Find the Best Accounting Certifications Online

We often forget how fortunate we are to live in an era that is driven by technology. We, as inhabitants of westernized civilizations, have access to unlimited education – right at our fingertips.

Previously, anyone who wanted to do learn accounting would be forced to prioritize their day so that they could attend accounting classes. Not anymore. Thanks to the widespread availability of the Internet, it is easier than ever to take online certification courses and earn a certificate, diploma or even a full degree.

Why You Might Need Accounting Certifications

If you choose to pursue a certificate in accounting, you will have no shortage of in-class or online accounting courses to choose from. And, just as there are multiple schools and methods of learning to choose from, there are also multiple certificates to choose from; Which are the best online accounting certificate programs – that all boils down to what you decide to do with your certificate once you’ve completed it.

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Is an Accounting Certificate “Worth It” in Reality?

There are many reasons why you might decide to obtain an accounting certificate, and it will almost always be ‘worth it’. Regardless of the type of accounting certificate you decide to pursue, you should anticipate that you will need to pass a corresponding exam. If your end goal is to become an accountant, rather than someone who might dabble in payroll or finance, you will typically require more than one certificate in an accounting topic – and, possibly even a complete degree.

Different states tend to have differing requirements and pre-requisites for certain certifications, therefore, expect to spend some time researching the legalities of your region so that you know exactly what will be expected of you and what type of career opportunities await you after your graduation.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Accounting Certificate?

Despite it now being ‘easier’ to study the field of accounting, thanks to accounting courses online with certificate, it isn’t ‘easy’ to obtain a certificate. You must put in the work. Depending on your field of study, and your background, you should expect to spend anywhere from a few weeks to several months – or maybe even a year or longer – working towards your accounting certificate.  If you are studying part-time, while you work or raise a young family, it could take even longer.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with an Accounting Certificate?

The beauty of an accounting certificate is that it opens doors to several different career options, ranging from administration to management and even self-employment.

Here are a few of the things you can do with a certificate in accounting:

Chartered Public Accountant (CPA): The CPA designation is the crème-de-la-crème of the accounting world. Nearly every accounting firm requires their accounting staff have this designation, even if they hold other credentials. Anyone studying accounting should endeavor to receive their CPA designation, even if they plan to tackle other career goals.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA): Having a CMA designation means that you are a proven expert in the field of cost management, internal control auditing, forecasting and decision analysis. Certified management accountants typically find themselves tasked with selecting and maintaining accounting information systems and analyzing complex reports.

Certified Financial Manager (CFM): Anyone aspiring to receive CFM designation will typically find employment in the stock market, or in the field of investment planning or risk analysis. The CFM is the next logical progression for the CMA.

Certified Fraud Examiner: Fraud investigators work closely to investigate suspected financial fraud. These are the professionals responsible for auditing and analyzing complex financial records in order to verify that every cent if accounted for. Typically, a fraud examiner will work with businesses to ensure that the proper laws are being followed – they might also work for banks, police forces or even the government.

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