Your ACT Prep Guide

What is the ACT test and who needs it?

ACT, as stated above, is an exam administered to all students wishing to join colleges and universities to evaluate their level of readiness to join these institutions and hence enables the administrations in question to make admission decision and colleges and ensuring that the selected students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge that will come in handy all through their studies. It is therefore prudent that any student wishing to take up their dream course to understand the importance of this examination.

ACT test is composed of four sections including: English, Mathematics, Science and Reading which are the basic subjects that apply in almost all the ACT prep courses offered in the universities and colleges. In addition, the test may include a forty-minute essay writing question which is mostly optional.

Some universities and colleges may require you to do an SAT which basically has more or less the same features and content as ACT. Thus, you have to be keen the type of test that is required by the specific institution. Where the specifications are not provided, your choice of the test you will undertake will depend on the type of questions you are most comfortable answering through the style of questions in both exams may be same. The practice ACT tests available online will come in handy to help you make a wise decision on which test to take. Nonetheless, you may decide to do both tests since they are much similar so that you can prepare for both exams at once. However, the ACT is different from SAT in that it has an explicit science test and provides very limited time for each question hence will favor only those students who can answer questions promptly.

The ACT is usually administered seven times each year in the months of; February, April, June, July, September, October and December. Registration for the test is open to anyone wishing to join the colleges or universities and is open five weeks before each of the ACT test dates hence you should be cautious not to miss the registration for taking the ACT.

How long is the ACT test normally?

For those wondering how long does the ACT test take, we must say that the ACT is generally three hours and thirty-five minutes long with two hours and fifty-five minutes for the normal test and the extra time for the essay, which as stated earlier is optional. English takes forty-five minutes, Mathematics one hour, Reading and Science thirty-five minutes each and the optional essay takes forty minutes.

How is the ACT scored?

The overall score of the ACT is usually obtained by averaging all the sections of the test which is given on a scale of between one and thirty-six. Each of the section is also scored on a scale of between one and thirty-six. If you decide to do the essay, the score is not included in the average done for the other sections but given as a separate score. In some cases, the ACT scores are accompanied with a STEM, ELA and other scores to indicate mastery.

How to prepare for ACT exam – basic advice

Proper preparation for the test depends on you understanding which study method works well for you to understand the concepts likely to be asked. There are a number of options laid out for you which include; online ACT tutoring with the help of a private tutor, ACT prep online, ACT prep classes you can attend offline or online and even reading which you can accomplish yourself, in which case all the information you require to prepare adequately is provided in our suggested ACT online prep site. All these study plans have the best trained teachers handling the different sections and hence you can be sure that the knowledge you will gain will help you tremendously.

It is important for you to remember that each of the sections requires a different reading strategy, for example, Mathematics requires you to understand and be familiar with all the formulas, essay writing, English and Reading both require proper understanding and comprehension of the meaning of each vocabulary item used while Science requires adequate knowledge on different phenomena. The questions asked are basically same as what you learned in the previous year especially during your high school.

Appropriate preparation for the ACT or SAT should kick off with formulation of a study plan that ensures that you cover each and every section adequately within the desired time frame so as to avoid any instances of last minute rash that will only make you anxious and unconfident with yourself. All the sections are important since they contribute to the composite or overall results hence the higher the score in each section the higher the overall score.

The practice ACT is also a key tool in ensuring that you are ready to take the ACT test. Once you are confident about the information you have acquired, you can go ahead and do the practice test to ascertain how well you have mastered the sections.

Having confidence in your ability to do incredibly well in your test will give you an edge to success. This is because confidence will help you to tackle each and every question appropriately whereas having anxiety may make you forget what you have learnt and lead to confusion.

The ACT is a very simple test as long as you are fully equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills to tackle the questions well and hence success is unquestionable. Furthermore, it is important for you to note that failure in the ACT means that your request for admission to your dream college or university will be denied thus the test should be taken with the seriousness it deserves to achieve the desired score.

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