35 Sociology Research Paper Topics

Though some people are still sceptical when the sociology is mentioned, this science proved itself as an extremely useful way to predict human behaviour both individually and in groups. Sociology helps to create perfect teams, manage everything – from classrooms to the whole countries and preventing social catastrophes. We have interesting sociology research topics for you in this article.

Studying sociology includes learning about groups, cultures, habits, practices – literally everything that is done by people can be described by it. Surely, it is too broad to use everything in your research paper, so the main issue is narrowing down your area of research in the right way. The first main division is: the behaviour of a single person and behaviour of a group. Sociology classifies people in both cases, so in the first case you will study a person as a representative of the certain type and in the second you will observe how the collective behaviour sometimes substitutes the individual ones.

Another important thing is choosing the context. The time frame and cultural background may make a seemingly identical pair of events look completely different. It is the cause why sociological quizzes contain so many seemingly unrelated questions about age, race, sex, status etc. One of the big task of sociology is search for unnoticed before correlations (this is also your chance to find one and make a discovery – if you are ready to conduct massive research).

If you are still struggling, feel free to use our set of sample topics for the research paper on Sociology. You may change or combine them as you like and we will be glad if they will give you inspiration and help you find your own unique direction of the research.

35 Sociology Topics for Research Project

  1. Food preferences and sociology
  2. Youth subcultures
  3. The phenomenon of hooligans
  4. Gender sociology
  5. Mass protests
  6. Secret communities and cults
  7. Assimilation or synthesis of the new culture?
  8. Life quality level
  9. Calculating risks in sociology
  10. Sociology of minorities
  11. Sociology of senior age and dying
  12. Sociology of childhood
  13. Family in sociology
  14. Personality types
  15. Behaviour in groups
  16. Involuntary groups (e.g. prison cells, school classes etc)
  17. Social hierarchy
  18. Strategies of relationships
  19. Sociology and psychology
  20. Sociology of conflicts
  21. Sociology of disasters
  22. Sociobiology
  23. Can human social patterns apply to some animals?
  24. Criminal sociology
  25. Sociology of violence
  26. Altruism in sociological terms
  27. Sociology of workspace
  28. Military sociology
  29. Sex and sociology
  30. Political sociology
  31. The sociology of religion
  32. Sociology of gambling, game addiction and other dependencies
  33. Sociology and propaganda
  34. Sociology and busines
  35. Juvenile delinquency
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