How Certificate in Business Administration Can Be Useful for You

You’ve decided that you would like a career in business management but are having trouble getting recruiters to notice your resume because you don’t have a degree in business administration or the comparable professional experience to prove your worth.

No problem. Every day aspiring professionals just like you enroll in online business schools to study business and obtain a business administration certificate. What happens next? They find their resumes quickly going to the top of the candidate pool and phone calls with interview requests start coming in.

Why It Is Worth Considering to Get a Certificate in Business Administration

You might be asking yourself, “What can I do with a business degree?” and the answer might surprise you. Anything in business – that’s right, with this versatile certificate you can secure a career in nearly every industry, and at every level – including CEO. The latter, of course, requiring a few years of experience under your belt.

The point being, by taking a few business administration classes, you can essentially secure yourself a one-way ticket to management, with a few years of practical work experience that is.

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What is a Business Administration Degree?

Studying for a business administration certificate helps students to refine their supervisory and managerial skillsets, as well as prepare them for the real-world fundamentals of the business world. This might include classes in things like finance and accounting, business history, business ethics, introductory law, business English and communications and even social responsibility.

Of course, the courses you take will depend largely on your area of specialization and even what you intend to do with your degree once you’ve graduated. Many people who obtain high level business degrees, like an MBA, go on to run major corporations or even start their own businesses.

Historically, obtaining a business degree would require you to spend 2 to 4 years in a college or university. Now, however, it is possible to obtain a business administration degree online – although it is imperative to research the credentials of the school you apply to as not all online schools are accredited.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Business Certificate?

A certificate in business, be it an online business degree or a traditional one, can open many doors. In fact, nearly all supervisory or above-level careers require some sort of educational history in business studies.

Students of business courses, both business administration courses online and the traditional university ones, are exposed to a wide variety of studies – even if they end up specializing in specific avenues – because those in business leadership need to understand the innerworkings of a business, such as how to motivate teams, how to understand P & Ls, and even write business communications.

That isn’t to say that these are the only functions that someone with a business certificate would be qualified to undertake, but it is likely that a business manager would employ people who have these job duties, so it only makes sense that they understand what is involved.

With a certificate in business, some of the jobs you might be qualified for include:

  • Accounting and / or finance
  • Banking
  • Sales management
  • Human resource management
  • Public relations management
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Chief executive officer (CFO)
  • General manager
  • Financial officer
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