30 Controversial Topics for Research Paper

Sometimes even a simple topic can be a challenge to come up with. So no wonder that so many people get stuck when they are asked to write a research paper with a controversial topic. Some of them are just too acute to choose, because they can turn a civilized discussion to the outright verbal fight. Some of them were controversial but (fortunately) humanity manages to found a solution so now people just let the wounds heal.

Trying to choose a topic please be gentle and think about your audience. Make sure that nothing you are going to write is offending or outright unacceptable for the majority. Taking such a topic may lead to the situation when you will stand against the crowd alone. No matter how good your facts are and how logical your point is proven – you won’t be able to persuade anyone. From the other hand, the topic that isn’t interesting and touching enough can’t count as controversial.

Before writing the research paper, study all possible approaches and points of view that are connected with the topic of your choice. This will prepare you for the possible arguments against your point of view. You will also check if you have the equally powerful opposing point of view. If the other versions are substantially weaker than yours, the topic can’t pass as controversial.

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In any case, whatever topic you choose, you should study the subject of it from every side and only after it choose the point of view you will write about. Be careful and objective, never omit the facts that prove another points of view. Remember that your controversial research paper won’t solve the issue, it is needed to teach you to look at the issue from all the sides possible and hold the discussion.

You may use the list of sample topics we gathered for you to get inspired and use the ideas in your own research. Good luck!

  1. Abortions: pro-life, pro-choice or the third option?
  2. Shall kids from the religious families choose their religion when they grow up?
  3. Military veterans: do they really feel better in the civilian life or shall they return to war?
  4. Child transitioning: shall it be allowed?
  5. Is civil marriage a marriage too?
  6. Shall national cultures be preserved in the age of globalization?
  7. Homeopathy: a traditional remedy or a fraud?
  8. Are single parents still ostracized by the society?
  9. Can the convicted criminals return to the ordinary life after prison?
  10. Can euthanasia count as palliative treatment?
  11. Did Stalin raised the USSR from the economical abyss?
  12. Can human cloning be allowed?
  13. Teenage marriages: are there cases when they are justified?
  14. The limits of self-defence
  15. Where are the limits of harassment?
  16. Can all the religions be merged into the universal one to stop the religion wars?
  17. Modern beauty standards: a way to the healthy body or self-esteem killers?
  18. Do churches become business now?
  19. Can censorship be justified when national security is endangered?
  20. Freedom versus safety: how much control shall government have over our lives?
  21. Single-sex schools: raising ladies and gentlemen or isolating kids from each other?
  22. Does sex still sell? Tapping on our primal instincts in advertising
  23. The ethics of surrogate motherhood
  24. Is sex work an actual work? Legalisation of prostitution: pros and cons
  25. Shall cursing people and using black magic be a criminal offense as psychological assault?
  26. What measures are justified when fighting terrorism?
  27. Is obesity the new norm?
  28. Shall we welcome all the immigrants and refugees?
  29. Living vegan: is it good for health?
  30. Can someone invent a new religion just for personal purposes?