30 Cool Sample Research Paper Topics on Culture

Culture is a very broad subject that offers us countless possibilities for the research. You may study the global aspects of culture that belongs to all the humanity, focus on the one place and time or make a research about some peculiarities of your local community. Cultural differences are beautiful, they make us unique and they form humanity in a way we know it now.

If you want to write a brilliant research paper on Culture, you should consider several tips while preparing. First one is: can you consult someone who is native to the culture you write about, or, at least, is a representative of its close descendant? The small things that a researcher from the outside may miss, may appear to be crucially important to understanding the culture in general. Keep in mind that every great and accurate cultural study started from talking to the culture bearers.

Another important thing to know is the causes of different things appearing in the culture you study. Nothing appears just randomly. Every single habit, tradition or style has a rich background underneath, a purpose and a goal. Try to wear the shoes of the representatives of that culture and understand why it is so important for them. Maybe it was a way to cope with some troubles that often happen in the community? Or is it a code that differentiates one people from another?

The third important thing is to be tolerant and accepting. The culture clash effect may overwhelm you even if you swore to be as accurate and emotionless about your study as possible. You may not appreciate some aspects of the culture you study and it is your right as a human, but you can’t omit them while describing the culture in overall and you should clearly differentiate your own personal opinion from the portrayal of this trait or traits in the culture you study.

Use this simple hints, have a look at our 30 sample topics and we are sure you will come up with a great idea for your own research paper on Culture!

  1. What is culture? The definition and development
  2. Is culture a defining trait of humans only? Can animals have a culture?
  3. Cultural similarities. What is common for us all over the globe?
  4. Local cultures and globalization: will they extinct?
  5. Culture as political instrument.
  6. Nationalism and culture.
  7. How much does religion influence culture?
  8. Culture and age: who are kids and elders in different cultures?
  9. Culture, gender and gender roles.
  10. Attitude to sex in different cultures.
  11. Culture and law: how much the legislative system is influenced by culture?
  12. Global culture: what can it be?
  13. Languages and cultures
  14. How does the native culture influence human psychology?
  15. African-American culture as a part of American culture in general
  16. Multicultural communities: how do they live?
  17. The phenomenon of female culture in closed communities: why does it emerge?
  18. Pop Culture and mass media
  19. The culture as business and political tool
  20. Advertisement and culture
  21. Conservation of culture in isolated communities
  22. People of mixed origins: shall they be considered a separate culture?
  23. Death in different cultures.
  24. Rigid class segregation in culture.Caste systems
  25. The culture clash between colonizers and natives.
  26. The alien cultures in literature and films. What defines them as alien?
  27. Is it important to preserve a cultural diversity?
  28. Assimilation of people in the foreign culture.
  29. The culture of my community.
  30. Culture, morals and ethics.