma OR Oregon PA Pennsylvania
RI Rhode Island SC South Carolina SD South Dakota
TN Tennessee TX Texas UT Utah
VA Virginia VT Vermont WA Washington
WI Wisconsin WV West Virginia WY Wyoming

Helpful hints: Internet Country Codes

Canadian flag


National Anthem of Canada
See Canada Maps for additional links.


AB  Alberta BC  British Columbia MB  Manitoba
NB  New Brunswick NL  Newfoundland/Labrador NS  Nova Scotia
ON  Ontario PE  Prince Edward Island QC  Quebec
SK  Saskatchewan
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NT  Northwest Territories NU  Nunavut YT  Yukon Territory

How do you pronounce Nunavut? “Nunavut, pronounced ‘Noo-na-voot’ and written as Nunavut in both English and French, means ‘our land’ in Inuktitut, the language of Inuit.”Visit also the official government sites for these Canadian provinces and territories: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon Territory.















USA Canada UK Australia Singapore Italy Netherlands Japan Malaysia Denmark Germany Finland China Brazil Hong Kong Austria France

Countries of the World

Countries of the World

National Anthems

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – Two-Letter Country Codes
Links to Other Countries of the World Sites:
AllRefer Countries of the World
Background Notes
from U.S. Department of State
CIA – The World Factbook
from United States Central Intelligence Agency
Countires & Regions
from World Bank Group
Countries of the World: 16 years of CIA World Fact Books
Countries of the World
from World Trade Press
Explore the World – World Guide
– Travel information from Lonely Planet
Geographia World Travel Destinations: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America
Index Countries of the World
– A World Destination Guide from One World – Nations Online
Portals to the World
from Library of Congress
Reference Resources: The World
from Kid Info
Timelines of History – World Countries A-K,
World Countries L-Z
World Atlas of Maps, Flags and Geography Facts
World Health Organization (WHO) Countries

Links to Flags

Flags of the USA:

Animated U.S. State Flags
Flags of North America Quiz
Today in History: Flag Day

Flags of Canada:

The National Flag of Canada

Flags of the World: Country Flags
Animated World Flags
Flags of All Countries
Flags of the World (Dollhouse Miniature Printable Flags)
Flags of the World (FOTW)
Geographic Index to Flags of the World
International Code Flags or Signaling Flags
International Marine Signal Flags
International Marine Signal Flags: Alphabet Flags, Pennants
Meanings of International Maritime Signal Flags
What’s New: Recent changes/additions
World Factbook
World Flag Database
World Flags 101

Links to Cities of the World – States and Capitals.

Cities around the World from Earth and Moon Viewer site. Select a city and view it from the sky above right this minute. Zoom in to see image. To see image in daylight, click the “No night” box then the “Update” button even though it may be night time there. World City Guides powered by Worldnews. Search city sites by City, Country or Subject. Stats about all U.S. cities – maps, race, income, photos, education, crime data, wealth, geographical data, housing, businesses, birthplaces of famous people, political contributions, city government employment, weather, hospitals, schools, libraries, houses, airports, radio and TV stations, zip codes, area codes, user-submitted facts, similar cities list, comparisons to averages, and more.

City Guides – Gateway to City Guides in the United States: Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Detroit MI, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, New York NY, and San Francisco CA. Also includes City Guides for other cities across the U.S. – listed alphabetically by State, from Alaska (Anchorage, Juneau), Alabama (Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery) to Wyoming (Cheyenne, Jackson Hole).

City Map Sites. Links from Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas. Cities around the world in A-Z order. – Principal Cities & Agglomerations in America – Population of Major Cities and Agglomerations of Countires in North and South America and outlying islands. Includes inhabitants, statistics, maps, largest cities, leading cities … – Principal Cities & Agglomerations in Asia – Population of Major Cities and Agglomerations of Countires in Asia (in tables and maps).

Citysearch. U.S. City Guides and U.S. Movie and Entertainment Guides, and International City Guides. Site covers major cities in United States, Australia, Canada, Korea, Scandinvia, and Japan. 11 million local business listings, 500,000 links to local Websites of clubs, community groups, libraries, museums, stores, theaters, etc. – United States Local Web Directory. Search this massive online directory for business in your community. Select a State, then browse by Cities. Includes latest State News, State Information (includes flag, geography, longitude / latitude, restaurants, real estate), and more. Weather. Find 5-day weather forecasts for cities around the world. provides comprehensive city guides that include travel information, area attractions and restaurant listings for towns across the United States.

Sperling’s BestPlaces. Compare cities in the United States, categories include population, cost of living, crime rate, education, climate, transportation, etc.

World Capitals – Listing of Capital Cities of the World alphabetically by Country, with population, from

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