35 Research Paper Problem Topics & Examples

Our society have plenty of problems to be solved, let’s admit it. But before we found the solution they should be thoroughly studied from the every side possible. If it’s your task for now, feel free to use our short guide. We hope it will help you to write a perfect research paper on your problem.

To get ideas for your topic just look around. Pick the scale at first: shall it be the problem of personal relations, your hometown, your country or the whole world? When it’s done try to search the problems that bother you personally – it would be much easier to write about something you have some experience about. You already know about the problem, maybe, you even did some personal research that can be useful for your paper and you have the determination to write it good.

To start solving the problem you should present it to the audience first. Dedicate the beginning of your research paper to the detailed description of the problem. What are the causes of it, when was it first documented? Let people know why it is, actually, a problem and why it is so important to search for its solution. Mix the statistical figures with case studies and even personal emotional stories if you have any. Hearing about personal experience helps the audience to get involved not only logically, but emotionally too.

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The rest of the paper is the search for the solution of the aforementioned problem. This is the hard part. Imagine that you are writing this paper to the big charity organization to get funded, so you need to describe very precisely what and how you are going to do.

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Calculate the resources you need to start the action (be reasonable here), the minimal group of people that can handle the problem and the plan. Try not to be abstract, write about things that are possible to do. Who know, maybe you will manage to recruit your troubleshooting team right from the audience?

Feel free to use our list of sample topics to brainstorm your own idea!

  1. Social media, blackmailing and cyberbullying
  2. The Incels and the threat they pose
  3. Can you help if your friend seems to have depression?
  4. Codependent relationships: how to get out?
  5. Dealing with narcissists you can’t just forget about
  6. When interrupting the personal life of other person can be justified?
  7. Living through the loss
  8. The phenomenon of “friend zone”, what can be done with it?
  9. Overcoming the culture clash
  10. Helping homeless people and resocializing them
  11. Fighting drug selling in schools and campuses
  12. The problem of drunk driving
  13. How to rise from the bottom of the social hierarchy?
  14. Dehumanizing people in prisons
  15. Preventing human trafficking
  16. Making healthy lifestyle a desired choice for the people
  17. Improving the ecology of your hometown
  18. Online data mining: how can we prevent it?
  19. Gender discrimination and sexism
  20. The problem of global hunger
  21. Underemployment and unemployment
  22. Balancing safety and the right to have private information
  23. Manipulative advertising
  24. Teaching children to spend more time offline
  25. Cheating at schools and colleges
  26. The problem of corruption
  27. The choice of religion for the children from religious families
  28. Modern beauty standards and positive body image
  29. Self-esteem issues
  30. Traffic problems: how to avoid traffic jams in your hometown?
  31. What can be done right now to reduce pollution?
  32. Money management on personal scale
  33. Strict dress code at schools and in the companies
  34. Overloading with information in the modern society
  35. Enhancing the quality of family life
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