40 Useful Advice about Religion Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper about religion in our multicultural and multireligious society might be a difficult task. Sometimes it is hard not to offend any religious feelings, especially while writing about the history of religion (where lots of wars and conflicts are usually depicted as religious). The most important thing for the author before presenting their paper to the audience is respect to other religions or, if they write not about their own, to the subject of their research.

If there are some hesitations about dubious facts, it’s always useful to consult someone who is a member of that religion. It will help you to understand how to gently presenting the facts, not distorting them from the one hand and not being too harsh from the other. Remember that religion is one of the most sensitive and intimate part of human culture, so there can’t be extra caution.

Don’t worry if you face questions that you can’t find the answers to. Many religions are based mostly on feelings, perception and something irrational, that is hard to understand without a religious experience. So if you are an atheist or just can’t understand something that seems obvious for a member of a said religion, don’t worry, it is fine. Just focus on the aspects of it you can prove with facts.

If, for some reasons, you have to write about the religion you have prejudice against, try to find similarities with your own moral code or faith and focus on them. It will help you look at it from different angle and may become an interesting experience both for you and your audience.

Have a look at the sample topics we chose for you, maybe they will give your ideas about your own research paper. Good luck!

  1. The primal religions
  2. Animalism and totemism, their manifestations in the modern world
  3. Polytheistic religions and mythology. Similarities in myths and images of the gods
  4. Greek myths and religion, their impact on the European culture
  5. The phenomenon of trickster gods
  6. The female goddesses triad: the maiden, the mother and the hag
  7. World religions and science
  8. Monotheistic religions: similarities and differences
  9. Religions and laws in modern world
  10. Theocratic states and the influence of religion there
  11. Religion and daily life. How do people implement religion practices in the modern world?
  12. Is Atheism a religion too?
  13. World religions that have no gods
  14. The concept of soul in different religions
  15. The history of Christianity
  16. The history of Islam
  17. The history of Judaism
  18. Nordic mythology and religion in modern world
  19. Religion and wars. Chaplainship
  20. Religion in modern Japan
  21. Religious counseling versus classical psychology
  22. Attitude to sex of different religions
  23. Religions and gender
  24. Children and religions. Are children considered innocent in all the religions?
  25. Teenagers and religion. Can faith help overcome the harshness of puberty?
  26. Female clergy in different religions
  27. Women and Islam
  28. Religions and economics
  29. Religions and LGBTQ+ people
  30. Hinduism and Islam in India
  31. The history of Hinduism and its impact on modern Indian culture
  32. Confucianism
  33. Crisis of faith, what is it?
  34. The concept of reincarnation in world religions
  35. The afterlife: similarities and differences in different religions
  36. Black churches
  37. Yoga: a health or religious practice?
  38. Zoroastrinism
  39. What causes a new religion to emerge?
  40. Shamanism from the dawn of the history to modern days