What is Anaphora: Definition and Examples

Anaphora is the rhetorical device that lays in the repetition of some word or phrase at the beginning of sentences or some its part. The purpose of its use is to emphasize the main sense of the text and to make the focus on some its element reflected in repeats.

The word “anaphora” has Greek language origination, that means “carrying back“. That explains that this literal term returns allegedly for one subject or expression to reflect it mostly. It underlines the key idea of writing and makes it clear for readers` understanding. The adding of this device in text fills it with some rhythm, tone, and style.

The usage of anaphora are widely applied in poetry, some polemical composition, motivated writings and speech including political.  It can be added frequently in the text with appeals and calls to actions addressed to readers. Then it serves to persuade, to cause emotions, to give inspiration.

Look at few examples of anaphora using and comprehend its literal meaning:

  • Life is the path, life is the sea, life is the descents and ascents – here the repetition focuses on the term of life interpretation.
  • Love is trust, love is patient, love is support – it expresses the idea what love is.
  • We will run, we will fall, we will raise up, we will win – here is the key detail on the subject “who” that means “we”.

Hence, anaphora in writing underlines the principal author`s idea correctly through repeating some phrase and attracts the attention of readers quickly.

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